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On the road with 'Office' stars

I was so charmed by this clip of Jenna Fischer gabbing with pregnant Angela Kinsey (from her "Adventures with Angela" vlog series on the official website for The Office), I had to share. In this installment, the costars hang out in a hotel room as Fischer recalls her NYC runway debut in a charity fashion show, and they both try to figure out the Heidi Klum supermodel strut:

Not only does this footage remind me how painfully long it’s been since The Office has been on the air (remember, it’s back April 10!), but it’s an entertaining glimpse into the friendship between two actresses who so convincingly portray nemeses (for non-Office fans, Fischer plays receptionist Pam and Kinsey plays accountant Angela). In fact, the video makes me miss one of my favorite shows and my favorite girlfriends. I’m planning a June vacation with a close group of friends right now, and I actually think these down-to-earth chicks would fit right in with us. Although we don’t glam it up with lip gloss when we’re just hanging out, and there are more bottles around. But you know what I mean.

In the past, we’ve asked which famous men or women you PopWatchers would genuinely like to date, and now that it’s that Spring Break time of year, let’s dish about this: Which TV stars do you think you’d have the most fun going on vacation with, and where?

Joel Madden must really enjoy changing diapers

Peopleheadline_lI know, I know, this blog item might as well have been written by a nine-year-old boy, but every time I look at the first line of this People.com headline, I can’t stop myself from snickering:

"Joel Madden Celebrates Baby No. 2."

No. 2… heh-heh. Okay, I’ll stop now.

Can Wendy Wilson hold on for one more day?

Supernanny_lThat headline actually makes no sense, since Wendy Wilson’s Supernanny episode was probably taped months ago. The Wilson Phillips songstress signed up for a visit from ABC and Jo Frost upon a neighbor’s suggestion. (Ouch.) In the episode, which airs tomorrow night at 9, Wendy realizes how having a Beach Boy for a father might have affected her own laid-back parenting policy — something she didn’t expect to open up about… Ah, who cares, you know the only reason I’m posting about this is to have an excuse to embed the video for "Hold On"! (It’s after the jump.)


MTV's 'Rock the Cradle' is a horrible idea

Babies_lHalf the fun of American Idol is in seeing a pharmacy clerk like Elliott Yamin or an auto-service rep like Chris Daughtry break out of a life of working-class anonymity and get a chance at record deal. Which is exactly why MTV’s idea for Rock the Cradle, in which children of celebrities will compete for music stardom, is so utterly unappealing.

Come on, MTV! No one wants to watch a show in which rich, privileged young people get help from a large corporate conglomerate in making all their dreams come true. (Unless one of those young people is Blanket Jackson.)

So step away from Rumer Willis, James Garfunkel, and Bobbi Kristina Brown. We’d rather you miss out on the next Jakob Dylan or Wilson Phillips than risk creating another Nicole Richie or Kim Kardashian 2.0.

You may, however, return a certain Billy Idol video to your rotation. Rock the cradle of love…yes the cradle of love… don’t rock easily, it’s true…

addCredit(“Crying babies: Don Hammond/Design Pics/Corbis”)

Trailer Blazer: 'Baby Mama'

There’s one moment in this trailer that got me laughing so hard at my desk that people actually poked their heads in to make sure I hadn’t snapped and was about to go on a crazed stapler rampage. I think you’ll know it when you see it.

That look on Amy Poehler’s face, just sitting there… man-oh-Manischewitz. Judging by this trailer, Baby Mama looks like a brave new frontier for chick flicks. It’s not a romantic comedy. It’s not a "three girls get together and bond over shared bad experiences with dudes" movie. It’s not defined by the female reaction to the male presence, or lack of presence. Which is so friggin’ refreshing I can’t tell you.

Not that I thought the whole trailer was a slam dunk — at this point, there’s no such thing as an au courant DMX joke — but it’s promising. And it’s Tina Fey, who’s totally gonna come live with me if my wife and Tina’s husband say it’s cool.

If you do a little Evel Kneivel over the jump (get it?), there’s some more Fey-related baby shenanigans for you.


Food and Drink Friday, brought to you by 'Scrubs'

Baby_lSlezak: Ahhhhh-neeeeee!
Annie: Ellllll-iiiiii-ooooottt?
Slezak: Did you watch Scrubs last night?
Annie: Not yet. What’d I miss?
Slezak: Okay, well I didn’t catch the whole episode, but I was channel surfing, and seriously, JD’s girlfriend delivered the biggest newborn baby in TV history.
Annie: Oh, that baby! I saw that huge thang on our behind-the-scenes Scrubs videos. What the hell? It was like those medieval Christian paintings where the baby Jesus is way out of proportion because painters hadn’t figured out how to paint non-adults!
Slezak: YES!
Annie: I’m cultural!
Slezak: Seriously, that baby was so big, it was like two weeks away from walking over to the fridge and pouring itself a glass of milk!
Annie: I bet it also knows how to sign its name and therefore joined the Screen Babies Guild.
Slezak: Yeah, you could tell it was a Method Baby.
Annie: So in this video, Zach Braff talks about how they had to smear what he calls "the child" (see, not a baby) with cream cheese and jam (pictured). And he likes sandwiches featuring those items, so in lieu of cleaning "the child," he "licked that little thing right up."
Slezak: What kind of jam? I wonder if a spreadable fruit or a jelly would also achieve that "newborn" look.
Annie: Organic Morello Cherry!
Slezak: Controversial!
Annie: Should we now ask the readers what THEY would like to lick off a baby?
Slezak: No we should not.

Things That Make Me Die Inside: Lisa Marie Presley duets with her late father

Presleys_lSo Lisa Marie Presley thought it would be a good idea to record a duet version of her late dad Elvis’ hit "In the Ghetto" with…her late dad Elvis. I’ve got just one question: Why, why, why?! These creepy studio-assisted seances never turn out well. Not for Natalie and Nat "King" Cole back in ’91. Not for Celine Dion and Elvis himself on this spring’s American Idol stage. (Hasn’t the guy already suffered enough posthumous humiliations this year?) And not for all those tracks that stitch unused ‘Pac and B.I.G. verses together with random rappers they never met — with the possible exception of Biggie and Eminem’s extremely super-NSFW "Dead Wrong."

The fact that Lisa Marie (pictured, left) is donating all proceeds to a charity for Hurricane Katrina survivors makes me a little more sympathetic, of course. But the maudlin, patronizing "In the Ghetto" feels like a particularly odd choice for that cause. The last thing Katrina’s victims need is a lecture on the dangers of inner-city life. So go ahead and download this single when it pops up on iTunes thisFriday — but for the love of Col. Tom Parker, delete it from your harddrive the second that $0.99 charity donation goes through!

All in all, I’m pretty sure I’d rather listen to Eric Cartman’s South Park cover of this song. Anyone out there want to rush to Lisa Marie’s defense?

addCredit(“Lisa Marie Presley: Jim Spellman/WireImage.com; Elvis Presley: Everett Collection”)

Baby Born During 'Idol' Auditions (and through to Hollywood)

Idol_lNine-months-pregnant Antoria Gillon went into labor on Monday while waiting to audition for American Idol in Dallas. According to the Fox press release that announced this Idol first, "Determined not to miss her shot at fame, Gillon sang her best while in the midst of contractions. After completing the audition and learning she will return for the next round, Gillon was taken to a local hospital, where she gave birth to a healthy son — whom she named Jamil Labarron Idol McCowan."

Obviously, Mom wasn’t thinking clearly, or she’d have capitalized even more blatantly on the built-in branding opportunity; she should’ve named him Jamil Labarron Ford Coca-Cola Idol McCowan.

Upon hearing the newborn’s wail, Simon Cowell said, "That was horrible. The worst I’ve ever heard." Randy Jackson said, "I’m just not feelin’ you, dawg, but you know what? You did the best you could, and that was aiight." Paula Abdul said something that only the newborn understood.

Is Antoria insane, or already the best Idol contestant ever?

Guest blogger John August on publicity shots

August_lThis is the second in a series of guest-blog posts by writer/director John August, in which he explains how movie promotional campaigns work via the example of his upcoming release, The Nines.

This morning, I drank my coffee, ate a hard-boiled egg, and had mypicture taken for the New York Times.

What they don’t teach you in film school is that if you ever actuallydirect a movie (like The Nines, August 31st), there’s a stronglikelihood that you’ll have to get your photo taken. A lot. Itdoesn’t matter that you are not classically photogenic. They’ll wanta photo to run next to that profile piece, and they’re not willing tosimply re-run the one photo of yourself you kind of like. (The oneyou see next to this column.)

The photographer showed up at 7:30. This early hour was dictated bymy schedule, which was clogged with meetings, lunches, and conferencecalls where plans could be set to take my photo for yet another mediaoutlet. For the New York Times, the plan was to shoot at my house —which was convenient for me, because I live here.

I also shot a large portion of The Nines at my house. (Again,convenient.) The New York Times liked the meta-aspect of shooting mein situ, and thus I was able to avoid putting on shoes forthe whole process.

There was one aspect of letting a photographer into my house that Ihadn’t considered: my daughter. She’s two, and from the time she wasborn, every camera lens has been aimed in her direction. So it wasunderstandably bewildering to her that someone would care to take apicture of Papa. When she could no longer be held at bay, I broughther up into my lap to play some piano. I heard the shutter clicking,and realized, "Oh, crap."

I suddenly had to decide whether my daughter was part of the JohnAugust media package.

[John’s decision, after the jump…]


Happy birthday, Angelina Jolie!

Jolie_lAngelina Jolie turns 32 today, and that raises an interesting question: What do you get for the international movie star who’s romantically linked to one of the world’s most handsome men, and is also mother of a future supermodel? One word, PopWatchers. All together now (slow clap): Hai-ku! Hai-ku! Hai-ku!

I’ll go first. Leave your submissions on the gift table below.

oscar winner who
made life or something like it
owes me ten dollars

addCredit(“Angelina Jolie: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com”)

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