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33 things we love about Justin Timberlake on his 33rd birthday

Thirty-three years ago today, the world was given a gift: Justin Timberlake. The singer, actor, and all-around dreamboat has given us so much in his 33 years, from his collaborations with The Lonely Island to his chart-topping albums. To celebrate this special day, we rounded up 33 reasons why we think the birthday boy is the bee’s knees. Ain’t nobody love you like we love you, Justin.

Brad Pitt turns 50! Watch a supercut of Pitt's movie career on his birthday


Today, Brad Pitt turns 50, which means the blond-haired, blue-eyed, two-time People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive has been shining on screen for most of his (and our) lives. To honor Pitt’s work, we’ve rounded up a quick trip down memory lane.

We’ve cut together Pitt’s on-screen roles, from Dallas to 12 Years a Slave. Watch the actor (and his hair) evolve in the video below:

If you're Taylor Swift, you have a garden birthday party with Lorde -- PHOTOS

For Taylor Swift, the perfect 24th birthday party included flowers, red balloons, and a “Royal” friend.

Lorde attended the Australian garden party (a quick trip from the singer’s native New Zealand), and Swift shared a handful of photos from her big day on Instagram, letting fans in on the classy-but-fun soiree.

Check out all the action below:

Matthew McConaughey turns 44: Why he's better than ever

Matthew McConaughey could’ve been the shirtless Texan who came into Hollywood, made a handful of chick flicks, posed for some sexy magazine covers, and spent his days relaxing/working out on the beach. Instead, he’s the shirtless Texan who came to Hollywood, made a handful of chick flicks, posed for some sexy magazines covers, spent his days relaxing/working out on the beach, and kept working until he has now created a rather impressive résumé of work. So even though I will never let go of his long-haired days of making The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I have to admit that Mr. McConaughey — a name I learned how to spell when I fell in love with him at the age of 15 — is better than ever at age 44.

In honor of McConaughey’s 44th birthday, we’re celebrating some of his greatest traits and achievements:

It's Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson's birthday: Your mother reacts

Today, the eldest Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson, turns 42, and in honor of his birthday, I got his biggest fan on the phone: Entertainment Weekly readers, meet my 53-year-old mother, Donna Highfill. She’s the woman who taught me that Robert Redford was what people call “sexy,” and she also opened my eyes to what a “good kisser” was on the big screen. Among the men she loves are Johnny Depp, Michael Cudlitz, and, of course, Kevin Richardson.

As a child of the ’90s, I loved the Backstreet Boys basically from the moment I was born. And when my mom took me to a concert at age 10, I screamed my lungs out when we saw the band’s bus drive by and Brian waved at me. And just moments later, my mother screamed her lungs out when she spotted Kevin. It was then that I realized that I might love BSB more, but my mother loves Kevin more.

Now, 13 years later, my mother and I are still attending BSB concerts — we went to one in August — and so when I found out today was Kevin’s birthday, I wanted to see how my mother, who’s really your mother, feels about the joyous occasion:

It's Beyonce's 32nd B'Day! Here are 32 lessons her lyrics taught us

Queen Bey knows what success feels like. She’s a successful businesswoman, a successful wife, a successful mother, a successful singer … basically, if you look up “success” in the dictionary, there will be a ridiculously gorgeous, uber glamorous shot of Beyonce’s face. But the good thing about Bey is that she likes to share her wealth of knowledge with her fans through her music. So today, to celebrate the 32nd birthday of the Queen of Pop, we’ve rounded up 32 important life lessons that we might never have learned if it weren’t for Bey belting them out (while also performing a challenging dance routine in high heels). Check out her best lyrical lessons below: READ FULL STORY

Happy birthday, Kristen Wiig! Her 5 best moments, plus a 'Bridesmaids' bonus -- VIDEO

Kristen Wiig, best known for her prolific and glorious seven-year Saturday Night Live run, turned 40 years young today.

Wiig got her start at the legendary Groundlings Theatre and School (and you must check out her earlier stuff if you haven’t! Like her Confessions of a Tooth Fairy skit) before her media takeover as a dramatic actress, Emmy nominee, Oscar-nominated-screenwriter, animated bunny, and perfect late-night talk show guest.

To celebrate the winsome Ms. Wiig, (although I tried to resist with every funny bone in my body to not pick clips exclusively from Bridesmaids) here are five of my favorite Wiiggin’-out moments:

Happy birthday, John Slattery! The 'Mad Men' silver fox's five best moments

TV’s favorite silver fox (though he loathes the term) turns a suave 51 today.

John Slattery currently stars as Roger Sterling, senior partner of Sterling Cooper & Partners, on Mad Men and has even tried his hand at directing.

Though Slattery has cemented his place in TV drama history with his portrayal of the adman on the AMC show, he was already a prolific TV-series presence with small roles pre-Mad on shows like Party of Five, Will and Grace, and Law & Order. With that perma-white hair and undeniable charisma, it’s no wonder he’s been typecast in roles of power and prestige, armed with a stiff drink and a rotating bevy of younger women — who could complain? To celebrate, here’s are some of our five favorite Silver Fox moments:

33 great things about Harry Potter (in honor of his 33rd birthday)

Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

The Boy Who Lived turned 33 on July 31 (age determined by Muggles That Rule The Internet), and he’s probably having a pretty great day. His kids aren’t yet at Hogwarts, so — if I can get a little fan fiction-y on you for a moment — he’s probably just spending the day with Ginny, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. His life is a lot easier now; not having a noseless mass murderer breathing down your neck (and in your head!) does wonders for your stress level. There’s a reason J.K. Rowling focused the story on his teenage years and isn’t currently writing an eighth book called Harry Potter the Suburban Dad. (to be clear: If she wrote it, I would read it.)

Because Harry’s post-Voldemort days eventually become pretty dang easy, I got to thinking about his Hogwarts years, which were 4,224 pages strong of mountain troll-fighting, blood quill-dealing, and mysteries galore. While I’m sure even the non-Potterphiles among you are aware of his biggest accomplishments (defeating Voldemort comes to mind) there are a lot of moments where Harry was pretty bloody awesome, and it’s totally been forgotten if you haven’t recently done a re-read.  In honor of Harry’s 33rd birthday today, here are 33 moments where Harry Potter was more incredible than Felix Felicis (and all of which have nothing to do with what he’s best known for: killing the Dark Lord).

Lisa Kudrow: 50 things she taught us for her 50th birthday

It’s strange but true: Lisa Kudrow, forever immortalized as 20-something (and, later, 30-something) Phoebe Buffay on Friends, enters her sixth decade on Earth today.

And while it’d be easy to mark this golden jubilee by, say, somberly contemplating the ravages of time and our own mortality, we’d rather be a bit more celebratory.

So here’s to you, Lisa Kudrow — and, more specifically, everything we’ve learned from you and Phoebe over the years. (Michelle Weinberger and Valerie Cherish deserve some special recognition as well.) How have your lessons enriched our lives? Let us count the ways:


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