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'The Hunger Games' full-length trailer to debut on Monday: What do you hope to see?

This upcoming Monday, the first full-length trailer for The Hunger Games will debut during the Good Morning America broadcast. May the odds be ever in your favor that you’ll get a glimpse of what you’re dying to see, because, let’s face it, there’s plenty.

Since this summer’s teaser trailer (all one second of it) left much to the imagination, there’s a veritable check list of things fans can hope to see come Monday morning. Will the Hunger Games trailer follow in the footsteps of the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘s first (official) intoxicating trailer and go with quick snippets? I’m envisioning Katniss running while we get fast-paced glimpses at the selection, the ceremonies, or the harrowing, pulse-pounding action of the Games themselves. Now imagine them all set to Rue’s lullaby or “The Hanging Tree”? (Insert goosebumps here.) READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time': Ask us your burning questions about Snow White, Regina, and the rest

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself increasingly obsessed with the mythology behind Once Upon A Time, and from the looks of things, you probably have too. The show was No. 1 with EW.com readers last week, and 11.4 million viewers tuned in last Sunday to watch Mary Margaret (known in Fairy Tale land as Snow White) search for the John Doe that was actually her Prince Charming in disguise. But here’s the thing, viewers — each episode has left us with some seriously burning questions, and EW wants to do our best to get them answered. READ FULL STORY

Would you want to see Jessica Chastain -- or anyone, for that matter -- play Princess Diana in a movie?

If there’s any actress in Hollywood right now who knows a thing or two about being ubiquitous, it’s Jessica Chastain. So perhaps, in some way, it would be appropriate if, according to this report, The Help/Tree of Life/Take Shelter/The Debt star were to play the late Princess Diana, a constant figure of public fascination, on screen.

According to the IndieWire.com story, Chastain has been cast to play Lady Di in an upcoming biopic called Caught in Flight, which would be directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall) and written by Stephen Jeffreys (The Libertine.) The project is said to chronicle a little-known chapter of the Princess of Wales’ life, her relationship with heart surgeon, Dr. Hasnat Kahn, and is being heralded as a “love story between a princess locked in a tower and an ordinary man.” READ FULL STORY

Taylor Lautner signs up for Gus Van Sant flick: Could indie be the way to go for him?

Taylor Lautner was cemented – quite literally — as a bona fide Hollywood star today. But when people look down at his hand print at Grauman’s, will it say “Taylor Lautner,” but forever read “Jacob From Twilight. You Know, The Kid With The Crazy Abs“?

While his turn in the recent double identity action caper — and box office flop — Abduction might suggest just that, it’s unfair to count Lautner out as a one-trick werewolf pony yet. While Lautner will be heading into familiar territory with the big screen adaptation of the YA novel Incarceron, as we EW reported last night, he’ll enter the next phase of his career by working with indie darling director Gus Van Sant. (Hey, he helped start Matt Damon’s career! And Smith Jerrod’s!)

So can you envision him as a dramatic actor in an indie? READ FULL STORY

Poll: Will you watch Charlie Sheen's new sitcom 'Anger Management'?

Yesterday EW.com asked why FX would take such a big gamble on Charlie Sheen and potentially order 100 episodes (!) of his new sitcom Anger Management? While there’s no cut-and-dry answer, there is the theory that the network could turn a big risk into an even bigger success. After all, Sheen, for all his troubles, is a ratings machine (Two and a Half Men, his Comedy Central Roast) who still gets attention for his personal life.

There’s still some other looming questions for FX, though. Has Sheen changed for good? READ FULL STORY

'Like Crazy' opens in limited release this weekend. Does it chronicle the best hipster romance?

I know, I know, calling someone or something “hipster” is as vague as the elusive “manic pixie dream girl” herself. No one who is a hipster would ever actually admit to being a hipster (though, for the record, all of these folks qualify), and most hipster things have gone so mainstream (Arcade Fire, for one) they have all but lost their hipster cred.

But the big question here today, PopWatchers: Does a movie like the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, with its hipster elements, fall under the same hipster movie umbrella (organically made, of course) as bona fide hipster flicks like Garden State?

I ask this because Like Crazy, the heart breaker of an indie that won over audiences at Sundance earlier this year, gets released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles this weekend. Fight me all you like on this one, but there’s no question this is a hipster flick. READ FULL STORY

'Gold Rush: Alaska' returns on Friday: Do you dig the Discovery series?

Todd Hoffman (pictured) and the group of miners of Sandy, Oregon, will still be searching for gold during the second season of their wildly popular reality series Gold Rush: Alaska, but the show has already brought that to their home network Discovery. The first season alone drew an average of 3 million viewers and clearly struck a nerve with audiences. READ FULL STORY

How will -- or should -- 'Saturday Night Live' handle Muammar Gaddafi's reported death?

The life and reign of Muammar Gaddafi was no laughing matter, but the Libyan dictator — who died on Thursday when, according to CNN.com, he was “killed by revolutionary forces who were finally able to overrun his hometown” — was often used as comedic fodder.

In fact, a handful of celebrity reactions today on Twitter about the news were jokes. Just see posts from Joel McHale (“Gadhafi caught! Is there nothing Boba Fett can’t do!”) and Michael Ian Black, who wrote “S—: now everybody is going to do my “Zombie Gaddafi” idea for Halloween.” (Colin Quinn opted to rile up his followers by tweeting, “Another great innovator who started in the 80’s and regained popularity recently has died. Say hello to Mr. Jobs, Mr. Khaddafi.”)

But perhaps there’s no one more adept at poking fun at Gaddafi than Fred Armisen, who has spent years imitating him on Saturday Night Live. The SNL vet’s cartoonish version of Gaddafi has become so popular on the sketch comedy show, it’s hard to remember a two-week span in which he didn’t make an appearance. (Interestingly enough, during the Oct. 1 episode, Armisen opted not to play Gaddafi for a Weekend Update sketch, rather a friend of the dictator who talked about him behind his back.) Watch a clip of Armisen as Gaddafi below: READ FULL STORY

Ashton Kutcher's strange recent tweets: What does it all mean?!

When talk of a possible Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore split sparked a few weeks ago, the couple’s silent Twitter accounts only fueled the rumor mill flame.

Since then, people have been buzzing about what they are posting on the social networking site. And since neither party has tweeted anything along the lines of, say, “It’s over! I’m free! So long, famous significant other!”, followers have been chomping at the bit to find anything that resembles a clue about the status of their relationship. Because, what else is there to do? Get a hobby? Psh. READ FULL STORY

'Snow White': So far, which of the two upcoming movies looks the fairest of them all?

Snow White: The classic fairytale so nice, Hollywood made it twice. It’s true: In 2012 moviegoers will have not one, but two re-imaginings of the timeless tale to choose from and already, some strong opinions about Tarsem Singh’s yet-to-be-titled version (starring, among others, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Julia Roberts, Sean Bean, and Nathan Lane) and Rupert Sanders’  Snow White and the Huntsman (with Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, and Ian McShane) are being formed. Over the summer, we got our first glimpse of Snow White and the Huntsman at Comic-Con and comments from EW.com readers ranged from “This looks fantastic!” to “Looks like a Tim Burton rip-off.” But now that we’ve seen what the other Snow White film looks like, it’s time to decide once and for all, which looks the fairest of them all? READ FULL STORY

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