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Britney Spears turns 30 today, a milestone birthday for a star who's had plenty of milestones

It’s a little hard to comprehend that Britney Spears is 30 years old today, isn’t it? Not just in the sense that, if Spears is getting older then that also means that the TRL-voting generation that grew up with her is as well, but the realization that she’s only 30 years old. That’s no slight at the pop superstar, who looks better than ever, nor is it disregarding that this is a milestone birthday for her. It’s just that at only 30, this is someone who’s already lived what seems like five lifetimes.

For better or worse, Spears became the unofficial poster girl for just how turbulent one’s 20s can be. By 25 alone, an age when most people are still steeped in college loans, starting a first job, or living an apartment with roughly six other city-dwelling hopefuls, she’d already been married (twice), had two kids with Kevin Federline, found Kabbalah, and remained one of the biggest musical acts in the world. You can say a lot about Spears, but to ever imply that her 20s were uneventful is absolutely not one of them.

In fact, here’s just some of the things Britney Spears went through in her 20s, in no particular order, from the highs to the lows and everything in between: READ FULL STORY

Make 'em laugh: Our favorite celebrity crack-ups

In honor of EW’s Comedy issue (on newsstands now), we’ve put together a compilation of our favorite celebrity crack-ups. From Ryan Gosling’s giggle to Britney Spears’ snort, Natalie Portman’s adorkable Golden Globes guffaw, “serious newsman” Anderson Cooper’s show-stopping hysterics, and everything in between, we’ve hand-picked stars’ best funny haha moments. Check out the unexpected — and infectious — video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Pop-Up Video' is back! Do people still care about the words in the bubbles?

Those of you who thought you’d been Terra Nova’d back to the ’90s when you saw both Clarissa Explains It All and Pop-Up Video on your programming guide last night, know this: Pop-Up Video is back with brand new episodes. After a nearly decade-long hiatus, the VH1 show that paired popular music videos with bubbles of trivia about their artists returned yesterday with 10 years’ worth of pop culture to catch up on. READ FULL STORY

Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera: Who's the greater turn-of-the-millennium pop diva?

Britney or Christina? It’s a question that philosophers have been contemplating since approximately 5 A.D. (after Disney). One’s the ultimate American girl, the other’s multi-lingual and multi-talented. One’s got enormous popularity; the other’s got an enormous voice. One’s a blonde ex-Mouseketeer who was romantically linked to Fred Durst, the other’s… a blonde ex-Mouseketeer who was romantically linked to Fred Durst. How to choose? It was a tough debate for Leah Greenblatt and me. Check out our arguments below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

(This is part of an ongoing series of posts in which EW writers debate the most defining pop culture rivalries. Past subjects have included Schwarzenegger/Stallone, Godfather/Goodfellas, and the neverending boy-band battle between ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Come back here on Thursday for a duel over the relative greatness of Movies and Videogames, and then spin back here in one week for a cage match between The Simpsons and South Park to decide the great American animated comedy.) READ FULL STORY

Marines make dance video for Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me': Watch!

Somewhere deep in the heart of Afghanistan, there are U.S. Marines upholding our freedom to listen to Britney Spears whenever and wherever we want to. And considering this is the best thing we’ve seen all day, we thank them. Watch the video below. You won’t think it could get any better than the two guys at 1:15, pictured, but then you hit the dance break at 2:25, and the guy with handmade fringe T-shirt sleeves at 3:01, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger poster in the background at 3:32. There is a definite step up in production value from the previous morale booster, Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.”  (Via BestWeekEver/ONTDREAD FULL STORY

'Glee': Which Britney songs should have been covered?

Britney-Spears-CrazyFrom the bottom of my broken heart, PopWatchers, I’m a little disappointed with some of Glee‘s song choices for the long-awaited Britney Spears-themed episode last night. That’s not to say I didn’t run to iTunes and download the entire slate of songs, but, in my head, I imagined the songs playing out a differently on screen. As fun as the Britney video re-creations were, I’d hoped for more creativity in the song presentation.

The exception to my gripe was Artie’s football-themed rendition of “Stronger.” They worked the song into his storyline, put a nice little spin on the song itself by having it sung by the guys, and even busted out the dancing football players. I love the dancing football players.

One Glee-ized Britney video would have been fine, but I wanted (pun alert!) “Stronger” performances. If I wanted to watch Britney’s music videos, I would.

So, put me under anesthesia, these are the songs/performances/scenarios I’d hoped for: READ FULL STORY

'Glee' showdown: Britney vs. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga

brittnay-as-britneyImage Credit: Adam Rose/FoxLast night’s Glee rocked some dead-on Britney Spears recreations, but it wasn’t the slam-dunk I had hoped it would be. Part of me didn’t buy New Directions’ devotion to Spears — aren’t they a liiiitle young for her? “Baby One More Time” would have come out when they were in first grade or so — but mostly, the numbers just didn’t advance, explore, or heighten the storylines.

It didn’t hit like the Madonna episode, which brilliantly wove the songs into the narrative; the “Like a Virgin” number alone would put that episode at the top of my “most awesome” list. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' countdown: It's Britney, bitch

Glee-Ep202Image Credit: Adam Rose/FoxTonight’s episode of Glee has a lot to live up to, after last season’s Madge-ical “The Power of Madonna,” which set the standard for theme episodes. However, I’m fully confident that tonight’s “Britney/Brittany” will be equally, if not more, enjoyable thanks to the show’s secret ingredient: Heather Morris. Tonight we’ll be getting more time with our favorite cheerleader Brittany as she tackles some of the Princess of Pop’s most iconic songs, so, of course, hilarity — and some fierce dance moves — will ensue.

But wait, there’s more! John Stamos drops by as Dr. Carl, a dentist dating Emma, who will become a rival to Will, either in music or hygiene. Are you keeping your fingers crossed that Uncle Jesse will sing tonight?

What are you most excited for, PopWatchers? Are you hoping for more from Kurt and Mercedes this week? After you’ve watched the episode, head back here for your snap judgments on everything from songs to styles to Sue-isms. Then, be sure to check out Tim Stack’s full recap at midnight. (UPDATE: Click here for the full recap of Glee‘s “Britney/Brittany” episode.)

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'Glee' Britney Spears sneak peek: Brittany and Santana want to get their anesthesia on

Tuesday’s episode of Glee features the music of one of pop’s biggest idols, performed by one of the show’s biggest idiots…I mean beloved characters, cheerleader Brittany. We’ve heard some of the Britney Spears songs that will be featured in “Britney/Brittany,” and now we get to see one of the infamous looks. Check out Glee‘s Brittany channeling the Britney from her “I’m a Slave for You” era:

Glee-Ep202Image Credit: Adam Rose/Fox READ FULL STORY

'Glee': Britney Spears jazzed to find out dolphins are just gay sharks

“All my GLEEKERS in the crowd, Grab a partner take it down.” –@britneyspears

Now that this Brit-on-Brit shot (Heather Morris vs. Britney Spears…”Glee Against The Music”?) is circling the Twitpic Ocean like a hungry gay shark, we are about a billion times more excited for Glee‘s Britney episode. Even though we can’t count.

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