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Snap judgment: Britney Spears' 'Break The Ice' video

Britneybreaktheice_lLast night I had the distinct privilege of attending the Blackout Ball, hosted by Jive Records and Miss Britney Spears. Sure, it was an online affair and anyone with an Internet connection was invited and if you ask me, the rhyming couplet e-vite was a little tacky. But a ball, how fabulous! After obtaining the necessary "secret words" for "access past the velvet rope," I got to yuck it up with other Brit fans (YOU_WANA_PECE_O_ME, BRiTsBoY, and so on) in the Blackout "cocktail hour chat room." (Cocktails were strictly virtual.) It was there we waited anxiously for the cyber-gala’s main event, the premiere of Britney’s new music video for her third single from Blackout, "Break The Ice."

After watching the video, I can honestly say that Britney has never looked better. She’s wearing a tight black bodysuit number and thigh-high boots, which really accentuate her slim, sexy figure. She performs some unbelievable stunts (back dive off a skyscraper, through the glass ceiling of a nightclub, and into a pool of water) and breaks out martial arts moves that I had previously thought physically impossible (the 360 degree spin of her lower leg, moving fluidly as if disconnected from her knee… impressive!) Her long, tasseled blond tresses look gorgeous, and her lip-synching can only be described as impeccable. Yes, Britney looks spectacular in "Break The Ice."

I guess my major problem with the video was that it was fully animated.


Britney and Paris suit up for sitcoms

Spearsradnor_lHave sitcom guest spots become the new career rehab stations for scandal-plagued starlets? This week, we’ve had news that Paris Hilton is appearing in a fantasy sequence on My Name Is Earl (airing Apr. 3), and that Britney Spears (left) is filming a spot on March 24’s How I Met Your Mother (she’s playing a dermatologist’s assistant who develops a crush on the unsuspecting Ted, played by Josh Radnor, at right). (And we know that Lindsay Lohan has been in talks for a while with the Ugly Betty folks for a guest arc.)

I think these guest spots are a smart move for the performers. No heavy lifting, demonstration of an ability to poke fun at yourself, and just enough work, at regular hours, to prove your professionalism and dependability.

Only downside is the potential resentment by other comeback-seeking stars. According to TV Guide, Alicia Silverstone dropped out of the Spears HIMYM ep because she feared (justifiably, I’d say) that Britney would upstage her. How are scandal-free stars in need of a comeback supposed to reestablish themselves if the scandalous stars are stealing their thunder?

Show of hands: Who’s looking forward to watching Britney on HIMYM or Paris on Earl? Who thinks these guest spots are a step in the right direction that will help these starlets get back on solid footing — and who thinks they’re too little too late? And what other scandal-repair stunt-casting would you like to see?

addCredit(“Britney Spears and Josh Radnor: Toby Canham/Getty Images; Cliff Lipson”)

Britney and Heidi Montag Du-et All Wrong

Heidibritney_lBlogs are buzzing today that love-to-hate-‘em blondies Heidi Montag and Britney Spears have collaborated on a new track called "Dramatic." (Seriously, could that be any more of a perfect title or what?).

But before you flip — like most of us EW folk did when we heard the news — it has been rumored that Brit Brit didn’t give her OK on the song’s release, and that she hadn’t even known about it until the song leaked. (Apparently Heidi’s vocals were dubbed onto an old Britney track.)

So I ask you, P-Dubs, now that you know the (supposed) truth behind the rumor, please tell us:

Is "Dramatic" a…

A. Song that should be played on the radio
B. Desperate cry for help
C. Collaboration you’d like to see more of
D. Candidate for a new Hills theme song 
E. Other

Vote now!

K. Fed Heads to Tree Hill

I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m not afraid to admit it: I am a fan of One Tree Hill (special thanks goes out to  SoapNet and my DVR for catching all of the old seasons), so when Kevin Federline made his first appearance on the show last night, I just knew I’d have to blog about it.   

In the the midst of The Great Britney breakdown of ’08, I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve been feeling a little sympathetic toward Team K. Fed lately, so I tried to watch last night with an open mind. Only it was really anticlimatic — I mean, he’s playing an egotistical musician who walks around like he’s the sh–. Is that that far off from his persona in real life? Can we really even call that "acting"? Am I overthinking this way too much? PW-ers, watch the clip and tell me!

Britney Spears and Whitney Houston: Unlikely teammates, roomies?

Brit_whit_lThis just in: Brittany Spears was named the Big 12 Conference Women’s Basketball Rookie of the Week, following an impressive performance on January 4th, against Pepperdine. What? Britney was under lockdown on the 4th? Right, but Brittany was not. She plays basketball for the University of Colorado along with roommate Whitney Houston. A Whitney Houston who also sings. Apologies in advance for totally blowing your minds this time. Now back to your regularly scheduled procrastinating.

Mr. Blackwell's suspiciously selective sartorial scorn

Alison_arngrim_lNot that I really care who made Mr. Blackwell’s annual Ten Worst Dressed list (Posh was tops? Okay, whatever), but two things struck me about the 48th (!) annual edition, announced yesterday.

First, how hard up do you have to be for fashion victims in order to dig deep into the where-are-they-now files and unearth Alison Arngrim (pictured), who’s been pretty much off the pop culture radar ever since Little House on the Prairie went off the air 26 years ago? There wasn’t anyone more in the public eye who was a public eyesore? Never thought I’d feel sorry for Nellie Oleson, but dang, Mr. B, what did she ever do to you?

Second, I see he decided not to list Britney Spears this year because he "felt that it was inappropriate at this time to make comment when her personal life is in such upheaval." That’s big of you, Mr. B, but that didn’t stop you from cackling at Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan this year, did it?

What do you think of Mr. Blackwell’s list, PopWatchers? Are you bothered by his arbitrary standards of who is and isn’t fair game? Or should we just get back to talking about important stuff like strike beards and the Cloverfield monster now?

addCredit(“Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com”)

Snap judgment: Britney Spears' 'Piece of Me' video

My friend Mitch is obsessed with Britney Spears — so much so that during a dinner party at my apartment on Saturday night, he kept hijacking my computer to play her new video for "Piece of Me" and try to convince everyone in attendance that the oft-maligned diva is not only looking "fabu," but is poised for global domination in 2008. What’s more, Mitch informed me that if I didn’t blog about "Piece of Me" first thing Monday morning, there would be dire consequences…something about me winding up unconscious behind a dumpster. (Thus, I cannot once again choose to write about soft tacos instead of Britney.)

The good news for Mitch (and Britney) is that the "Piece of Me" clip, which premiered on 20/20 (news!) Friday night, is a vast improvement over the lethargic pole dancing of "Gimme More." That said, Britney’s latest choreography doesn’t involve much more than raising her hands over her head and swaying her hips; Paula Abdul burned more calories during warmup in her heyday. What’s more, the video concept — Britney engages in playful/depressing cat-and-mouse game with the paparazzi — has been on the menu in newspapers and magazines, on TV, and in the gossip blogs for what seems like an eternity. It’s the music-video equivalent of reheating a gigantic Tupperware container of mediocre pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — every day for a month. After a while, your stomach gurgles with an awesome cry of protest: "Enough!" Also, there’s that matter of Britney rhyming the words "scene," "Philippines," and "magazine."

Anyhow, Mitch says my negative response is just a matter of me seeing what I want to see, and ultimately confirming my own negative preconceptions. To which I say, there isn’t a video on YouTube that couldn’t pass as entertaining after a bottle and a half of sauvignon blanc. Clearly, we’re deadlocked. It’s up to you to settle our debate about the merits of "Piece of Me" in the comments section below.

EW.com's top 10 searches of 2007

Lost_lLast week, Yahoo announced that Britney Spears topped the portal’s 2007 list of its users’ top 10 search queries. Other individuals in the top 10: Paris Hilton (No. 3), Beyoncé (No. 5), Lindsay Lohan (No. 6), Fergie (No. 9), and Jessica Alba (No. 10). Which made me wonder: what would the list look like for EW.com’s search engine this year? According to our internal tracking, these were the 10 most popular searches this year on EW.com:

1. Lost (pictured)
2. Heroes
3. The Office
4. Stephen King
5. Sopranos
6. "Doc Jensen"
7. 24
8. Harry Potter
9. American Idol
10. The Hills

Britney doesn’t appear until No. 49.

What does this mean? First, that you guys really, really like Lost. (No. 6, of course, refers to EW.com essayist Jeff Jensen’s Lost-centric "Doc Jensen" columns.) Second, you really like TV, more than movies (only Harry Potter — and maybe, Stephen King — count in that direction) and more than music (only Idol qualifies there). Third, you’re much more interested in projects than in celebrities; the only real-life individuals in the top 10 are both EW columnists. Finally, you’re not much interested in gossip.

Tell us, who or what have you searched for this year on EW.com? What pop culture searches do you find yourself conducting most often, here or elsewhere?

addCredit(“‘Lost': Mario Perez”)

What were the worst style moments of 2007?

Style_l‘Tis the season when pop-culture pundits start compiling best and worst lists in every conceivable category, and we here at EW.com certainly aren’t immune. Right now, we’re working on a list of the Worst Style Moments of 2007, and because we want to leave early today and start our holiday shopping value your opinions, we’d like you to help us brainstorm a list of nominees.

As someone whose personal ’07 style nadir involved a lamb osso buco splatter on a light-blue dress shirt (right before I went to a fancy party!), I’m probably a dubious choice to start the discussion, but I’m gonna go ahead and nominate those metallic wings slapped on Jennifer Hudson’s brown Oscar gown, and Britney Spears’ much-dissected costume from this year’s VMAs. The former seemed to me like a sad case of a well-liked young starlet foolishly following the advice of a kooky guardian angel (Andre Leon Talley), and winding up as a fashion victim on Hollywood’s biggest night. And as for Britney’s bedazzled underpants and busted weave (second ugliest of the year, right behind the frayed, yellow-white yarn forced on Top Model‘s Jenah by Ken Paves), the whole thing reeked of desperation (and perhaps a hint of Fantasy).

Are you with me on that duo, PopWatchers? And what other unspeakable looks belong on the list of the worst style moments of 2007?

addCredit(“Jennifer Hudson: Bob Riha Jr./WireImage.com; Britney Spears: John Shearer/WireImage”)

There's no business like show bid-ness!

Lindsay_lSometime last week, the sock (that’s right, a sock) worn by the cameraman whose foot Britney allegedly ran over was reportedly sold on eBay for more than $1,000. Disappointed you missed your chance to bid? No worries, as celebrity paraphernalia is never in short supply. This week, you can purchase the actual Mercedez-Benz convertible driven (and crashed) by Lindsay Lohan (pictured) for a mere $120,000. Behind the wheel of this dream ride, you’ll see the world the way we imagine LiLo sees it, through cracked glass. Don’t let your current anonymity put the anti-lock brakes on your budding celebrity: buy this car today, sit back, and set the cruise control for your own road trip of fame, misfortune, and frequent traffic-law citations.

Okay, I wouldn’t break my bank account to buy Lindsay’s car. But I’ll admit, eBay has quite an addictive quality, and I find myself wondering if, perhaps, I really need a personalized Patrick Dempsey screen print pillowcase. Or considering where I’d display a $400 bust of Harrison Ford as the legendary Indiana Jones. Or deciding if I’d use a Fight Club bar of soap for practical or decorative purposes. My own fascination notwithstanding, I’ve never actually bought anything off eBay, but I’m wondering, what’s your biggest entertainment-themed purchase? Do you look at your life-sized wax replica of Wayne Newton and think that maybe you should have saved your money for something a little more practical? Like food? Or rent? Or are you very happy with your decision to get that Star Trek Worf Starfleet wrist lamp?

addCredit(“Lindsay Lohan: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com”)

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