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'Bridesmaids' MVPs Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm could star in Paul Feig/Judd Apatow project

Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm both had so many memorable and hilarious lines/scenes/moments in this year’s smash comedy Bridesmaids, but sadly, none of them were delivered together. (I would have loved to seen the outspoken Megan put major d-bag Ted in his place, wouldn’t you?)

Luckily, that might all change, according to a report from Deadline. The two stars could be teaming up — really, for the first time — for a project with Universal Pictures, Paul Feig, and Judd Apatow about a man (Hamm) who becomes obsessed with a woman (McCarthy) in an “unconventional love story.”

Apatow’s camp tells EW that it’s “too premature” to tell whether the duo will star on screen together, but premature or not, this news has me even more excited than I’d be driving a van full of puppies. READ FULL STORY

Burning Questions! 'X-Men: First Class': Why is Professor X British? And where have I seen this person before?

It’s another week of EW’s summer movie burning questions. This week: X-Men: First Class. If you have some, don’t be shy! Ask away!

Professor X is clearly British in the movie, but he grew up in Westchester (where the mansion is located). Explain. – H.B.
Professor X is American in the comic books (born and raised in NYC), but it’s known — as shown in the movie — that he attended Oxford. My first theory? The Professor might have the power of mind control, but perhaps he can’t control his own accent. It happens to me all the time when I’m around British people; I’m bloody influential, old bean. Theory No. 2: Remember that episode of Friends when Ross turned British for his graduate class? Yes, Professor X might, in fact, just be trying to sound smarter and more interesting. It’s working. But honestly, I posed this question to professor of comic books, Darren Franich, who brings us theory No. 3: “I think he’s supposed to have one of those mid-20th century upper-class American accents, like FDR. Fun fact: It’s referred to as ‘Mid-Atlantic’.” That wasn’t a “fun fact” at all, Professor D, but certainly helpful. As I hope this answer was to you, H.B. Bonus mini-poll:  READ FULL STORY

Wilson Phillips on their 'Bridesmaids' comeback, their new reality show, and whether they'll sing at your wedding

Just when you think Bridesmaids can’t get any more delightfully funny, along comes Wilson Phillips at the climactic wedding scene to send it over the edge. Moviegoers who stick around for the end credits get an extra peek at Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph hilariously lip-syncing to the ’90s pop trio’s No. 1 smash “Hold On.” We got group members Carnie and Wendy Wilson on the phone to discuss their unexpected (yet thoroughly welcome) comeback.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you hear that the Bridesmaids filmmakers wanted you in the movie?
WENDY WILSON: Lizzie Grubman, who’s Chynna [Phillips]’s manager and our PR girl, she organized it. And we were like, “Yes, absolutely.” It’s the first movie I was ever in. We filmed til four in the morning. It was just a blast.

Were you at all worried that you were going to be the butt of a joke?
WW: We kind of knew that we were going to be a little bit made fun of. But we were okay with that. It was all in fun. And in the end, we looked good. READ FULL STORY

'Bridesmaids' alternate takes: More Melissa McCarthy, more Jon Hamm sex

Bridesmaids is the gift that keeps on giving. The beauty of comedy is getting to try out joke after joke after joke. The beauty of great comedy — they all land. Watch alternate takes from the movie below. Warning: The language is very NSFW.  READ FULL STORY

Should there be a 'Bridesmaids' sequel?

If this past weekend’s unexpected box office numbers, the critics, and the EW.com readers posting in the comments sections are any indication, people can’t seem to get enough of Bridesmaids. And while many fans are getting their fill by seeing the top-notch comedy more than once in the theaters (and readying a spot for it in their DVD collections), the idea of a possible sequel ought to make them sing Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” from the rooftops with excitement.

That’s right, a possible sequel: Bridesmaids‘ director Paul Feig, along with the movie’s scene (and puppy) stealer Melissa McCarthy, spoke to Vulture about the prospect of a follow-up to the Spring smash. Said Feig, “Who knows? I mean, it depends how we do in the next couple weeks, but I know there’s definitely … it’s already been brought up. So, um, you know, when you get a group that’s this deep and this good, it’s a crime to not use them again. You just want to make sure that you do it as well as you did the first one and try to make it better, even. So, we’re up for the challenge.” Better yet, McCarthy seemed game for the idea. The actress said, “I will show up wherever these guys tell me to go.” (EW reached out to Feig, who was unavailable for comment. Universal is not commenting on the possibility of a sequel.)

While nothing is set in stone, I can’t help but think: Would we want the chance to revisit hilarious BFFs Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) and the rest of the “stone cold pack of weirdos”? READ FULL STORY

'Bridesmaids' cracked moviegoers up over the weekend: Which scene did you in?

Over the weekend, Bridesmaids pulled in an impressive $24.4 million at the box office. But, an even more impressive feat was how it made many of those moviegoers shake with uncontrollable, gut-busting laughter.

When I saw Bridesmaids for the first time — yes, you read that correctly, first time — it was the scene where we first meet Melissa McCarthy’s character that did me in. READ FULL STORY

Movie Math: The 'Hangover'-free 'Bridesmaids' formula

Surprise: Even though they’re both raunchy, and they both revolve around weddings, Bridesmaids isn’t really a female version of The Hangover. The grade-A new comedy is actually a mash-up of several other flicks — and using my degree in Fake Mathematics from Pennbrook University, I was able to determine just what those other movies are. Here’s an explanation for my calculations: READ FULL STORY

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