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Oops! A Psy lookalike hung out with a bunch of real celebrities at Cannes

Korean pop sensation Psy has been making the rounds at various events during the Cannes Film Festival. Except…that wasn’t Psy. “Seems like there’s another ME at cannes … say Hi to him,” the real Psy tweeted yesterday. READ FULL STORY

Alec Baldwin goes on anti-Republican Twitter rant, calls them 'lying thieves'

Alec Baldwin plays a staunch conservative on 30 Rock, but his personal politics are famously liberal, as demonstrated by a fusillade of anti-Republican tweets yesterday. Baldwin let his opinion loose on some 870,000 followers as he took to Twitter from the Cannes Film Festival, where he wrote, “Away from the noise and vulgarity of the U.S. election. I gotta tell you. It’s been nice.” Only a few hours later, Baldwin blasted the Republican party in a series of tweeted heats (sorry, heated tweets):

Some complain on Twitter about Obama.

You wanna go back? To Bush? Cheney? Paulson? Rumsfeld? Unfunded wars? Death of U.S. soldiers and innocent civilians for oil? READ FULL STORY

Sean Penn attacks media, world for abandoning Haiti

Sean Penn had some harsh words at a press event for his Haiti: Carnival in Cannes fundraiser on May 17, TheWrap reports. “The reason we have Haiti fatigue is because there was never a commitment in the first place,” Penn said.  “It’s not only celebrities who went for a day. It’s the whole f—ing world. It’s all of you.”

Penn also called on President Barack Obama to step in once again. “It is time for our formidable and elegant president to stand side by side with the new president of Haiti.” READ FULL STORY

Cannes: Famed paleontologist and legendary male supermodel storm the carpet -- PHOTO

Pictured at the Cannes Film Festival: Two of the charming, suave actors of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. And David Schwimmer.


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Sacha Baron Cohen sent Ryan Seacrest jacket 'made by slave child labor'

Sacha Baron Cohen is not a tyrannical megalomaniac. He just plays one on TV, and on the red carpet, and in The Dictator. That seemed to be the message he wanted to convey to Ann Curry this morning when he sat down with her — as himself, just plain Cambridge-educated Sacha — in Cannes. And he’s nothing like the cruel Admiral General Aladeen he portrays in his new movie. Take for instance his red-carpet stunt at the Oscars, where “Aladeen” poured ashes on Ryan Seacrest. He admitted to Curry that he later sent Seacrest a new jacket — though it did have a label inside that read, “Made by Slave Child Labor.” “But he didn’t send me a thank-you note,” said Cohen. “Unbelievable.”

Though EW has previously noted that Cohen wasn’t averse to being himself, Cohen boasted that this was just his third interview ever without a disguise. He explained that the real reason for those previous stunts was legal concerns. “The movies that I did up till now, they involved real people, so we wanted to limit the exposure for kinda lawsuits,” he said. “At the moment, I think I have the Guinness world record for being the most sued actor in history.”

Watch the exchange below. READ FULL STORY

Are Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn the next De Niro and Scorsese?

From John Ford and John Wayne, to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, to Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, there have been many great actor-director teams. Very quietly, a new one could be budding right before our eyes.

EW has confirmed that Ryan Gosling is negotiating to star in Only God Forgives, a crime thriller set in Bangkok and the third movie he and Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn plan to make together. (Variety first reported the story.) The only problem is that few people have seen a single film the pair has made. More specifically, most moviegoers in the U.S. haven’t seen any of Refn’s work yet. But with the news of the casting and the critical buzz around their first collaboration, Drive, picked up this May at Cannes, there might be some magic brewing between the two artists. READ FULL STORY

'Tree of Life' pulls in moviegoers near and very, very far. What's the farthest you've traveled to see a film?

Super 8 topped this weekend’s box office with an impressive $37 million, but J.J. Abrams’ top-secret Spielberg homage wasn’t the toughest ticket to find. There was another mysterious film that moviegoers really want to piece together, and the lucky ones were willing to stand in lines that wrapped around city blocks to see Terrence Malick’s beautiful and symbolic Tree of Life. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp can dance with ladies, bears, and hats. Is he our Fred Astaire?

I’m a sucker for the parlor game of pairing today’s biggest movie actors with a comparable star from another age: Tom Hanks is Jimmy Stewart, George Clooney is Cary Grant, you get the idea. But I’ve always stumbled over Johnny Depp. Errol Flynn? Clark Gable? Depp’s career is so unusual, so unpredictable, that’s it’s difficult to find another who’s walked a similar path. But in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides‘ director Rob Marshall said he sees someone else in his Capt. Jack Sparrow: Fred Astaire.  READ FULL STORY

Roberto Benigni and Woody Allen to pair-up in Rome? Where ya been, Roberto?

The last time I saw Roberto Benigni, he said he wanted to make love to me. To be fair, he wanted to make love to everybody watching the 1999 Academy Awards after he’d won his second Oscar of the night for Life is Beautiful. But since that night, when the Italian Chaplin was officially crowned by Hollywood, his profile has retreated. His directorial follow-up, 2002′s Pinocchio, was an expensive flop that bombed completely on this side of the Atlantic. He appeared briefly in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes in 2003, and he hasn’t starred in any film since 2005′s Iraq War film, The Tiger and The Snow. For the most part, the only thing Americans recall about him now is his Oscar-winning antics, when he made his offer of amore and celebrated his victory by dancing on the seats and shoulders of the people seated in front of him. READ FULL STORY

Quick! Who is this couple kissing by the water lilies?

Midnight-in-ParisImage Credit: Roger Arpajou

When asked to identify the embracing couple in this shot — from Woody Allen’s upcoming film Midnight in Paris, which has just been announced as the opening night film of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival (running May 11-22) — a quick, unscientific survey of the EW staff reveals that pretty much everyone can identify the man on the left as…  READ FULL STORY

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