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'Glee': Who should play Rachel Berry's gay dads?

Now that Rachel’s mom — played by the wonderfully Wicked Idina Menzel — has been in the picture for a few episodes on Glee, we’re dying to finally meet Rachel’s elusive gay dads, the ones who moved her therapist into the spare room, treated her childhood sadness with water, and can’t sew. You’re gonna have to come out eventually, dads! Our brains are sick of reverting to Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan (?!) whenever we hear the phrase “my two dads.”

Forget for a moment about the photo of the two dads they showed during the pilot (because you know you’d prefer stunt casting!), and vote for who should play Rachel’s biological father below. Or, if you have alternate suggestions, leave ‘em in the comments along with your picks for Rachel’s second dad. The sky’s the limit on Dad #2. Taye Diggs? Jamie Foxx? (Fine maybe not — Rachel said in the pilot that she wasn’t sure which was her real dad because they’d mixed their sperm together.) Brad Pitt? David Beckham? Olympic Stud of the Day Alexandre Bilodeau? Ideally it’d be someone who can sing and dance, but we can always dream a little dream that Rachel will use her powers of over-achievement to lead them to metaphorical gold-stardom on the stage during a mid-life crisis….

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Image credit: Chris Cuffaro/Fox; David Gabber/PR Photos

'Glee': Neil Patrick Harris talks guest spot, working with Joss Whedon again, and why Finn is his favorite character

Glee-Neil-PatrickImage Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxI was on set for the filming of tonight’s episode of Glee, which was directed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon and featured Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) as Will’s old rival Bryan Ryan. In between takes of Bryan and Will’s dynamic cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” Harris sat down with me to talk about guest-starring on the Fox series, working with Whedon, and the Glee character he finds “dreamy.” (For those of you who haven’t seen the episode tonight, a mild spoiler alert warning!) READ FULL STORY

'My Fair Lady' remake still in development

Carey-MulliganContrary to Carey Mulligan’s statements at the Cannes Film Festival that the remake of My Fair Lady — which she’s admitted to wanting to be cast in — has “gone away for a little while,” Sony execs tell EW that the studio actively continues to develop the film.

Thank you, film gods! Of all of the actress rumored to be in talks for the iconic role immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in 1964 — including Keira Knightley — I’m rooting most for Mulligan, not so much based on her supporting part in the upcoming Wall Street 2 but for her precociously delightful turn as Jenny in last year’s An Education.

When asked about the role, Mulligan has deferred to her former Pride and Prejudice costar Knightley, who, Mulligan claims, is higher up the Hollywood ranks, but frankly, I think Mulligan would bring far more gravity and depth to the role, not to mention the fact that she would probably nail “The Rain in Spain” with a painful-yet-lovable Cockney accent.

How do you feel about Mulligan slipping into Ms. Doolittle’s shoes?

Photo: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Everett Collection

Why Beyonce should play Wonder Woman

beyonce-is-wonderwomanImage Credit: Kent Miller/PR Photos; DC ComicsCasting a superhero is a tricky. The actor has to personify a character with decades of history, but also look fantastic in skimpy attire. (Most of the best mainstream comics ever made could easily be subtitled “Muscular People with Personal Problems.”) Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr. have done it, but there’s a whole graveyard of Brandon Rouths and Jennifer Garners who tried and failed. Playing a superhero is just plain hard, but it also has to be fun. And that’s why, when the time comes to finally cast the long-developed Wonder Woman movie, there’s only one real choice to play the Amazon: Beyoncé Knowles.


Beatles movie gets push from Oasis' Liam Gallagher: Let's cast it

beatlesImage Credit: Popperfoto/Getty ImagesA new movie about the Beatles, based on Richard DiLello’s memoirs from the time when he was the “house hippie” at the band’s record company Apple, is gaining steam, with former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher throwing his weight behind it. (He owns the rights to the book, The Longest Cocktail Party.) According to the Hollywood Reporter, activities surrounding the movie should launch around Cannes next week. A rocker making a movie about the original rockers — I like it!

The most interesting part, however, will be when producers start making casting announcements. Specifically, who should play John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Stepping into any of those shoes won’t be easy, and there are so many ways that the producers could go. I’m assuming that since DiLello’s memoir was based off the waning years of the Beatles — he worked there in the late ’60s — they’ll have to cast on the older side. For some reason, I’m seeing a couple faces: Topher Grace and Peter Sarsgaard.

Thoughts? Who would you cast as the Beatles?

'Commando' remake in the works: Who should take Arnold Schwarzenegger's role?

Commando-ArnoldImage Credit: Everett CollectionFox is readying to remake Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1985 hit Commando, according to a report from Deadline‘s Mike Fleming. Training Day scribe David Ayer is set to write and direct the update of the classic kill-em-all action pic, in which the future Governator starred as a government agent forced out of retirement to rescue his daughter from an evil dictator.

So who’s up for filling Arnie’s shoes, you ask? We’ve got a few nominees: How about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, star of the upcoming A-Team movie and professional UFC bone-breaker? Or maybe Channing Tatum, if he’s ready to rumble again getting mushy in Dear John? Or maybe you swap “father” for “brother” in the movie’s pitch and cast an up-and-comer like Twilight star Taylor Lautner? Come to think of it, who says it has to be a guy? Something tells us Angelina Jolie could take out a maniacal despot and still make it home in time for Shiloh’s afternoon nap.

Okay PopWatchers, it’s your turn to play casting couch: Who should be the next Commando? READ FULL STORY

Cybill Shepherd to play body waxer with a hooker daughter: Best Lifetime movie ever?

Cybill-shepherdImage Credit: Beck Starr/WireImage.comThe sheer idea of pairing Jennifer “Vajazzler” Love Hewitt and Cybill Shepherd in a Lifetime movie sounds incredibly genius. But now that I’ve learned Shepherd will be playing a body waxer who discovers her daughter (Hewitt) is a lady of the night, I am even more on board for this movie. It’s one of those genius TV-movie plots that sounds like a spoof, but sadly is not. (It’s actually based on a true story!)

Between those Martha Stewart movies and Showtime’s The L Word, Shepherd has been seriously camping it up lately, so I expect full-throttle Mommie Dearest-style histrionics in this flick. I also cannot wait until the inevitable promotional interview on The View where Shepherd discusses doing research on body waxing in order to properly play this character. This as-yet-untitled-movie is the gift that keeps on giving. Another gift? This clip embedded after the jump of Cybill singing “The Menopause Blues”…you’re welcome. READ FULL STORY

Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz to star together in 'Deathgames'

jackson-lutzImage Credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage.com; Gustavo Caballero/WireImage.comLooking for a casting combo you never considered but might really be obsessed with? Exhibit A: Iron Man 2 pro Samuel L. Jackson and Twilight/Nightmare on Elm Street hottie Kellan Lutz are in negotiations to star together in the indie action flick Deathgames, according to the Hollywood Reporter. As a sexy bonus, the story is yet another gladiator tale…sorta! The released logline reveals that the movie centers on Lutz, whose character is kidnapped and forced into “the savage world of a modern gladiator arena.” (I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind seeing Lutz scantily clad in gladiator uniform. I mean, right?!?) But then you have to consider that this is truly a gladiator set-up — i.e. the contemporary, voracious online masses are paying to see someone, possibly Lutz, bite it. Turns out Jackson, of course, is the mastermind behind the whole situation. The best part of Jackson’s role is that he apparently oversees the battles from his “computer lair with the help of twin ladies who see to his every desire.” Sorta like the Budweiser Twins maybe? Yes!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does a Jackson-Lutz combo — the younger in a gladiator thong and the older with sexy twins — sound appealing to you?

Patton Oswalt joins NBC's Matthew Broderick comedy pilot

Transforming from an animated rat in Ratatouille to a Hamptons billionaire in NBC’s new series, Beach Lane, Patton Oswalt has certainly climbed the character ladder. Oswalt and Third Rock From the Sun‘s Kristen Johnston have joined Matthew Broderick in the pilot, about a millionaire (Oswalt) who hires a celebrity author (Broderick) to help his struggling newspaper in the Hamptons. Johnston’s role has not yet been announced. Oswalt became available for the project after his Broadway show Lips Together, Teeth Apart fell through last month.

Would you like to see Oswalt as a non-animated leading man, PopWatchers? He’s certainly due for his own TV series, don’t you think?

'Heroes' actors get new jobs: Hooray for second chances!

heroes-starsImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBC Sendhil Ramamurthy and Dania Ramirez had the misfortune to star as two of Heroes‘ most annoying characters: gasbag scientist Mohinder Suresh and poison-crying Maya Herrera. But Hollywood can forgive anything, and yesterday brought good casting news for both of them. Ramamurthy hopped into USA’s Covert Affairs, while Ramirez will recur on the next season of Entourage. (She’ll play Turtle’s love interest. Hey, a job’s a job.)

I couldn’t be happier for both actors. Ramirez was awesome as A.J.’s girlfriend during the final season of Sopranos, and Ramamurthy has been trying to escape from Mohinder’s shadow for awhile now. I’m wondering if Hollywood can’t find room in its big heart for the rest of the Heroes cast. After all they’ve been through, don’t they deserve some tiny plot of TV land to call their own? Here are some suggestions:

Adrian Pasdar: A morally ambiguous corporate executive on Damages (at least until someone finally reboots Profit.)

Hayden Panettiere: A recurring role on Make It or Break It as a former world champion gymnast.

Greg Grunberg: Surely his childhood friend J.J. Abrams needs someone to play an adorably acerbic assistant on the upcoming spy drama Undercovers?

Masi Oka: Needs to host a game show on G4.

Jack Coleman: Needs to guest star on Breaking Bad as Walter White’s brother.

Ali Larter: For playing two identically annoying characters, Ali Larter deserves two career-refurbishing parts. I’m thinking a femme fatale on Burn Notice and a drug-addled heiress on Gossip Girl.

Milo Ventimiglia: Should partner up with Wentworth Miller and take over Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Zachary Quinto: Probably doesn’t need your charity.

Kristen Bell: Anything but more of this.

What are some of your casting ideas for the Heroes cast, PopWatchers?

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