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'The Real Housewives of New York': Now auditioning brunettes


Image Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Oh for the love of, let this be true. A
report on today's HuffPost Celebrity suggests that Bravo has given the ax to Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord of the Real Housewives of New York. "No decisions have been made yet," is all a Bravo rep would allow to EW. If the network does indeed shed the trio, that would leave Sonja Morgan, Countess LuAnn, and two remaining original cast members Ramona Singer and Pinot Grigio. Poor Cindy Barshop, last season's disappointing addition to the line-up, didn't even warrant a mention. (Though she later coughed up a response to the pseudo news: "Everything out there right now is just rumors. Nothing is 100 [percent]

decided yet, it could go either way.”)  READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Are you happy with the season 13 cast? (VOTE)

Everyone likes to immediately complain once the Dancing With the Stars cast is announced. What I’ve gathered so far by fluttering around various posts and our photo gallery of the cast is that a bunch of people are scared of transgendered contestant Chaz Bono, and a large percentage of humanity really, really doesn’t like Nancy Grace. Overall, EW.com reader satisfaction ranges wildly, from “I actually like this lineup!” (RaRa) to “Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel” (Ma’at).

“They certainly upped the ‘interesting’ factor this season,” said Fred, referring to Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace. But later, what I presume is a different Fred shared with us that he “would rather get stabbed in the neck than watch Nancy Grace.”

The show “should be called ‘Dancing WITHOUT the Stars,'” said Feather, who at least got into the spirit of the show with his or her username.

I saw the usual threats of abandonment, like “DWTS has finally done it. My Monday nights are now free” from Connie, who is probably lying, and “Lame cast. Not watching” from Heather, who is definitely lying.

Believe it or not, the cast of DWTS has never mattered to me right away. READ FULL STORY

Who should play the teen version of Carrie Bradshaw?

When you think of a teenage Sarah Jessica Parker, images of Square Pegs and the original Footloose immediately come to mind But, now that The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex and the City, is officially in the works, we’ll have to try and re-think how we see young SJP.

As EW reported earlier today, HBO is currently shopping around (so Carrie of them) to find a home for the small screen adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s best-seller that follows Miss Bradshaw through her senior year of high school, a time long before Manolo and Mr. Big came into the picture.

While the series could end up over at The CW, with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl) as potential producers, the bigger looming question mark is: Who would play the iconic Carrie? READ FULL STORY

ESPN tell-all to be turned into a film. Who will play Keith Olbermann and friends?

It’s official. EW has confirmed that Twentieth Century Fox is acquiring the rights and developing a big-screen adaptation of Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller’s racy, randy tell-all, ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun. The gossipy, doorstop-sized oral history of the 24-hour sports network — in particular, its frat house-style early years — snagged a slew of headlines when it was published back in May thanks to its tawdry tales of on-air rivalries, inter-office prostitution, and of course, Keith Olbermann’s mammoth ego. With David Fincher’s The Social Network providing a blue-print of how to adapt a start-up saga like this one and Bennett Miller’s jock-themed Moneyball hitting theaters in September, we expect big things from this one. And since it’s never too early to start thinking about casting, here are our suggestions for some of the key players.

Keith Olbermann: Long before he ballooned into the self-important voice of the Left, Olbermann was the winningly snarky cohost of SportsCenter. This one is almost too easy for anyone who saw Ben Affleck’s Olbermann impersonation on SNL. READ FULL STORY

B.D. Wong not returning for next season of 'Law & Order: SVU.' Who should play the new psychiatrist?

Season 13 of Law & Order: SVU is turning into season 10 of American Idol: Attack of the Newbies.

Almost two months after Christopher Meloni announced he’d be leaving the long-running procedural next season and the announcement that two new agents — played by Kelly Giddish and Danny Pino – would be joining Mariska Hargitay on the show, B.D. Wong announced via Twitter this weekend that his character would not be returning for season 13. NBC confirmed the news to EW.

While Wong has plenty to keep him busy following the departure — he’ll co-star on NBC’s midseason show, AwakeSVU apparently has a void to fill. (No comment from the Peacock about if/when the role will be filled.) But if someone is stepping into George Huang’s shoes, I can guarantee it won’t be easy. On a show all about crazy guest characters, psychos, and over-the-top perverts, I enjoyed his soft-spoken nature. Here’s who I think could get the job done who could possibly be the only four actors who have not previously appeared on Law & Order: SVUREAD FULL STORY

Why my 'Lincoln' casting obsession rivals 'The Hunger Games'

When a best-selling book is turned into a motion picture, the casting of beloved characters becomes an Internet blood-sport. It’s never enough for the filmmakers just to announce who will play the hero; invested fans want to know who will play every minor character, especially the obscure guy who died on page 11. The studios know this, of course, so they tantalize us with the slow drip-drip-drip of casting news, and there’s nothing we can do about it but rant and rage on Internet comment boards. You might feel this way about The Hunger Games, but it’s how I feel about Lincoln, the long-awaited Steven Spielberg film based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s heralded biography, Team of Rivals. Ever since Daniel Day-Lewis was tabbed to play Honest Abe last November, I’ve been mentally filling up Lincoln’s cabinet with some famous faces lined with 19th-century character. Since then, DreamWorks has added Sally Field (Mary Todd Lincoln), Joseph Gordon Levitt (the president’s eldest son, Robert), Tommy Lee Jones (abolitionist senator Thaddeus Stevens), and David Strathairn (Secretary of State William Seward).

Great, but not nearly good enough for this history nerd. READ FULL STORY

'House' alum Lisa Edelstein heads to 'The Good Wife': Are you dying for her to showdown with Julianna Margulies?

After a rather mind-blowing season 2 for The Good Wife, we were all left wondering: How will series creators Robert and Michelle King up the ante for the show’s coming third season? Well, here’s a step in the right direction: EW has confirmed TV Line’s report that Lisa Edelstein, who recently decided not to return to Fox’s drama House, will be joining the cast of CBS’ beloved drama for a multi-episode arc beginning this fall.

We here at EW are big fans of Edelstein, of course, but that’s not the only reason that her addition seems like a good move. It’s juicy in so many ways. First, she’s been tapped to play a lawyer and poker player whose, TV Line reports, “sexiness is enhanced by her obvious intelligence.” One word: Hot.

But then, it’s also rumored that her character — who hasn’t been named yet — has a past with lawyering honcho Will (Josh Charles). READ FULL STORY

Roberto Benigni and Woody Allen to pair-up in Rome? Where ya been, Roberto?

The last time I saw Roberto Benigni, he said he wanted to make love to me. To be fair, he wanted to make love to everybody watching the 1999 Academy Awards after he’d won his second Oscar of the night for Life is Beautiful. But since that night, when the Italian Chaplin was officially crowned by Hollywood, his profile has retreated. His directorial follow-up, 2002’s Pinocchio, was an expensive flop that bombed completely on this side of the Atlantic. He appeared briefly in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes in 2003, and he hasn’t starred in any film since 2005’s Iraq War film, The Tiger and The Snow. For the most part, the only thing Americans recall about him now is his Oscar-winning antics, when he made his offer of amore and celebrated his victory by dancing on the seats and shoulders of the people seated in front of him. READ FULL STORY

John Krasinski in talks to join Lena Dunham-penned indie 'Nobody Walks'


While he’s melted our hearts for nearly seven seasons on The Office, Big Tuna has failed to make a huge splash on the big screen. Strange, huh, especially given the immense likability of Jim Halpert. (“Niagara” will forever live in infamy. How many men booked surprise trips on the Maid of the Mist after seeing their girlfriends tear up while watching the episode?) With Steve Carell’s impending departure, it seems there’s no better time for John Krasinski to seal his fate as a legitimate leading man. But why isn’t he one already?  READ FULL STORY

Seth Meyers fills in for Regis: Why the political rabble-rouser would make a great permanent replacement

With Regis Philbin retiring after more than 25 years of Live! With Regis & [Blonde whose name begins with the letter ‘K’] sometime this fall, it’s about time to start vetting candidates to replace the TV host who has logged more hours in front of the camera than any other human. It’s a tough spot to fill (even though we’ve offered plenty of ideas), but if his guest turn on the show Monday was any indication, Saturday Night Live head writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers could be a perfect replacement.

On yesterday’s Live! With Regis & Kelly, Meyers took to the show’s casual charm as naturally as Regis takes to banking commercials. That might be hard to imagine given that anyone who even occasionally tunes into the current Weekend Update knows that Meyers doesn’t try to hide his liberal-leaning political barbs, which make up a good portion of his jokes. But in the 15-minute dialogue that opened the show, Meyers proved just as comfortable and funny trading stories with Kelly Ripa about their weekend activities and commenting on the kind of near-disaster-with-a-miraculous-ending news stories daytime TV feeds on. READ FULL STORY

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