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'Top Chef' alum Bryan Voltaggio giving away free pizza during government shutdown ... except to Congress

Sure, the government shutdown is providing plenty of ace material for the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts of the world. For thousands of frustrated, furloughed government employees across the country, though, it’s not exactly a laughing matter.

Enter Top Chef (and Top Chef Masters) runner-up Bryan Voltaggio, a D.C.-area fixture with four local restaurants to his name. The chef announced today via Twitter that all day long, his Friendship Heights restaurant Range will be giving away free “Government Cheese pizza” — that’s margherita, to those with no imagination — to all government employees with valid ID.

Wait a sec — did I say all government employees? Because there’s one category that Voltaggio deemed ineligible for his generous giveaway:

'Top Chef Masters' react: Fly high and don't forget the oysters!

Dreamy Aussie chef Curtis Stone is back hosting the new season of Top Chef Masters, which premiered Wednesday night on Bravo, as the bravest among the new recruits went skydiving. Who knew Top Chef was also a daredevil adventure competition?

Heavy on the Los Angeles chefs this time around, including Sang Yoon of favorite Santa Monica burger joint Father’s Office and Neal Fraser of BLD, the crew also includes Top Chef season 6 runner-up Bryan Voltaggio (he’s the slightly less tattooed of the look-alike brothers) and 11 others from around the country, all competing for charity. In a new twist a la Bravo’s successful online show Last Chance Kitchen, chef and regular Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson is hosting an online series called Battle of the Sous Chefs, where each master chef’s sous chef is competing at the same time as their, uh, master, on BravoTV.com and can win immunity for the master chef or be kicked off the show.

Read on for more about the episode – SPOILERS ABOUND!

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