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Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' blind auditions, round 4: 'Easy come, easy go'

As told to Marc Snetiker:

This was a tricky episode. It was halftime before last night’s episode started to air. The coaches came out in the third quarter, and slots are really starting to fill up, and last night was a good example of the coaches being their pickiest. And when they’re their most picky, you start to see some good people get away… or you see them pick some people who they otherwise maybe would have liked to have not picked. Their judgment comes in question when they get really, really picky.

This week’s theme was easy come, easy go. I don’t know if that’s harsh, but it felt like the coaches made some questionable calls this week, and I think they felt the pressure. I once thought I could guess who would pick who, but I felt like I had no idea what was going on in the coaches’ minds this week. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Pet Peeve: Subtitles on English-speaking immigrants or just straight-up old people

Dear Reality TV,


Love, Annie

P.S. American Idol, you are just as bad.

Oh and speaking of pets, I think we all know who’s behind this…. READ FULL STORY

Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' blind auditions, round 3: Oh, the fighting!

As told to Marc Snetiker:

What you’re seeing is a perfect snapshot of the amount of bickering and play fighting, and some of it gets escalated. I noticed last night Blake and Christina starting to go at it. That’s something we didn’t see season 1; they really didn’t go at each other, and Christina had her hands full with Adam in particular. Next week, there’s a whole Christina/Cee Lo thing that’s out of left field. You never would think they would go at it. There’s a lot more this season — we’re seeing a different dynamic. I feel like they know each other a little bit more, and so they’re testing their relationship as a coach and as peers in the business and “friends.” It’s playful, but it’s highly spirited and it’s very competitive. READ FULL STORY

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