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Mockingjays: Coming soon to a laboratory near you!


Hunger Games fans, are you unsatisfied with this ho-hum world full of naturally occurring animals? Well, never fear! According to a New York Times article, the books’ symbolic mockingjay — the Capitol-flouting hybrid of a mockingbird and the fictional jabberjay spy bird — isn’t inconceivable. “The tools needed to modify organisms are already widely dispersed in industry and beyond. Do-it-yourself biology is growing,” writes James Gorman. He cited Freeman Dyson of the Princeton-based Institute for Advanced Study (former home to Albert Einstein), who “envisioned the tools of biotechnology spreading to everyone, including pet breeders and children, and leading to ‘an explosion of diversity of new living creatures.'”

The chance to hear the mockingjay’s rebel song got us thinking: What other fictional animals would we like to see made real? Read on for a few of our ideas, then share your own. READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' District 12 up for sale: How much would YOU pay to live like Katniss?

Yesterday, we gave you the keys to Panem’s last-but-not-least division (okay, it is the least): District 12, where dozens of Hunger Games fanatics are satisfying their taste for all things Katniss Everdeen by traveling in by the droves. Today, it seems the sky is the limit — or at least a solid 72 acres. Start lining up your sponsors, Games fans! Because not only can you visit Henry River Mill Village near Hildebran, N.C., now you can own it. READ FULL STORY

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