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'Castle' star Stana Katic to voice Talia al Ghul in 'Batman: Arkham City' -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

EW can exclusively confirm that Stana Katic, best known for playing Detective Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle, will voice the character of Talia al Ghul in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City, the follow-up to 2009’s much-beloved Batman: Arkham Asylum. There’s no word yet on how Talia will figure into the game’s storyline. In the comics, Talia is the frequently conflicted daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, one of Batman’s archenemies. In spite of this, Talia is often a love interest for the Dark Knight. The two even get married at one point, with Talia giving birth to Batman’s son, Damian Wayne. Check out an exclusive photo of the character below:  READ FULL STORY

'Covert Affairs': Are Auggie and Annie the new Booth and Brennan, Castle and Beckett -- only less frustrating?

hey agree with me that if that’s going to happen, it needs to happen a long, long time from now,” he said. “Most of what makes those pairings so much fun is the potential, the flirting, the missed opportunities. That’s what’s so exciting. If you go there too soon, you let the air out of the balloon.”

As someone who’s seen every episode of Bones with six seasons of sexual tension that needed to be acted on, watching a series that allows you to enjoy some chemistry but not feel the desire to force it is just so… pleasant. Because Covert Affairs doesn’t revolve around their relationship alone, what with Annie usually out in the field and Auggie at his desk, we accept that their friendship will naturally deepen at a slower pace.  READ FULL STORY

TV Season Finale Awards: The winners are announced!

The results of our 2nd annual fan-voted TV Season Finale Awards are in! Check out the winners gallery here for the Top 5 finishers in each of our 20 categories. A total of 718,838 votes were cast. SPOILER: Parks and Recreation‘s Li’l Sebastian was named fifth best death.  READ FULL STORY

'Castle': How the season premiere SHOULD deal with the cliffhanger

We were all reeling last week when the great people at Castle decided to end the season on a whopper of a cliffhanger. [SPOILER ALERT…how long do we have to use those again?] Beckett was unexpectedly shot at Montgomery’s funeral! And while she lay on the ground, losing the fight to keep her eyes open as Castle encouraged her to do so, Castle whispered, “I love you.” Fade to freaking black.

Let the horror of hiatus begin. And the theories.

Luckily a fan of Stana Katic already has his idea about how it should end. And I have to say, I LOVE IT!

Click here to see the photo.

Your turn, PopWatchers. How do YOU think it should go down? (Feel free to be serious…and silly. It’s SATURDAY!)

‘Castle’ creator Andrew Marlowe on finale shooting: ‘She was not wearing a vest.’
‘Castle': Most devastating season finale ever?

'Castle': Most devastating season finale ever?

Inconsolable. That was pretty much my state yesterday after watching the Castle season finale.

The hour was everything that we love about the show [SPOILER ALERT!]: action (imprisoned Lockwood escaped the court room via helicopter!), twists (Capt. Montgomery was revealed to be a major part of the conspiracy to cover up Beckett’s mother’s murder), tragedy (RIP Capt. Montgomery), and a heck of a cliffhanger — but not one of those cliffhangers that’s going to bother me until September. There was enough resolution in this episode to make me feel satisfied rather than annoyed. I think that’s a result of a few things that led up to the final moment, which found Beckett being shot at Montgomery’s funeral and Castle finally saying “I love you” as she faded into unconsciousness. READ FULL STORY

'Castle' and Marvel team up for your mom's first graphic novel: 'Richard Castle's Deadly Storm'


Forget that Nikki Heat movie. Somewhere Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is smiling because Marvel has announced that come Sept. 28, it will publish a 112-page hardcover graphic novel based on his Derrick Storm mystery novels. “I am honored and humbled to see Derrick Storm join the ranks of some of the greatest heroes of all-time,” Castle says in the press release. “Being a part of the Marvel family is a childhood fantasy come true for me.” He’ll reveal the cover (pictured) on tonight’s season finale (ABC, 10 p.m. ET). Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm is cowritten by Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain America and The Secret Avengers), with interior art by Lan Medina (Fables) and cover art by Carlo Pagulayan (Planet Hulk). Marvel sees the partnership as an opportunity to create new fans of comic books. So if your mother joined Twitter just to follow Fillion, this is definitely your best shot at getting a graphic novel in front of her. READ FULL STORY

'Castle': I was on set of tonight's episode, 'Dead Pool.' Here's what happened -- and what I wish didn't happen

My hours on the Los Angeles set of Castle were much like Richard Castle’s first time working at the police station: I’m a writer, was there by invitation, had no idea what I was doing, and every attempt I made to make myself look cool failed miserably.

I got the backstage tour while the team was hard at work filming tonight’s episode, “Dead Pool,” which finds Castle and Beckett investigating the death of a champion swimmer whilst Castle’s protégé (Brendan Hines) mulls about, putting the charm on Beckett. I didn’t get to meet Hines, which is just as well. I embarrassed myself quite enough without adding someone else to the mix. To be honest, my incident probably wasn’t as bad as my memory is leading me to believe — or it is and, like any trauma, my brain is blocking out the worst part. But here’s what I do know:  READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: Geek God Nathan Fillion goes mainstream

There’s only one guy we know of who could get mobbed by the hordes at Comic-Con and the moms at Costco: Nathan Fillion. A card-carrying member of the Whedonverse since Firefly debuted (and was canceled) in 2002, his rugged handsomeness and quick wit have been favorite topics of conversation among geeks for nearly a decade. But now, we’re having chats with our 63-year-old mothers about his smile, usually around 11 p.m. on Mondays. How did that happen?

To find out, we stopped by the set of ABC’s Castle this week, woke Fillion from a sound sleep in his trailer (he’d worked all last weekend), and asked the actor starring as crime novelist Richard Castle — who’s partnered with NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) for “book research” — to recount his whereabouts from 1994 to today. READ FULL STORY

'Castle': Was last night the best Castle/Beckett moment yet? (Yes, better than the kiss!)

castleLeo and Kate are no longer the king and queen of the frozen declaration of love. Now, if you’re getting technical, Beckett and Castle didn’t talk about how much they love each other last night (and, yes, they do) when they were stuck in a freezer storage unit where they were trapped at the end of last episode by some men who were trying to set off a dirty bomb in New York City. But as they sat there with icicles on their eyelashes, shivering in each other’s arms after having exhausted all means of escape (gun=futile) … be still my ‘shippy heart. Read for yourself.

BECKETT: Castle? You there?
CASTLE: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I’m — I’m right here. READ FULL STORY

Richard Castle and Sarah Walker crowned TV characters you'd most want to date

Most-Dateable-CharacterImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Chris Haston/NBCAfter a combined 35,000 votes were cast in our Valentine’s Day polls, PopWatch readers have crowned Castle‘s Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Chuck‘s Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) the TV characters they would most like to date. We’ve yet to hear Fillion’s response to earning the title, but Strahovski, who defeated Castle‘s Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) by a mere 116 votes, has weighed in. “I’m flattered by this honor, and although Sarah Walker is currently engaged, you never know what could happen on Chuck,” she tells EW. “Spread the word that thanks to these polling results, Sarah Walker is now accepting other offers. And here’s a hint: She thoroughly enjoys dates in Paris!”  READ FULL STORY

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