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Will you be reading Lynne Spears' memoir?

Storm_lDid any of you happen to care see that the cover of Lynne Spears’ memoir was "revealed" on Monday (the book is due out Sept. 16)? The title — Through The Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World — suggests that the Spears matriarch is divulging just about everything that has gone on in her life since Brit Brit first stepped onto the Mickey Mouse Club stage.

But I just find that hard to believe, which is only furthering my intrigue with this so called tell-all. I mean, is she really going to tell us what she thought when Britney shaved her head? Or when Jamie Lynn announced she was preggers? What about when she first met K. Fed? Or if she ever knew about Britney being put on "suicide watch" by many of the gossip bloggers out there?

(Full disclosure: I’m in the middle of reading Tori Spelling’s book Stori Telling at the moment, so if you’re wondering where my desire for more scandal! more juice! and more truth! is coming from, now you know. And on that note: I recommend Donna Martin’s book to all; it’s great!)

What about you, Pop Watchers: Will you pick up Mama Spears’ book when it debuts next month? Or do you think it’s just another desperate attempt for publicity?

It's Brand, b---!

The promos for Sept. 7’s MTV Video Music Awards, featuring host Russell Brand and a healthy (dare we say happy?) Britney Spears are a hit. Are you ready for Britney’s return?

Prized pop-culture possessions: Part II (The ones you forget you owned)

Diamond_lLast week we shared our prized pop-culture possessions. This week, let’s share the once-prized possessions that we forgot we owned.

Yesterday, when I was unpacking a box in my apartment (note: I’ve been there two years), I discovered:

1) A photo of myself wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt. I’m guessing I bought it when I saw her in Vegas in Nov. 2001. (Escapism, anyone?) Apparently, I wore it to a friend’s bowling birthday party, under a hoodie that I unzipped just enough to show Britney’s face peaking out.

2) A "Thanks for last night!" autograph from Tom Cavanaugh. Now I remember why I love him: I’d gone to an Ed panel at the Museum of Television and Radio in April 2001, and asked him to sign the program sheet. He signed "Thanks for last night! Lorenzo Lamas." Funny.

3) A Diamond Girl mug. Technically, this wasn’t in the box so much as it was in my sink. But that shows you how often I do dishes. Every time I find the mug — bought at a Neil Diamond (pictured) concert in 2001 — I’m reminded of that Ani DiFranco song "Little Plastic Castle": "They say goldfish have no memory/ I guess their lives are much like mine/ And the little plastic castle is a surprise every time."

Your turn.

Let's brainstorm scenarios for Britney and Madonna's latest venture!

Britneyspearsmadonna_lBritney Spears and Madonna are working together again! The 26-year-old pop star and sad driver of toy cars will shoot a video that will run on multiple 1,000-foot screens at Madge’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour. "Who cares?" you might think, but then again, if you start dreaming up possible video scenarios instead of doing your job, this news can actually be pretty fulfilling. (Especially when doing this IS your job.)

Right now I’m picturing Britney loungin’ on a plush cigarette-shaped sofa, casually popping cheese puffs into her mouth one by one while barely watching the only copy of Britney and Kevin: Chaotic ever purchased on DVD. (Side note: That horror show inspired one of EW.com’s all-time great TV Watches. Read it here.) The song is "Justify My Love (Of Chemical Additives Remix)," which will bleed seamlessly into "Candy Shop" right after Madonna bounds into the room doing a series of Tae-Bo kicks, then swings Britney around by her hair extensions for having such unhealthy eating habits. They’ll kick and scream, make up, exchange friendship bracelets composed of red string, then make out, because they realized they should never have been fighting, considering their mutual love of candy.

But I’m sure your scenario is more delicious…have at it!

We Love/Hate/Are Hopeful About 'The New Millennium'

Richardshatch_lAfter VH1 decided to debut its inappropriate, way too soon, but already completely addictive I Love the New Millennium, we decided to take it to the blog by way of good ol’ AIM. You can call this just another posting of a friendly conversation, OR the first installment of Live from Our Adjacent Cubicles: The Amy & Lisa Show (cue music!). Either way, here’s what we think about Hal Sparks and friends’ newest marathon-ready look at a decade — er, the last eight years…

Amy Wilkinson: ugh, soI caught I Love the New Millennium Monday night
Amy: I’m not lovin’ I Love the New Millennium so far
Lisa Raphael: I missed it!Even though those Britney ads are all over the place — which, by the way, make mewant to call up a séance for her career
Amy: I don’t understand whyyou’re still rooting for her ??
Lisa: WELL, speaking of —the year 2000? Britney Spears VMAS
Lisa: doesn’t get any better than that
Amy: OK, they did show her"Oops…" red jumpsuit moment again
Amy: Which I put in the pluscolumn in my notes
Amy: Really the highlight of2000 was TiVo
Lisa: okay, I can dig it,DVR has transformed my life
Amy: What would I do if Icouldn’t record The Golden Girls?
Lisa: Um, watch all therepeats that are on all the time…
Lisa: (do you really record The Golden Girls?)
Amy: But now I can watch therepeats at my leisure
Lisa: So what were the pros?According to Amy…
Amy: Well, besides TiVo andyour fallen Britney, CSI premiered, which I dig
Amy: But that’s about it
Lisa: Over it
Amy: For the most part, totalcultural wasteland
Amy: You can NOT be over CSI
Amy: It’s so good
Amy: "Who are you…doo doo…doo doo"
Amy: love the theme song
Amy: by the Who
Lisa: No idea
Lisa: ooooh. Maybe a little
Amy: what??!
Amy: Lisa, seriously?
Amy: I’m worried about you?
Lisa: Scroll up, gurl! I waslearning the dance moves to Britney Spears in 2000
Lisa: I wasn’t even a fan of Justin Timberlake yet
Amy: dance moves? you meanyou became a child stripper?
Amy: you were what, like 14?
Lisa: I was a huge Napsterfan!
Lisa: That should be one of your pros!
Amy: Oh, I’m too much of agoody-two-shoes for Napster! Totes!
Amy: I buy my tunes legally
Lisa: Could you even buymusic legally back then?
Amy: yeah, I don’t think so
Lisa: I STILL have songsthat have survived and are on my iPod today from the Napster days
Amy: oh gosh!
Lisa: (I always know becausethey have DJ Clue yelling on them)
Amy: you shouldn’t say thatin a public forum
Amy: you might have the FCC after you
Lisa: oh yeah…
Amy: you were just kidding,right?
Lisa: Just putting on a showfor the cameras, you know!

addCredit(“Richard Hatch: Robert Voets/Landov”)


Am I the only one who misinterpreted this headline?

PeopleheadlineI’m sure, like all newborns, little Maddie Briann is adorable, but a full head of daddy’s digits sounds ever so slightly macabre, no? (I will spare you the obvious "toehead" joke and end this ill-advised blog item right here, right now.)

Leaked: EW interoffice email!

From: Fonseca, Nicholas – Entertainment Weekly
Sent: Thu 6/19/2008 10:14 AM
Subject: Mama caught by the paps

I know I’m pretty much the only person at EW who likes Mama’s Family(and none of you have ever let me forget it), but this skit airedduring the TV Land Awards on Sunday night and I thought it was prettyinspired:

EW senior editor Nicholas Fonseca is currently on vacation. A source close to him* says he watched this with his best friend Matt at their inn in Provincetown, Mass., and laughed so hard they couldn’t breathe.An unnamed source at EW** tells PopWatch that she knows for a fact that Fonseca is not the only Mama’s Family fan at the magazine, though she admits their numbers are few.

* him
** me

Miss USA 2008: Presented by Maxim?

Friday night, while my sister was in town for a "Being Fearless" conference and listening to Mia Farrow speak about Darfur, I was lounging in her hotel room and watching the Miss USA pageant for the first time in at least a decade. Before you say, "I know who got the brains in that family," you should be aware that my sister asked me to watch it, and that she was thrilled that she made it back to the room in time for the Final Question.

This year’s pageant, hosted by Donny and Marie Osmond on NBC, was in Vegas, which I’m assuming is why the 51 contestants started the show in skimpy, sequined cocktail dresses. Here, you can really appreciate the detailing on the bodices of their garments in this video of the Top 15. (Would it have killed them to pan up to their faces?) The swimsuit competition was full of amazing little moments as the contestants, clothed in faux fur wraps, black bikinis, and stilettos, worked the stage to a 10-minute live version of Finger Eleven’s "Paralyzer." (My favorite moment being at 9:40, when a cameraman shot through a contestant’s legs to capture one of the band members.) Next, came the "evening gown parade" to Rihanna’s "Umbrella." I’m still trying to figure out why Miss Missouri thought it was a good idea to show her thong, and why Miss Oklahoma’s cutout dress earned her a 9.318. Of course, only the Top 5 actually got to speak. I was disappointed that judge Rob Schneider‘s name wasn’t one of the five drawn for the Final Question (embedded below). But at least we got Project Runway winner Christian Siriano! He asked Miss Oklahoma which famous person she’d like to help better herself. Naturally, she chose Britney Spears, which wouldn’t have been a bad answer had she said that it was for the sake of Spears’ kids and of the children who still look up to her. (Instead, it was so Spears could "go on to the next deal.") I believe Heather Mills deserves full credit for dashing Miss Pennsylvania’s hopes: Mills asked her if it’s a good thing that cosmetics companies are marketing beauty products to girls in elementary school. Pennsylvania’s answer: It depends on the product.

Here’s my question: Is the Miss USA pageant always this ridiculous*, ordid I happen to catch a particularly noteworthy year?

*Yes, I’m just jealous of their bodies. You’re absolutely right.

First look: Britney on 'How I Met Your Mother'

Stop the e-presses: We won’t get to see Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother for a few more days, but the first clips of her vaunted TV cameo are out — and they’re not bad! What we’ve got here are two scenes featuring HIMYM‘s Ted (Josh Radnor) and his dermatologist’s receptionist (Britney), as promised. She bats her eyelashes… she compares Ted to "a young Tom Selleck, only a million times handsomer"… and that’s about it. Both clips are super-short, but Brit shows off some definite comic chops in each. Is she awkwardly rushing through her lines because she’s nervous on the set? Nah, she’s just in character as that smitten receptionist!

Admittedly, I say all this as someone who’s stubbornly rooting for Britney to make a triumphant return to creative work — I still maintain that Blackout was an unironically excellent dance-pop album — but even I wasn’t sure ’til now that she’d be able to make it through this much screen time. Now I just might have to tune in to CBS on Monday at 8:30 to see if she gets any more scenes. (Could Britney turn out to be Ted’s kids’ mom?!?!) Who’s watching with me?

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