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Suri Cruise, move over: Shiloh and Zahara are bringing their fashion A-game!

Angelinaandkids_lSuri Cruise, you’re on the verge of being dethroned as the most stylish celebrity toddler. Judging from these photos taken today of Angelina Jolie shopping with daughters Zahara and Shiloh, these two little ladies are spending way more time shopping at Barneys than they are watching Big Bird. I’m assuming they’re in town to check out Fashion Week. I mean, that’s what the kids are into these days. But back to their ensembles: First of all, love the velcro shoes! I bet they cost more than my entire outfit today. And, really, who needs laces? I had no idea they made mini-skinny jeans! Zahara looks very of the moment in her long, hooded cardigan. Also, is it wrong that I sort of want the adult version of that pea coat that Shiloh is rocking? Suri, you’ve been warned. Next time, I expect to see you playing in the sandbox in something from the spring collections.

addCredit(“Jackson Lee/Splash News”)

M.I.A. to perform nine-months pregnant: It's the Grammys, baby!

Miapregnant_lThe Recording Academy announced yesterday that British/Sri Lankan raptress M.I.A., whose ’08 anthem "Paper Planes" is up for Record of the Year, will be performing at this Sunday’s ceremony. She may, however, want to bring along a few clean blankets, sanitized water, and an EMT: Her first child is due that same day. "They say that you’re often late the first time, so I’m planning to go"to the show, she told USA Today.  "We’ll see. Peopleare trying to get me to relax and focus on the baby. It’s like being inparallel universes."

She won’t be the first nominated lady to show up heavily pregnant to an awards show: A nearly-spherical Catherine Zeta Jones had to pass on performing an athletic number from Best Picture champ Chicago at the 2003 Oscars, though she still went on to win the prize ("my hormones are just way too out of control to be dealing with this," she laughed in her giddy acceptance speech), while Nelly Furtado was with-bump — and up for two major prizes — at last year’s Grammys (alas, she went home empty-handed).
The competition in M.I.A.’s category is stiff (and, coincidentally, almost entirely British as well) — Coldplay, Leona Lewis, Adele, and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. If she fails to nab the little golden grammaphone, however, she’s still got a pretty sweet consolation prize coming. Don’t you agree?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck's election night nausea turned out to be a fetus

Hasselbeck_babsThe chirpy one on The View announced today that having not realized it for two months, she is officially pregnant with her third child. The Hasselbot recalled feeling tired and nauseous on election night: "I thought I was just worn out from the procedure. No. I was knocked up!" People.com has video of the momentous occasion. (It’s fun — Lis and Babs’ red tones clash!) We’re glad the ‘bot didn’t go all Peggy Olson from Mad Men on us and deny her condition and gradual expansion for the next seven months. (Though, can you imagine the ratings spike if she really did that? I might start watching The View!)

Congrats to the ‘bot, Tim, and baby ‘bots!

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Bronx Mowgli Wentz. No, seriously.

Petewentzmogawlibaby_lAshlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have named their new son Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Doesn’t the phrase "Bronx Mowgli" sound like some rare affliction whose original carrier is probably that greasy bear Aaron Rose on Gossip Girl? The original Mowgli from The Jungle Book clearly does not approve. Though I do see the resemblance. We can’t wait for mom and dad’s next child, Staten Island Aladdin.

Amy Poehler gives birth (to 'a little baby Sean Penn'?)

Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett welcomed their first child, son Archie Arnett, Saturday, her publicist confirms. "He is 8 lbs. 1 oz.," rep Lewis Kay said in a statement. "Amy, Will and Archie are all healthy and resting comfortably."

Seth Meyers, Poehler’s coanchor on Saturday Night Live‘s "Weekend Update," broke the news to viewers, announcing that Poehler’s chair was empty because she was "having a baby." Special guest Maya Rudolph and current cast member Kenan Thompson then serenaded Poehler with a custom rendition of "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You."

Poehler is expected to leave SNL after this season to star in her own NBC sitcom. While SNL fans ponder whether the show can survive without her, fans of the 2007 film Blades of Glory, in which Poehler and Arnett costarred as a pairs figure skating team, might have an idea what the couple is wondering: Asked in one of the DVD bonus features (below, at three minutes) if they were ever to have a baby, would it be the funniest child in the world, they broke character, giggled, and gave a genuine answer:

Poehler: We think we might have the most unfunniest child.
Arnett: We have always imagined that we’d have a Sean Penn-like child.
Poehler: A little baby Sean Penn.
Arnett: Real brooding, Method-y actor.
Poehler: Smokin’ all the time….I hope my baby doesn’t smoke. I don’t know what kind of baby we’re gonna have. I really should get on this.

Then, the conversation turns naughty.

We think Archie will be just fine.

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Angelina Jolie's very public private moment

Angelinajoliewmagazine_l Is there something inherently hypocritical about the cover story in the new issue of W, which depicts a breast-feeding Angelina Jolie on its cover? The cover line accompanying the image promises exclusive "private photos," which apparently have been snapped by her baby daddy, Brad Pitt. Not surprisingly, the reaction to the photo has been mixed with some people lauding Brangelina for being open about breast feeding, something still considered taboo in our nation’s more puritanical circles, while others are crying foul that the "private" moments have been sold to the highest bidder and put on a national magazine cover — the inherent hypocrisy mentioned earlier.

I’m typically one to cry, "Sellout!" pretty early with stuff like this, but this particular case made me think twice. Not only does the beautiful, natural photo of mommy and baby help dispel the antiquated notion that breast feeding is anything to be ashamed of, it’s also a case of an extremely famous celebrity couple taking control of their own image and spinning it in a positive way. I first thought about this last summer, when Pitt and Jolie sold the first photos of themselves with their babies to People magazine and the British tabloid Hello! for $14 million and gave the money to charity. Why let some stranger/stalker cash in on your own "private moments" and plaster photos all over the Internet that you have no control over?


Win 'Sunny' Dumpster Baby! (Then give it to me!)

Dumpsterbabyaward_lYesterday, when Annie asked you what action figure you’re dying for, some of you mentioned Charlie as Green Man from FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (Enjoy a clip after the jump.) Well, we can’t give you that, but we can tell you how you can take home another piece of Sunny: An official Dumpster Baby Trophy (pictured).

It seems DB, the baby the gang found outside Paddy’s in Season 3 and tried to make a child star (see clip below), is the grand prize for each stop of the "SUNNY Game Show Tour," a trivia contest hitting 10 markets in preparation for the series’ fourth season premiere (Sept. 18, 10 p.m. ET). Remaining dates include:

Aug. 28: Cal State Fullerton University
Aug. 29: San Diego State University
Sept. 2: Arizona State University
Sept. 5: Kent State: Black Squirrel Festival
Sept. 6: Guinness Oyster Festival: Chicago, IL
Sept. 12: University of Pennsylvania: No Place Like Penn
Sept. 14: Adam’s Morgan Day Festival: Washington, D.C.
Sept. 18: Hofstra University

For more info, or to play the online version of the game, visit this site.



Look who's talking now: 16 baby Aarons

Babyaaron_lOkay, this is just hilarious. It turns out there are 16 different tots — only three of them boys! — who have played baby Aaron on Lost. This past weekend, all of them (and their parents, who were probably a total buzzkill) got together for a picnic in Hawaii. From the Honolulu Advertiser’s report, the gathering seems to have been a three-way hybrid of casting call, bragging session, and straight-up picnic. One mom boasted that her daughter had made the cover of TV Guide and also appeared in Entertainment Weekly (that rag?) and "had tiny pictures in People and Us Magazine." Burn! The other babies — all of whom wore black tees emblazoned with BABY AARON, by the way, must have been so pissed off. In fact, let’s imagine their internal dialogue right now.

AARON 1: Aaron 8 has gained way too much weight for this role.
AARON 2: Choose me! Pick me. Love ME.
AARON 5: It’s gonna be me! It’s Aaron, bitch.
AERRIN: I spell my name in a unique way. Can I get a profile in the National Enquirer or what?
AARON 8: Ba ba! NOW!
AARON 16: All y’all infants need to shut up, ’cause Aaron 16* got to nuzzle against Evangeline Lilly’s rack.

*If Aaron 16 continues to refer to himself in the third person, he should have a long and successful career in crappy reality television.

By all means, feel free to jump to the comments section and put words in the other Baby Aarons’ mouths!

addCredit(“Baby Aaarons: Rebecca Breyer/The Honolulu Advertiser”)

Am I the only one who misinterpreted this headline?

PeopleheadlineI’m sure, like all newborns, little Maddie Briann is adorable, but a full head of daddy’s digits sounds ever so slightly macabre, no? (I will spare you the obvious "toehead" joke and end this ill-advised blog item right here, right now.)

Snap judgment: Lil Wayne's (apparently not fake) album cover

Lilwayne_lLil Wayne’s feverishly anticipated, infinitely delayed album Tha Carter III may not have a firm release date yet — latest word is it’ll be out on June 10 — but boy, does it have some cover art. Since last night, when Amazon.com posted the oddly enthralling image to the left, the hip-hop blogs have been ablaze. Wayne, it would seem, wants the world to see his magnum opus as the work of a thoughtful, tatted-up toddler. Is it real? Is it fake? In sum, HUH?

First things first: Wayne’s label confirms that yes, this is the actual cover art for Tha Carter III. Wow. Maybe all those times he dubbed himself "Weezy F. Baby, please say the baby," he wasn’t honoring his mentor Bryan "Baby" Williams after all. He was just shouting out his inner mafioso-esque child! What’s more, I think I finally understand why last summer, the one time I talked to Wayne — shortly before he abruptly began screaming profanities for no apparent reason and hung up on me — he told me he’d been recording Tha Carter III "my whole life… working on every album I ever dropped my whole life." I’d assumed it was just another semi-coherent boast, but I see now that he was being mad literal. Ladies and gents, we have now seen the face of the nursery-schooler who composed "Lollipop."

Okay, jokes aside (they’re just too easy!), I actually kinda dig this cover. It’s a clear play to place Carter III in the pantheon of all-time classic rap albums featuring baby pix: Illmatic, Ready to Die… Weezy’s power resides in his unparalleled chutzpah, his refusal to surrender an inch of creative freedom to his legions of detractors. Why shouldn’t he slap a patently ridiculous, self-important Photoshop job on the front of his new CD? Besides, if he’s finalized his album cover, maybe that means we’re a little closer to actually hearing this thing within our lifetimes. Hallelujah! But what do you think of all this?

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