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'Friends With Better Lives': A first assessment, plus burning questions

Clearly, CBS hopes its newest “group of pals” sitcom may be able to fill the How I Met Your Mother-shaped hole in your heart. Why else would the network premiere Friends With Better Lives at 9 p.m. Monday night — right after HIMYM wraps up its final season, when all its loyal fans are at their most vulnerable?

But if HIMYM was, at heart, a Ted Mosby — kind, good-hearted, a soul-mate sort of show; hold on, I’ve got something in my eye — FWBL is more of an early-period Barney Stinson. By that, I mean it’s crass, boorish, and, at least as of now, not exactly the kind of series you’d want to spend more than a few nights with. READ FULL STORY

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