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Raven-Symoné to star in 'Sister Act' on Broadway

That’s so… Broadway?

Raven-Symoné is set to star in Sister Act, the musical adaptation of the hit 1992 movie that opened on Broadway in April 2011, EW has confirmed with a manager for the actress.

She will take over the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier, the lounge singer-turned-nun made famous on film by Whoopi Goldberg. On stage, she replaces Patina Miller, who played the role in the West End production in 2009 and again on Broadway in 2011 (earning a Tony Award nomination).

Primarily known for her television roles on The Cosby Show, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and That’s So Raven, she steps into her first starring role on Broadway. She last appeared on Broadway with the Boys Choir of Harlem when she was five.

According to Deadline, she will reportedly start rehearsals at the end of February and begin performances at the end of March for a minimum of six months.

A rep for Sister Act declined to comment on any casting for the show.

From the Great White Way to the small screen: How have Broadway stars fared on TV?

Fans of Broadway’s The Book of Mormon, rejoice! A rep for Andrew Rannells has confirmed the Tony-nominated actor has signed on to star in Ryan Murphy’s untitled NBC comedy pilot about a gay couple and their surrogate mother. (I “Believe” that this will turn out to be a good choice!) It’s exciting news for any theater lover, but, of course, Rannells isn’t the first stage vet to make the leap onto the small screen. In fact, 2012 is shaping up to be a very Broadway-friendly year for television: Not only will we soon see Broadway staple Megan Hilty — and fellow thesps Christian Borle, Brian d’Arcy James and Will Chase – star on NBC’s Smash, but news came earlier this week that Glee has cast stage vet Brian Stokes Mitchell as one of Rachel’s gay dads.

Unfortunately, though I can’t be the only one excitedly crossing my fingers for Smash, star power in the theatre doesn’t always translate onto TV. Rannells, Hilty, and Mitchell join a long list of stage veterans who have made the transition to television – or at least attempted it. Save for a few cases of extravagant luck, often the most celebrated stage performers wind up in thankless roles in the ensembles of failed sitcoms or in bodybags on Law & Order. But how did some of Broadway’s more notable stars manage a switch to the small screen? Here’s a rundown of some who forged a path from the Great White Way to TV land – and how they fared:

Name: Matthew Morrison
Broadway experience: Before his curly hair was a Sue Sylvester punchline, it was pomaded into oblivion when Morrison originated the role of heartthrob Link Larkin in Hairspray. READ FULL STORY

Emma Stone 'acts' like a dude -- and it's making her Hollywood's hottest young actress

There’s something different about Emma Stone. Maybe it’s her smoky voice, which your dad will say reminds him of Lauren Bacall. Maybe it’s her freckled skin and green eyes that remind you (okay, me) of that girl from French class with the great laugh. You’d really like to make Emma Stone laugh, wouldn’t you?

After a year in which she starred in the highest-grossing non-superhero/sequel/animated film, The Help, Stone is poised to enjoy an even greater 2012, starring as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man and re-teaming with her Crazy, Stupid, Love beau, Ryan Gosling, in the 1950′s L.A. noir, The Gangster Squad. And as Deadline initially reported today, she’ll soon jump back into comedy with Little White Corvette, playing a wild child who tries to unload the drugs she and her brother find in their dead father’s old car.

Some actresses’ beauty has almost a porcelain fragility to it — it separates them from us mere mortals — but Stone’s allure has a realness that makes you think she’d be a hoot on a cross-country roadtrip (zombies, or no zombies). READ FULL STORY

Demi Moore heads back to the big screen post-Ashton Kutcher split: All the right moves?

There’s an episode from the sixth season of Sex and the City in which the ladies debate whether Miranda had “won” her breakup with Steve since she was dating the too-good-too-be-true Dr. Robert Leeds at the time. (For the record, they declared Miranda the “winner,” in which the prize was an eventual marriage to Steve — who cheated on her in the first movie — and enduring the all-around terribleness of the second movie.) So let’s imagine a scenario in which fellow single, sexy fortysomething Demi Moore is sitting around with her gal pals (the cast of Now and Then, natch) discussing whether she bested soon-to-be-ex-husband Ashton Kutcher.

While her former flame may have the TV ratings behemoth Two and a Half Men on his side, it’s safe to say that since their split, she’s “winning” the breakup so far. READ FULL STORY

HBO makes deal with Akiva Goldsman and Ron Howard for Doc Holliday series: Who's their huckleberry?

In the mythology of the O.K. Corral, the hero is typically the straightlaced Wyatt Earp and the scene-stealing sidekick his sauced but steady-handed gunslinger, Doc Holliday. Henry Fonda had Victor Mature, Burt Lancaster had Kirk Douglas, and Kurt Russell had Val Kilmer. Rarely has Doc gotten the star treatment — though 1971′s Doc, with Stacy Keach and Faye Dunaway, came the closest to doing him justice. EW can now confirm that HBO is working with Akiva Goldsman on a new series about the 19th-century’s most famous failed dentist. As Deadline initially reported, Ron Howard is attached to direct, and Adam Cooper and Bill Collage (Accepted) are writing, inspired by the recent biography from Mary Doria Russell, also entitled Doc. READ FULL STORY

Kristen Wiig to star opposite Robert De Niro in Sean Penn movie

Want to know how big a hit Bridesmaids was? Read that headline again. Kristen Wiig will co-star with Robert De Niro in the drama The Comedian, to be directed by Sean Penn. According to a synopsis by FilmNation, which will handle international sales, De Niro will play Jackie Burke, a comic who once had a beloved TV character but is now past his prime and trying to revive his career. “After being sentenced to community service for hitting an audience member in the head with his microphone, Jackie meets Harmony (Wiig), a dazzling and defiant redhead who turns his life sideways.” Cameras are expected to roll in Spring 2012, presumably after Wiig wraps the current season of Saturday Night Live.

What do you think? It’s strange, but in an interesting way (as opposed to a “how did De Niro end up in New Year’s Eve?” way). I can picture Wiig as a woman who likes to poke at De Niro and shake him up, but this being a drama, it also sounds like she’ll get to stretch. Are you hoping this will be a great story for what she did on her summer vacation from SNL and she’ll return next fall, or do you think this is a sign that she’s risen above the show and should only return to host SNL to coincide with the movie’s release? (Either way, I hope De Niro hits SNL and they play Password.)

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Johnny Depp to possibly play Dr. Seuss in a live-action movie: The best pairing since 'Fox in Socks'?

Typically, when you hear the news that another Dr. Seuss movie may come to the big screen, you immediately begin to worry that a major piece of your childhood is about to get ruined again. (We did not like you, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat. We did not like you and that is that.) This news, however, will have even the most devoted Dr. Seuss fans rhyming in delight.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnny Depp will produce, and possibly star in, a live-action film about the life of Theodor Geisel. Or, as we all know him, the late, great Dr. Seuss. The project is being developed by Illumination Entertainment (which is currently in post-production on The Lorax) and Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil. (EW reached out to Depp’s reps who were not immediately available for comment.)

How much do we love this idea? Let us count the ways. (Circus McGurkis 1, 2, 3!) Not only has Depp played a classic children’s author before (he was Peter Pan scribe J.M. Barrie in the Oscar-nominated Finding Neverland), but he and Dr. Seuss are a little bit like kindred spirits: Both have created iconic characters and both have brought twisty, colorful worlds to life with their craft. Heck, even Depp himself speaks and looks like a Dr. Seuss creation at times. READ FULL STORY

Pink to star alongside Gwyneth Paltrow. Will she be the next big crossover?


Image Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com

While we've all definitely heard Pink's voice in the movies before -- be it on the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle soundtrack or any number of romcom trailers that feature her hit,
"Raise Your Glass" -- get ready to see her on the screen soon, too. The pop singer will star in the upcoming sex-addiction comedy Thanks For Sharing, opposite Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, and Book of Mormon's Josh Gad. “[Pink]

could not be a more ideal fit for this role,” notes writer/director Stuart Blumberg (The Kids are All Right), in a release. “She carries with her just the right combination of heart and edginess for the part of Dede, and we’re incredibly excited to share her acting talent with audiences.”

Granted, new-mom Pink has technically been on the big screen before: She had a cameo in the aforementioned Charlie’s Angels sequel and IMDB informs that she appeared in a 2007 horror movie called Catacombs, but the pop singer has never had a featured role in a major movie before this. Pink, who will be going by her real name Alecia Moore for Thanks For Sharing, will play a free-spirited sex addict who bonds with another person struggling with the same issue (played by Gad).

It’s all but expected that pop-stars eventually make the transition from music to movies, but Pink — er, Alecia Moore (that’s going to take some getting used to) — seemed to be holding out. Was she just waiting for the right project? In addition to the impressive cast, Thanks For Sharing will also mark Blumberg’s directorial debut, and Edward Norton is one of the producers. But a sterling cast and crew is no guarantee that she’s cut out for acting? After all, it doesn’t always work out so nicely for musicians-turned-actors. For every Mark Wahlberg, there are several Britney Spears. Then again, the material itself might be what makes this work for Moore. In her music videos, she has always been willing to try on different personas and has never been afraid to poke fun at herself (case in point: “Stupid Girls”), something of a necessity for a randy comedy.

While I like the idea of Pink becoming a movie star (she’s doesn’t take herself too seriously, has attitude to spare), I can also understand the inevitable skepticism that accompanies such news. (If you’ve seen her cameo on How I Met Your Mother, you’ll dread the inevitability of Katy Perry getting a starring role in a film. And no, The Smurfs doesn’t count. For many reasons.)

But what do you think, PopWatchers? Does Pink/Alecia Moore have what it takes to be a movie star? Does Thanks For Sharing sound like a perfect project for her or should she be getting back into the studio instead? Share in the comments section below.

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Charlie Sheen in talks for 'Scary Movie 5' cameo. He should drop the 'winning' schtick to truly win.

Charlie Sheen made appearances in both 2003′s and 2006′s spoof fests Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4, respectively. Of course, that was a simpler time, before Charlie Sheen had truly become the Charlie Sheen we know now. But now Dimension, the studio behind the wildly successful Scary Movie franchise, confirmed to EW that Sheen is, in fact, “discussing a role” for the upcoming Scary Movie 5. But which Sheen will we see? Or want to see, for that matter? READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' casts Katie Holmes as the 'Slutty Pumpkin.' Are we excited or terrified about the possibilities?

How I Met Your Mother has found its Slutty Pumpkin! CBS confirms to EW that Katie Holmes will step into the show’s iconic (and, until now, mysterious) role for a Halloween-themed episode this season. And after mulling over this choice for nearly an hour…my head hurts.

I don’t want to say the casting disappoints me (in fact, that’s far from true; I loved Holmes as Joey on Dawson’s Creek) — but it certainly makes me wonder: Could Holmes be The Mother?

The Slutty Pumpkin has always been an important part of Mother mythology, and, on a deeper level, an important symbol of Ted’s belief in love. READ FULL STORY

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