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'Homeland' poll: What was your favorite twist from season 1?

Here at EW, we’re big fans of Homeland, the Showtime thriller starring Claire Danes as a bipolar CIA agent and Damien Lewis as a returning POW who might be a terrorist double agent. Our TV critic Ken Tucker put the show in his top five of 2011, and we’ve still barely recovered from the senses-shattering finale. If you didn’t catch the show last fall, then this weekend might be a good time to dive in: As part of a “Best in Show” outreach program, Showtime will be available free to DirecTV and Time Warner Cable subscribers in New York and LA, complete with marathons of all Showtime series (including Homeland.)

In the meantime, for Homeland fans, we thought it would be fun to ponder a deeper question: Looking back over the ever-curving plot of the first season, which plot twist was the biggest, the most unexpected, the outright twistiest? Vote in our poll below. And remember: Trust no one except for the person who supplies you with anti-psychotic medication. READ FULL STORY

Netflix seeks cable partnership, wants to be the next HBO


Remember when Netflix was the future of the entire media industry? First it created a DVD-by-mail service that made the entire Blockbuster era look like a bad joke. (Remember late fees? Remember the horrible selection, with nothing before 1983?) People nostalgic for Blockbuster are like aging Russian widows who lay flowers at Stalin’s grave. Then Netflix accelerated us into the era of streaming video, creating a massive archive of instantly accessible movies and TV shows. Last May, a study found that Netflix accounted for a fifth of all the internet traffic in North America. READ FULL STORY

DirecTV commercial: Cable is a gateway drug to Charlie Sheen

The distance between your current mental well-being and that of post-Two and Half Men meltdown Charlie Sheen is (hopefully) vast. But it’s a slippery slope, TV watchers. At least that’s the idea behind DirecTV’s new commercial starring the rebounding Anger Management star: Cable TV recording frustrations can send the most reasonable person into a tailspin that leads from the sofa to the bar to a Turkish bath to Platoon reenactments. The horror… the horror. Watch below. READ FULL STORY

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