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Victor and Digna Carpio: The new Jon and Kate Gosselin? Let's hope not.

Tonight, TLC premieres its new show Sextuplets Take New York, an eight-part series that follows the lives of Victor and Digna Carpio, their 9-year-old son, and 22-month-old sextuplets (four boys and two girls). Sound vaguely familiar? The new show, of course, comes from the same network that brought us Jon & Kate Plus 8.

But how similar will the show actually be to the much-discussed, tabloid-attracting reality series that was Jon & Kate? I loved watching TLC’s not-so-dearly departed show, and DVR’d each episode to get my weekly dose of those adorable little Gosselin children. But eventually, Jon and Kate’s marriage problems took center stage, and I just couldn’t bear to watch what led to Gosselingate 2009. So, naturally, I worried that Sextuplets would follow in Jon & Kate‘s footsteps, since it seemed to already share many similarities with its TLC predecessor: sextuplets, lots of chaos, cameras, family outings, an older sibling, etc.

But according to some early reviews, I’m way off base. The New York Daily News called the Carpios the anti-Gosselins. And The Hollywood Reporter said those only interested in a lighthearted show should “look elsewhere.” Could it be this show’s focus will actually be on parenting? Take a look at this promo for tonight’s premiere after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Ali Larter on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon': My baby is a [spoiler]!

Former Heroes star Ali Larter appeared on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and in case you haven’t read the gossip rags lately: She’s pregnant! But the big — and I mean, earth shattering! — news out of her interview last night wasn’t that she is packing but rather what (as in boy or girl!) she’s packing: “I was trying to keep it private,” she said, after Jimmy offered her choose from picking a blue or pink onesie emblazoned with the Late Night logo, “but we’re having a boy!” Then she continued, and this description of the situation is much more my speed: “I have a little penis inside of me,” Larter clarified. Wait, isn’t that how she got into this mess in the first place? Hmmm, I think that’s how it works. Jimmy hilariously added after: “That’s what she said.” Watch the video of the cute reveal: READ FULL STORY

Jerry O'Connell teases full frontal nudity in 'Piranha 3D'

As if we needed another reason to see Piranha 3D, Jerry O’Connell dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to tease his full-frontal scene. “There may be some issues with the piranha and my member, maybe,” he said, before asking us to remember that the scene was filmed on a river in Arizona in which the icy cold Colorado River rushes. O’Connell stars as a soft-core pornography mogul who videotapes girls on Spring Break. (Brilliant, assuming it doesn’t get him sued by Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis.) Piranha 3D co-writer Pete Goldfinger went further explaining the scene to EW’s Clark Collis: “There’s a bit where Jerry O’Connell’s penis, after it is bitten off, is slowly moving towards you. I just wanted to tell you that when you see the movie, that WILL be in 3D. If you thought that a little bit of Jerry O’Connnell’s penis is a good thing, but a lot is a bad thing, you might not like it.” Watch that Kimmel clip below along with the first part of O’Connell’s interview, during which he made me wish I could watch an hour-long special on his parenting skills. He acted out the way his nearly two-year-old twin girls with wife Rebecca Romijn stage sit-ins at crosswalks, openly admitted “my children are rather slow, actually” (they eat pebbles), and explained that as a joke, he picked up one of his screaming children at 4 a.m. like, “You have to stop this,” and sat her outside the front door and closed it. (His wife and mother-in-law were not amused, but we were). READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston's response to Bill O'Reilly slam: Brought to you by the word 'snap!'

jennifer-anistonImage Credit: David Gabber/Photorazzi/PR PhotosThere may not be an official scorekeeper in the public war of words between Bill O’Reilly and Jennifer Aniston, but the Friends star appears to be getting the last laugh, thanks to a saucy retort she gave to People.com last night. For those of you blissfully unaware of the O’Reilly-Aniston smackdown, it played out a little something like this: While promoting her upcoming film, The Switch, about a single woman who conceives a child through artificial insemination, Aniston commented that “Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child.” On Tuesday, the Fox News host went on the offensive (watch video here), accusing Aniston of “throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey! You don’t need a guy, you don’t need a dad. Daaaaad? Aggghhhh, you know! [Makes dismissive wave of the hand.] That’s destructive to our society!” O’Reilly then went on to speak of a hypothetical child that Aniston does not have: “Aniston can hire a battery of people to help her, but she cannot hire a dad, okay?”

Um, okay!

Aniston, for her part, responded to the no-spin-zone O’Reilly Factor attack by issuing an exclusive (and pretty damn funny) statement to People.com: READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewife' Bethenny Frankel welcomes real baby!

Bethenny Frankel, star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Bryn Hoppy, at 8 a.m. today in New York City, People.com reports. The child, who arrived a month early and weighed 4 lbs. 12 oz., is Frankel’s first; the father is Frankel’s husband, Jason Hoppy. No word yet on whether Baby Bryn is on Team Alex or Team Jill. [Related: ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ recap: Alex vs. Jill!]

'Cullen' ranks at No. 485 on 2009 list of most popular names for baby boys

Twihards, what hath thou wrought? According to data released yesterday by the Social Security Administration, “Cullen” — as in the popular Twilight character Edward Cullen (played in the related films by Robert Pattinson) — ranked as the 485th most popular name for baby boys born in the U.S. in 2009, up a whopping 297 spots from 2008. Call me old-fashioned, but if you’re going to engage in a passionate display of fandom for any franchise, why not get yourself a Cullen tattoo? I mean, at least if you wind up regretting that decision in 20 years, you’ll just have to pay for a little laser treatment, not a decade’s worth of therapist bills FOR YOUR INNOCENT CHILD who might end up being totally Team Jacob anyway. (Jacob, for the record, ranks at No. 1 for the eleventh straight year.) Or, here’s a wacky thought, if you’re really into the glittery vampire, name your child Edward (which, incidentally, ranks at No. 137, up 11 places from ’08).

Okay, I’ll get off my Judgy McJudgerson soapbox now. You can view the 1,000 most popular names for boys and girls here. Once you’re done perusing it, be sure to post any additional observations about pop-cultural trends in the comments.

p.s. “Oprah” doesn’t even crack the top 1,000? Sounds like somebody needs to create a Harpo subdivision to remedy that situation, no?

Diablo Cody is pregnant. Should she name the baby Homeskillet?

Diablo-CodyImage Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosWe have a feeling Diablo Cody will be craving plenty of SunnyD: A rep for the Academy Award-winning Juno scribe — and former EW columnist — has confirmed that Cody is pregnant with her first child with her husband, who is not Michael Cera, even if this picture suggests it. (She also tweeted the news: “Thanks for the congrats on my fetus!”) Who else is imagining the couple eating Tic-Tacs and strumming “Anyone Else But You” on a guitar while they wait for their little Homeskillet to arrive?

Honest to blog, we’re happy for Cody. So let’s dream up some Juno-esque names for the little one. MacGruff? Thundercat? Morgan Freeman?

'It's Always Sunny' baby: Should Sweet Dee get pregnant?

sunny-philadelphiaImage Credit: Patrick McElhenney / FXI think all fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia let out a collective “Ahhh” when they read the news that stars and spouses Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney are expecting their first child in August. But now comes the tough question: Should Olson’s pregnancy be written into the show?

A rep for FX tells us the cast will start filming the sixth season on April 16, and with scripts still being penned, no decision has yet been made. What do you think?

It’s a shame they’ve already done the Sweet Dee tries selling her womb as a surrogate storyline, or they could have gone that route. That would’ve let them show us the joys of pregnancy and labor (can you imagine?!) without the baby actually having to stick around. It would feel kind of cheap to revisit that concept with her trying to convince a gay couple to pay her to swim in their pool and drink all day, right? I suppose Dee could get pregnant and give the child up for adoption, but that feels a bit too real for this show. So then we have to ask ourselves if we want the kid to stay in the picture? Envisioning Charlie trying to read to it in the bar does make me smile. Dennis could use it to pick up chicks (nothing sexier than a hot guy holding a baby). Mac could try to turn it into a little moneymaker like he and Dee did D.B. (a.k.a. Dumpster Baby). Frank, well, Dee shouldn’t let him near the child considering how she and Dennis turned out, but he could be a babysitter in a pinch. If they go for it, I’m sure it will be appropriately genius and twisted, and we’ll all promise not to ask where the baby is when we haven’t seen it for weeks. (The dad could be fun to cast…) But I’m feeling now might not be the right time. My money is on them playing Olson’s changing figure as a weight gain. She could fake a pregnancy to try trapping a man (à la Glee!). You know she’d do it.

James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff -- cutest parents ever?

I’m not usually gaga for celebrity baby news but I’m officially excited that James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff are expecting their first baby. CUTEST. PARENTS. EVER.

First of all, I think they are amazingly talented actors. And I met them once in person and they were 1,000 percent adorable together (even though, yes, it’s hard sometimes not to wish “Crackavoy” was single). I first watched them in Shameless, the British TV series in which they played Steve and Fiona, a charming car thief and the daughter of an alcoholic trying to raise her brothers and sisters. (See clips here.) Sounds like grim stuff but this show is hilarious, and their chemistry together was truly stunning. No wonder they got married after meeting on the show!

What on-screen pair has so much chemistry on screen that you knew they had to be a real couple? Brad and Ange in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Matthew McConaughey: Expanding TV one family member at a time

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey seems to have quite the career-changing effect on those around him, and this week has proven pretty sweet for his nearest and dearest. On Monday, it was announced that the “unbelievable” life of his brother, Mike a.k.a. “Rooster,” is being turned into an animated series, and now Matthew’s significant other, model and handbag designer Camilla Alves, has been named the new host of Bravo’s Shear Genius, which debuts its third season Feb. 3.

Some might say Alves got her handbag line and hosting gig through her own merit. Others (yes, I’m raising my hand) may be a little more skeptical. Being attached to the the hunky actor can’t hurt her business proposal.

But the larger, more important question is: When will we see McConaughey ink an entertainment deal for his amazingly adorable son Levi? May we suggest playing Diego in the live action version of Dora the Explorer?

What do you guys think of the McConaughey’s selling charm/nepotism? And do you think Alves will make a good host or will you miss Jaclyn Smith? Sound off!

Photo: Reuters/Stefano Rellandini/Landov

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