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EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Helenann:

“What you and I have is a friendship. What you and Castle have is a holding pattern.” 

– Lanie (Tamala Jones) to Beckett (Stana Katic) on Castle

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'Castle' react: ...now what?

Forty minutes into this week’s episode of Castle, I was dying. Not literally, of course. But the anticipation was killing me — and not just because this week’s case was a nail-bitter.

You see, at the end of last week’s wildly fun Dancing With the Stars-themed episode, viewers were treated to a teaser for an episode that appeared to finally address the “I love you” Castle (Nathan Fillion) whispered to injured Kate (Stana Katic) at the end of last season. “I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it,” she told a man during an interrogation as Castle looked on from the other side of the glass, shocked. And hurt.

Finally, I thought! A reward for my dwindling patience was on the way!

Not that I’m against a slow-burn relationship, but we’ve gone almost the entire season without the pair bringing this out into the open. After last season’s amazing finale, I was hoping for them to hit the ground running this year — take Castle and Beckett to places unknown. But instead it’s like they’ve been playing hide-and-go-seek all season. One person steps out, the other hides. The other comes out, the other hides. I’m ready for a step (or ten!) toward a little mutual openness. I really thought this week was going to be it — but that’s not exactly what we got. If anything, tonight’s episode, which found Castle and Beckett investigating a fatal bombing at an Occupy-like protest, was a step back. READ FULL STORY

Tonight's lineup features 'The Voice,' 'The Bachelor,' 'Smash,' and more: What will you be watching?

This is the kind of day where having multiple TVs (and multiple DVRs, for that matter) would really pay off: Monday night’s lineup includes no less than six can’t-miss shows that are competing with one another in their time slots. But on the off chance you inexplicably don’t have a television for every room in your house, then how to choose, PopWatchers?

The Voice is riding high off its post-Super Bowl second-season premiere, which offered Mickey Mouse Club reunions, sparring judges, and contestants you can’t help but already root for (go Tony, Juliette, and Chris!). Seems The Voice might already have an advantage — the series is fresh on everyone’s minds as it heads into the 8 p.m. time slot tonight. Only problem is it will face off against new episodes of fan and ratings winners The Bachelor and How I Met Your Mother. Even more conflicting, The Voice and The Bachelor will have to compete with a new Alcatraz, which airs their second hour of programming.

Fall TV post-mort: What are you still watching? DVR'ing?

Let’s think back for a moment to the start of the fall TV season when we were giddy with hope and optimism about all the new (Hart of DixieNew Girl! The X Factor!) and old (Modern Family! Glee! Fringe!) shows we’d watch in the months ahead. Back then I posted a series of blog posts outlining what I planned to view live versus DVR every night of the week. At the time, I really did have every intention of sticking to my schedule, but naturally as the weeks wore on and plotlines developed my interests began to waver, for better and for worse. I’m sure you know what I mean, unless you’re one of those people who actually follows through with your goals, in which case we can’t be friends. Nevertheless, now that we’re in the midst of the dreaded hiatus period, I figured it would be a good time to reflect on where we started off this season and where we ended up. Check out my day-by-day post-mort below, beginning with all the shows I so naively intended to watch: READ FULL STORY

'Castle' react: Last night's episode might have featured my new favorite Casket moment ever!

I make no secret of my love for Castle and Beckett — as individuals and, most of all, together. And while the past three seasons have had more than enough wonderfully ‘shippy moments to last a lifetime, last night’s episode featured a great one that will go down as one of my favorites.

The episode centered around a bank robbery — not usually the kind of case a gang of homicide detectives would get involved in. But this time, Castle and his mother (Susan Sullivan) found themselves smack in the middle of the action as hostages.

Castle, naturally, played hero in the situation and helped gather pieces of the puzzle while in captivity with the rest and communicated them to Beckett, who also acted as hostage negotiator. But things took a dark turn when one person reported seeing explosives in the bags with the robbers. That’s when the situation turned ugly. READ FULL STORY

'Castle': Another great Halloween episode has convinced me that we need a movie next year

If there’s any holiday perfectly suited for Castle‘s natural mix of humor and horror (of the real-life crime-kind), it’s Halloween. And last night, the show once again pegged an excellent episode this holiday, leading me to a somewhat controversial conclusion: I want to see a Castle Halloween movie. Let me explain.

This weekend, I found myself preparing for the perfect DVR binge thanks to the upcoming Halloween lineup on ABC Family. My dear Tivo, Leonardo, will soon be crowded with my old favorites like Casper, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and anything Tim Burton has done in cartoon form. (Note: I already have most of my favorites on DVD, but I must DVR them anyway because we all know movies are better when you watch them on TV.) God help me, the madness doesn’t stop there. I’ve been known to spend at least one pre-Halloween night marathoning my favorite spooky episodes of TV and, when I’m feeling nostalgic, I’ll even seek out terrible things like Mary Kate and Ashley’s Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. (You can stop respecting me now; I understand.) But upon looking at my lineup  I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with a Halloween special or movie.

That’s not to say there haven’t been good Halloween movies and specials released over the last few years, but as an adult now, there’s nothing that’s quite captured my attention like my old favorites once did. I imagine I’m not alone. The solution? It’s time for new classics — something for those who grew up with the movies now in rotation on ABC Family but are all now craving something new. And, oddly enough, I think I know a crime-fighting pair who would be perfect for the job. The proof is in last night’s episode. READ FULL STORY

'Castle' react: See, Caskett fans, that wasn't so bad...

You gotta love Castle fans.

Several weeks ago, producers sent out a casting announcement for a woman to play an insurance investigator who would get close with Castle. Very close.

Cue fan mayhem — and understandably so. After years of investing in one of TV’s greatest couples, were fans going to be betrayed? Was some strumpet going to come and steal Castle’s heart, which we all know belongs to one woman and one woman only?! Of course not! But it was sort of fun to watch the fandom meltdown that followed the casting call. (And, full disclosure: I had a brief, nonsensical “HELL TO THE NO” moment myself.)

Now that the episode has aired, we can breathe again. It’s nice, right? And, as usual, we got worked up over nothing because there was a lovely twist to the story that made everything — even the kiss — not so bad. Whew!

In case you didn’t watch, here’s what went down: READ FULL STORY

Find the 'Cougar Town' cast... on all your other favorite shows!


No amount of time spent with Big Carl will help me get over the fact that ABC’s Cougar Town won’t premiere until next year. I curse whoever made the decision to keep the Cul-de-sac Crew off the air until that mid-season premiere date (which has yet to be determined).

But it seems that the powers that be read my mind and made the decision to at least get Jules & Co. back on my TV, even though they can’t deliver any new Cougar Town episodes. Earlier this week, the show’s creator Bill Lawrence tweeted that his cast “will be on more shows this fall (this week even) than any cast on tv.” What quickly followed was Lawrence’s announcement of the “Find the Cougar Town Cast” project. READ FULL STORY

CBS' new drama 'Unforgettable:' Could it be the next 'Bones' or 'Castle'?

Take a strong female lead, throw in a love/hate relationship with her partner and a couple of good crime cases and you’ve got yourself the next hit series. Am I right? Well, maybe.

Last night, CBS debuted Unforgettable, a new procedural that has some key ingredients in common with the likes of Bones and Castle. Whether that turns out to be a good thing or not is up for debate (and we will debate!), but first let’s breakdown the premiere episode. READ FULL STORY

Fall TV Mondays: What to watch? What to DVR?

There are a lot of things that stress me out in life: what to eat for lunch, what to wear to work, what to do after work…you know, decisions in general. But few things fill me with more anxiety than figuring out what to watch on TV during the fall season. From new and returning scripted dramas and comedies to so-bad-it’s-good reality shows, each night poses a fresh dilemma between what to tune into live versus what to save for the DVR (or for that matter, skip all together).

I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this. So, this season PopWatch readers, I say we  save ourselves the agony of indecision by declaring our allegiances early on. Everyday this week, I’m going to list the shows I plan to watch live, and record on my DVR, for this season’s coveted 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. slot. Then it’s your turn to share your picks. Let’s get started with Mondays below!  READ FULL STORY

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