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So you've been fired from 'SNL': Here's what to do next

Brooks Wheelan, we hardly knew ye… and now we may never get the chance to. The blue-eyed comedian revealed Monday night that he won’t be returning for a second year at Saturday Night Live this fall—and that the decision wasn’t his to make. In a fairly delightful tweet, Wheelan said that he’d been let go. (His exact words: “Fired from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” Which is funny enough to make me wish things hadn’t ended this way.)

Clearly, getting canned from television’s most august comedy institution must be a bit of a bummer. But at least there’s a silver lining: Plenty of former SNL cast members have found major success after undistinguished tenures on the series that ended with pink slips. So Brooks, if you’re listening, buck up: Follow one of these post-Saturday Night blueprints, and you’ll be just fine.


Spend a year with 'SNL' rookie Brooks Wheelan (in less than 10 minutes) -- VIDEO


Back in September, Brooks Wheelan was announced as one of the six new cast members who would be joining Saturday Night Live for its 39th season. But for months before that, Wheelan was already in the middle of creating a “second a day” video for 2013.

The Iowa native was living as a stand-up comic in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, surfing and skateboarding included. Wheelan chronicled his travels across the country performing before moving to New York at the end of August, providing a fun and unique perspective behind the scenes with his fellow cast members at SNL.

Check out a year in his life below: READ FULL STORY

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