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There Should Be a Sequel: Britney Spears' 'Crossroads'

Every week, EW will imagine a sequel to a movie that we wish would happen — no matter how unlikely the idea really is.

Before I begin, I want to really emphasize the last eight words of the “There Should Be a Sequel” rubric: no matter how unlikely the idea really is. The possibility of a Crossroads sequel is a sky-high impossibility. Released in February 2002, the film was essentially a feature-length advertisement for Britney Spears at what was — in cruel hindsight — the peak of her golden age. (She broke up with Justin Timberlake that summer; her next album, In the Zone, ushered in the the new era of Weird Britney; by mid-2004, she was twice-married.)

The film is a Spears nice-girl hagiography that was already unbelievable in 2002. Eleven years later, Spears is simultaneously incredibly successful and a non-entity, her post-meltdown persona hyper-controlled and well-manicured. Spears’ one venture into public was a stint as an X Factor host, which was notable mainly for how un-notable it was. It’s hard to imagine her starring in a movie. Hell, the whole paradigm of pop stars starring in movies seems old-fashioned in our media era. Also, by almost every scientific metric available to our species, we can agree that Crossroads was pretty terrible.

Britney Spears defends Miley Cyrus on 'GMA', plus 4 other things we learned -- VIDEO

Britney Spears gave America a piece of her this morning…and it was awesome.

Spears stopped by Good Morning America to announce a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, but that wasn’t all viewers learned during her quick sit down with Sam Champion. Spears, who rarely does interviews, was her goofy self, a happy sight for fans. She even participated in a lightning round of questions about her famous past. What did viewers learn? Read on for her thoughts on Miley Cyrus (Spears will guest on her upcoming album), the “Oops…I Did it Again” dance, and even a little bit of intel about one Mr. Justin Timberlake. READ FULL STORY

Twister (board game, not 'nado): A pop culture timeline

Charles Foley, inventor of the board game Twister, died yesterday at 82. May he rest in peace in whichever socially awkward color-coded contortion was his favorite.

I always thought Twister was the greatest board game ever invented — in theory, anyway. In execution, I think I was playing it wrong. I have distinct memories of ending up with my face smushed onto my uncle’s stomach and my other little cousins’ bare toes (THEY were doing it wrong) wriggling under my butt as I tried not to fall. I almost always surrendered out of embarrassment. What I really needed to do was grow up, work out, and play with sexy peers so my strategy could become less “Avoid the body hair of relatives” and more “Whoops! I fell down and touched your whole body.” I can still do it! Twister is timeless and shall never be forgotten.

Below, a brief timeline of the button-candy board game in pop culture:

Should Britney Spears leave 'The X Factor'?

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 12.45.46 PM

Rumors have it that Britney Spears — along with Demi Lovato — will be asked to step down from her X Factor judging seat by next fall’s season 3. But it’s all just anonymous-source gossip for now — as a Fox spokesperson told EW, “No one has discussed next years judging panel yet; any reports otherwise are complete speculation.”

I don’t think Britney Spears is the only reason The X Factor has no soul. I think that’s primarily Simon Cowell’s fault for being so embarrassed about his own failure that he can’t bring himself to care, thus setting an example for the rest of the Table of Privilege. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' finale: Does anyone even care?

The judges certainly don’t! Their collective uttah indifference throughout season 2 — save for the occasional scripted standing O, shown above — has made it damn near impossible for me to feel that strongly about which of three talented but not awe-inspiring contestants should win. I tried to give The X Factor the benefit of the doubt this season. But if the judges can’t even remember these people’s names, why should viewers? READ FULL STORY

Britney Spears tops Forbes' list of highest earning female musicians

Fox's "The X-Factor" Finalists Party - ArrivalsAfter a few missteps, Britney Spears is officially back in the running for the title of queen of pop. The songstress is this year’s highest-earning woman in the music industry, according to Forbes.

The pop star earned $58 million between May 2011 and May 2012, thanks to her Femme Fatale platinum album and tour, as well as side endorsements and a fragrance line. READ FULL STORY

Happy birthday, Britney: 3+1 of our favorite music videos

It’s Britney’s birthday, y’all. The pop songstress turned reality television judge celebrates the big 31 today. Wowza. It seems like only yesterday that she was reminding us how not-so-innocent a teenager she was. Obviously, in terms of drama, it also feels like she’s lived about eight lifetimes. But 2012 was an upswing for her. She’s on The X Factor, has a new song with Will.i.am, and on the personal life front, is still engaged. You go, girl!

In honor of Brit’s big day, we rounded up four (3+1) of our favorite Spears music videos from over the years…including one I’m betting you non-superfans have forgotten about. Check out the dancing — and the signature syrup-y sweet vocals — below:

Obviously, you’ve got to start off with one of her most famous tracks. This video had everything: Sexy Britney, wig changes, that famous nude bedazzled bodysuit — not to mention a killer dance tune to start with. Just try and listen and not get the weirdly sexual airplane fun stuck in your head all over again.  READ FULL STORY

Style: 19 extreme celebrity hair makeovers -- PHOTOS

Bold, short looks are taking Hollywood by storm. Charlize Theron is a rocking a new ‘do, following in the footsteps of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, and more. Check out some of the best and worst new styles of the season (and a few looks back on short cuts that made a splash in seasons past)!

Charlize Theron

Charlize shaved her head for the upcoming Mad Max, but this is the first time we’ve seen her pared down locks — a far cry from her usual golden tresses.


'X Factor' on-the-scene report: How Britney interacts with her fans, more Emblem3 moments

Last night, The X Factor pulled off its second live show of the season without any wardrobe malfunctions. Viewers watching at home saw some stellar and some not-so-stellar performances, Mario Lopez daring to correct Simon Cowell, a recently announced safe Jason Brock awkwardly struggling to pick between hugging the eliminated David Correy or embracing host Khloé Kardashian, and some over-eager Emblem3 boys tripping all over each other. But what didn’t make it onscreen last night? EW was on the scene for Thursday’s live taping. Read on to learn five things that were going on in the studio during the show that you didn’t see on TV. READ FULL STORY

10 ways to improve 'The X Factor'

The X Factor starts its live shows tonight, and frankly, I can’t wait.

Season 2 of Simon Cowell’s U.K.-import competition show is loaded with talent that’s far more compelling than season 1 (sorry, Melanie Amaro –no, really, I’m sorry you had to be in this video). This season’s crop of contestants — shockingly, I’m finding myself rooting for LYLAS — have the potential to create viable vocal moments on stage.

So I’m hoping that the live shows, which will be hosted by Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian, showcase that talent more effectively than the early rounds of The X Factor has, because, let’s be honest, this season, which was supposed to establish The X Factor as the utmost singing competition on TV, has been a hot mess.

I believe that The X Factor, underneath all its contrived gaudiness, wants to be a great show. But the only thing standing in the way of that becoming a reality is, well, everything. So here are 10 recommendations on how to improve The X Factor as we head into the second half of the season. READ FULL STORY

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