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Is the 'Call Me Maybe'/Nine Inch Nails mashup as good as these classics?

The greatest mashup artists don’t just find two songs with similar-sounding titles, smoosh, them together, and call it a day — they make ingenious connections between two or more tunes that seem as though they’d have nothing in common, combining them in a way that’s both totally surprising and perfectly coherent.

Take, for example, pomDeterrific’s “Call Me a Hole,” a crazy/good/crazy good mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and NIN’s “Head Like a Hole.” There may be only one thing on which both fresh-faced teens and NIN fans can agree: This song is awesome.


This is crazy: 'Jeopardy!' goes all out with 'Call Me Maybe'-themed clues

Well, that’s one way to make contestants in the Teen Tournament feel welcome.

These are the clue categories Jeopardy! gave its high school-aged competitors during the first round of a game earlier this week. And this is how stately, dignified Alex Trebek sounded when reading those category names aloud:


YouTube reveals top 10 viral clips of 2012 -- VIDEO

The main takeaway from this list of 2012’s most viral YouTube clips? The days of “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “David After Dentist” are over.

Only one of these 10 videos — “Facebook Parenting” — was made by an average Joe; the other nine were all professionally produced. “There are more and more people who know how to build an audience, how to use YouTube,” YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca explained to the Wall Street Journal. “There are companies who spend millions and millions of dollars trying to do create these videos.”

So yeah, that’s kind of horribly depressing. But watching these videos might cheer you up — even if many of the entries won’t surprise you at all. (Spoiler alert: Yes, Virginia, “Gangnam Style” made No. 1.)


Another 'Call Me Maybe' video, Chatroulette-style

Just when you were thinking that the world was missing a “Call Me Maybe” video featuring a hairy dude in a bikini, Steve Kardynal comes to the rescue. The self-described “YouTuber” created a new version utilizing Chatroulette, several brightly colored two-pieces, and a little bit of lipstick. Watch the video below.


Now there's a 'Call Me Lochte' video out there

Oh, what hath the Olympics wrought?

First there was the U.S. swimming team’s parody video of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” which we thought might be the only one we’d come across during the Games. But we were fools for thinking that — fools

It only took a couple days, but there’s already a Carly Rae parody video named “Call Me Lochte” that’s popping up all over the place. The gag, produced by the folks at the NOC, re-imagines the Ryan Lochte-Michael Phelps rivalry like so:

“Hey, I’m not Michael, don’t eat at Subway/But this is my year, so call me Lochte/It’s hard to swim right, by Phelps baby/But this is my year, so call me Lochte.”

And so forth! Check it out in the video below:


Last call for 'Call Me Maybe'? -- VIDEO

The end of “Call Me Maybe” fever is near.

The song of summer — and the meme that threatened to take over the Internet — seems finally to be winding down. This video combines all the major “Call Me Maybe” lip-syncs into 2:20 of viral perfection. The Harvard baseball team, President Obama, Cookie Monster, and even Carly Rae Jepsen herself all make appearances.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Cookie Monster's 'Call Me Maybe' spoof -- VIDEO

C is for cookie “Call Me Maybe”?

This post really only needs one sentence: Cookie Monster sings a brand-new song “Share It Maybe” to the tune of (as if I had to explain!) “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. The chorus? Lyrics such as “Me just met you, and this is crazy/ But you got cookie, so share it maybe?”

Watch the video below:


Shirtless guys? Corgis? Watch new 'Call Me Maybe' videos! -- WATCH

“Call Me Maybe” is the gift that keeps on giving. As if it wasn’t enough that the unofficial music video featured Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale, there are versions from Katy Perry, Harvard’s baseball team, Donald Trump, and even the leader of the free world.

Today brings the total up two more. We have (shirtless!) Abercrombie & Fitch models dancing all over the world, and, well, a sign that the end of this trend is most definitely near: Corgis. Check out their versions — as well as a round-up of some more of our favorites — after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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