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Rachel Weisz eyes new 'Bourne' film, but what is a Bourne Girl?

Hear the term Bond Girl and an immediate image comes to mind: a glamorous and curvy beauty with an appreciation for double entendres. But a Bourne Girl is something entirely different. In fact, it’s not exactly clear yet what a Bourne Girl is. In the original Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, Franka Potente played the punkish girl who got pulled into Bourne’s wormhole of amnesia and assassins. She wasn’t long for his world, of course, and the only other major female characters have been American versions of Bond’s M: Joan Allen’s skeptical CIA agent and Julia Stiles’ sympathetic Agency technician (and possible pre-amnesia romantic interest). So what is a Bourne Girl? Clone Dr. Lilith Sternin Crane and you’re in the ballpark. READ FULL STORY

If Johnny Depp had been Indiana Jones...

Ever wonder what Indiana Jones would’ve looked like if Johnny Depp had taken the whip from Harrison Ford? At the Russian premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Depp seemed to be channeling Dr. Jones with the same pizazz that made Capt. Jack Sparrow the most hip pirate on the high seas. Take a look and imagine the possibilities… READ FULL STORY

Al Pacino joins 'Gotti: Three Generations' -- Once more to the mattresses, dear friend


Nabbing the Godfather of Godfather movies for Gotti: Three Generations is a huge boost for the project, which also features Kelly Preston, Lindsay Lohan, and reportedly, Joe Pesci. Dellacroce was a loyal and admired member of the Gambino crime family who was nevertheless passed over for top leadership. He refused to revolt, though, and it was only after his death in 1985 from lung cancer that Gotti felt free to make his move to take over the family. READ FULL STORY

Will you re-read 'The Hunger Games' after casting is complete?

I have a shameful confession to make, PopWatchers: I only just read The Hunger Games for the first time a few weeks ago. If you’ve found it in your hearts to forgive me for this major pop culture blunder, I’ll continue.

After months of endless urging from friends and colleagues that I would love these books (they were, as per usual, right) I finally read them. A funny thing though, I read the books — in record time, I might add — right before all the major casting news about the feature film adaptation broke, when all the casting rumors were still running rampant. 

In fact, just as I was getting familiar with Katniss Everdeen, Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld was one of the top names being thrown around to play the part of the heroine. I immediately changed my image of how Katniss looked in my mind to Hailee, which no doubt hindered my interpretation of the book and the character (Katniss all of a sudden had a True Grit-like accent). Alas, Hailee did not get cast, and my visualization was blown to bits worse than some poor souls in the Reaping. READ FULL STORY

'The Thin Man' poll: Who's Johnny Depp's Nora?

Now that The Thin Man remake with Johnny Depp officially has a director — Rob Marshall — can his Nora be far behind? Last October, we asked you who would make the best partner for Depp’s dapper detective, Nick Charles, and a flock of Oscar-nominated actresses were suggested. In the original 1934 film, the first of six films with William Powell and Myrna Loy playing the clever duo, the wealthy couple bantered witticisms while solving crimes with panache, so Depp’s costar needs to be his equal in every way. Who gets your vote? We gathered together some of your best answers. Vote in the poll after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Malin Akerman: Coming soon to every movie in 2012

New Line Cinema has confirmed that Malin Akerman has joined the cast of Rock of Ages, playing Constance Stack, a journalist who romances Tom Cruise’s Stacee Jaxx. But that’s not the only project the actress has on her plate. No, Rock of Ages brings Akerman to… six films headed to theaters in 2012: The Giant Mechanical Man, Medallion, Wildwood Inn, Serpent Girl, The Numbers Station, and, now Ages. As for 2011, Akerman appears in happythankyoumorepleaseElectra Luxx, The Bang Bang Club, Criminal Empire for Dummy’s, Wanderlust, and Inferno, the Linda Lovelace biopic that unceremoniously dumped Lindsay Lohan for the role before Akerman took it over. Phew. Move over, James Franco — Hollywood’s got a new busiest actor!

But this is not the first year Akerman has been roped into a good number of projects. READ FULL STORY

Lee Pace cast in 'The Hobbit.' Our hopes for his comeback grow

It looks like the part of me that’s been hoping to see Lee Pace back on TV soon might be waiting quite a while. This weekend, Peter Jackson announced via Facebook that the Pushing Daisies alum had been cast as Elven King Thranduil in The Hobbit. “Casting these Tolkien stories is very difficult, especially the Elven characters, and Lee has always been our first choice for Thranduil,” Jackson wrote. “We loved his performance in a movie called The Fall a few years ago, and have been hoping to work with him since.” READ FULL STORY

Damon Wayans Sr. cameos on son's show 'Happy Endings.' What other family pairings would you like to see on TV?

During last night’s episode of Happy Endings, was anyone else hoping that in addition to Damon Wayans Sr.’s guest stint as Damon Wayans Jr.’s dad (yes, it was quite a stretch) that the entire gaggle of Wayanses would show up? Not only would it have been overwhelming (at last count there are roughly 312 of them), but family cameos pretty much always make for good TV.

While Papa Wayans’ appearance on the freshman ABC sitcom as a rough-around-the-edges dad likely won’t go down in the pantheon of great patriarch guest spots (though he did look awesome in that track suit) it did serve as a reminder that these casting stints are actually something get on board with. Case in point: Justine Bateman as Michael’s (brother Jason Bateman) fake estranged sister/actual hooker on Arrested Development and the genius move to make Zooey Deschanel play a relative of Bones (sister Emily Deschanel) on — you guessed it – Bones.

But who else on TV should keep it all in the family? READ FULL STORY

Gary Busey cast in 'Piranha 3DD': A part fit for a Pepperoni Profit?

Image Credit: PRN/PR Photos

It’s official. Gary Busey, recently seen as the cock-eyed Pepperoni Profit on Celebrity Apprentice, has joined the cast of Piranha 3DD.

It’s safe to assume Busey won’t be representing the “DD” portion of the film (we hope?) but the details of his character are yet unknown. The pic, helmed by The Weinstein Company, is set to bow November 23.

Though Tara Reid has denied her reported involvement with the film, the veteran actor still joins an edible young cast announced earlier this week. Attached to the project are Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th) and Matt Bush (Adventureland), as well as David Koechner (Hot Tub Time Machine).

So is Busey a perfect fit for the campy gore fest? READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games': Why Kristen Bell should absolutely play Johanna Mason.

I never thought I’d say this, but I so want to hear Kristen Bell’s name called for the reaping.

When SlashFilm.com reported on Tuesday that the actress — currently seen cutting it up in Scream 4 — has started campaigning for a part in the eagerly anticipated adaptation of The Hunger Games, my immediate thought was: Isn’t the part of Effie Trinket supposed to go to Elizabeth Banks? Both would be perfect! How would could I possibly decide between the two?! Thankfully, the Veronica Mars star has made my life uncomplicated, as she’s setting her sights set elsewhere. Apparently, Bell, who is a self-proclaimed Hunger Games super fan, wants to play Johanna Mason, the cunning former Games victor and District 7 tribute. (Bell has not yet responded to EW’s request for comment.) The no-nonsense Johanna finds herself in the Quarter Quell alongside HG heroine Katniss Everdeen, where the two flip-flop between their trust — or lack thereof — for one another.

Well, you don’t have to convince me, Kristen. We’ve seen the actress play a character you don’t know whether to love or hate on the big screen before (see: Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and now that I’ve imagined her as Johanna, I honestly can’t see anyone else playing the role. READ FULL STORY

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