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'Top Model' judge Miss Jay is a daddy

I always thought Miss Jay was the leggiest man of them all, but it turns out he might have some competition–from his son! The America’s Next Top Model judge told fellow diva Tyra Banks on her talk show that he is father to a seven-year-old son named Boris, who was conceived “in a little test tube” with a French lesbian. Can you say sitcom?

If we want to get all technical, Miss Jay’s ex, not the catwalk king (queen?), is the biological father, but that hasn’t stopped Miss Jay from loving his son like his own. In fact, he’s quite the proud papa: “[Boris] is an incredibly smart child. He was toilet-trained at a year and three months. He refuses to drink out of plastic and will use only glass.”

Yeah that’s great, but can he rock a massive flower accessory like his dad?

Are you shocked Miss Jay is a father?

Bethenny Frankel can tell the other Housewives to shove it

The best part of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York has always been Bethenny Frankel, who took center stage in the show’s second season with her quips, bulldog attitude, and handling of the “Kell-amity” that is Kelly Bensimon. She was always the one fighting for her pride — whether it involved a salacious N.Y. Post article or the perpetual snark about her singlehood (ahem, Ramona).

Well, now that Frankel’s has her own series in the works, along with an engagement and baby on the way, the other Housewives are probably biting their tongues. Between the Countess’ failed marriage and Alex’s weirder-than-weird husband, Simon, it seems like Frankel has one of the more solid relationships of the bunch.

It’ll be a long while — sometime in 2010 — before we see her again on season 3 of the series, so in the meantime, let’s re-live some of those hilarious one-liners:

'Ally McBeal' Dancing Baby gets even creepier

The Dancing Baby has returned in honor of the Ally McBeal: The Complete Series DVD release. On the creepy scale: The Moonwalk is only a 1. I think it’s because he appears to smile right before he exits frame.

The Robot is definitely a 10.

'Family Guy': SPOILER ALERT! Stewie is gay

In the September issue of Playboy, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane says that Stewie, he of the sexy parties, vaguely British accent and, in one episode, a girlfriend…is a homosexual. The New York Daily News, hilariously, is treating this announcement as major scoop. That is so silly! Everyone knows that YouTube user “JuanFrutos22″ was the one who figured out that Stewie is gay, all the way back in June.*

*Yes. I was kidding.

Congratulations, Jennifer Hudson! (Here's a lullaby for you!)

jennifer-hudson_lAfter months of speculation about whether or not she was pregnant,  Jennifer Hudson indeed gave birth on Monday to a healthy baby boy named David Daniel Otunga, Jr., her rep confirmed to People.com. As a gift for the new mom (and her fiance, David Otunga), I thought I’d take a crack at writing a lullaby to the tune of  “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” the Dreamgirls showstopper that helped Hudson win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar back in 2007. Hey, you never know when she’ll need new material to help quell a crying jag from her brand new bundle of joy!

And I am telling you
You are napping
You’re the best tot I’ll ever know
So I’ll rock you to sleep for sure
No, no, there’s no way
No, no, no, no way you’re gonna keep fussing
No there’s no need for fussing
‘Cause your diaper is clean
You’re swaddled
And bottled
Now you, oh you, you’re gonna get sleep
Ooh, you’re gonna get sleep!

'Kendra' renewed: Smile for the camera, newborn baby!

We know you've been waiting for this news: Kendra Wilkinson's E! show, Kendra, has been renewed for a second season. The former Playboy model and Girl Next Door reality star is utterly (at times endearingly) clueless regarding all earthly matters. Her now-husband, NFL star Hank Baskett, exhibits genuine affection for Kendra's low wattage. And the pair have ¡A BABY ON THE WAY! Oh, this too: the series' debut scored E!'s highest ratings since The Anna Nicole Show. We have a huge quadruple threat here, and clearly a television series that must go on. If granny takes pole-dancing lessons to improve her form for season 2, I may even watch.

Last month, Kendra told EW she wouldn't want "every single detail" of her baby's life to end up on camera. "I know if we do end up filming with the baby, it's going to bevery, very limited. It won't show as much as Jon & Kate." On season 2 of a reality show pegged to your pregnancy and new family? Good luck. PopWatchers, what do you think?

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'Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant?': Why are you Googling this?

Jennifer-hudson_l Ask Jeeves probably won't be able to answer with certainty. Nor will anyone on Yahoo Answers or Google, where 'Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant?' ranked as the No. 2 search term for at least an hour yesterday. But if you're trying to find out whether or not Jennifer Hudson has a bun in the proverbial oven—which you clearly are—your best bet is to simply watch Hudson's performance of "Will You Be There" at Michael Jackson's memorial today (we've embedded the clip below, and provided photographic evidence at left). Watch for yourself and make your best guess: Is she pregnant? Or did she stuff a beach ball beneath her dress before stepping on stage? Or did she eat lunch at what I could only imagine was the best restaurant ever? (For the record, the singer herself has to date withheld comment on her pregnancy status, although a family friend spilled the beans about a baby shower held in Hudson's honor at the end of May.)

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PaddyPower.com: Betting on the next James Bond

Paddypower_lWhile we would never condone illegal wagering, we would like to call your attention to an Irish online betting site we like to check out from time to time called Paddy Power. Why? Because in addition to the various sporting events folks can risk their paychecks on (rugby, cricket, soccer, even darts!), the good folks there also take what they call "novelty bets" on the world of entertainment. 

For example, at Oscar time, the site handicaps all of the nominees. Unlike EW.com, however, Paddy Power will actually pay you if your hunch is correct and that obscure little Japanese foreign language film manages to walk away with a statuette. While most of the site's fiscal propositions tend to focus on British pop culture — like, who will win their latest edition of Big Brother — sometimes it sets its bookie gaze to our side of the pond and comes up with some pretty insane stuff.

Right now, you can wager on what the name of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's next baby will be. (For the record, "William" is the 8/1 favorite, with "Tatoo" coming in at 150/1.) Another hot topic is who will play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese's recently announced biopic of Ol' Blue Eyes. Leonardo DiCaprio is the obvious frontrunner at 13/8, followed by George Clooney 9/4, Johnny Depp 11/4, and rounding out the bottom of the list, Joe Pesci at 150/1 — a sucker's bet if ever there was one.

Finally, there's a pair of 007 bets. The first is an intriguing one: who will be the next Bond Girl? Leading the oddsmaker's book is Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto at 15/8, followed by Jennifer Aniston at 4/1, Megan Fox at 6/1, and way down the list, Amy Winehouse at 250/1. The second is more surprising: Who will be the next James Bond? Will Smith apparently has the inside track at 4/1, trailed by Clive Owen and Christian Bale at 8/1, and get this, P. Diddy at 100/1. 

Personally, I'd say save your money. But if I were Daniel Craig, I'd be watching my back.  

Mel Gibson, please don't call yourself Octo-Mel

Congratulations are due to Mel Gibson for expecting his eighth child with his amazing-artist Russian girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean we shall make like the Tonight Show audience and respond with uproarious laughter to his fish-lipped imitation of Nadya Suleman. Jay Leno, Mr. "Does She Have a Nice Rack-moninov?" needs to settle down as well. Spasibo!

'Star Trek' stud Chris Pine: A chip off the old, er, tree?

Chrispineroberttrek_l I happened to catch Star Trek‘s Chris Pine on Letterman the other night and during his amiable segment, he mentioned that he comes from a showbiz family: Both of his parents were actors, as was his grandmother — who, apparently, was hot enough to be painted on the fuselage of at least one WWII bomber. In passing, he mentioned that his dad was on CHiPs, and then it clicked: Chris’ dad was Robert Pine, Jon and Ponch’s stalwart sergeant, Joseph Getraer.

If this family is good for nothing else, they turn out men who look damned good in a uniform.

Am I the only one who didn’t know this already?

addCredit(“Robert Pine: Everett Collection”)

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