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'Game of Thrones' vs. 'Game of Crowns' and other fictional-turned-reality shows


Game of Thrones is the latest fictional show to get the reality treatment — well, sort of. Tonight, Bravo premieres Game of Crowns, a reality show that sounds suspiciously like the HBO fantasy drama but is really about pageant ladies vying for the winning tiara. Which, you know, could get as dangerous as Game of Thrones.

This isn’t the first time a fictional show has spawned a similar-sounding reality show. MTV released Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in 2004 after seeing how successful the fictional The O.C. was; Bravo did something similar when they launched The Real Housewives in 2006, two years after ABC drama Desperate Housewives premiered. But how similar are these reality shows to their fictional parents?


Bravo's 'Untying the Knot': The marriage is over, now who gets all the stuff?

There is no question that Bravo loves a good wedding. Housewives Kim Zolciak, Tamra Barney, NeNe Leakes, and Kandi Burruss have had spinoff shows chronicling their trip down (or back down) the aisle, and there is even a special wedding section of the Shop by Bravo store online. So naturally Bravo is following the unfortunate path many marriages take with its new show Untying the Knot.

In Bravo terms, Untying the Knot is the anti-Millionaire Matchmaker meets Million Dollar Listing. The show isn’t about second chances or one last effort to keep that marriage knot from coming undone; it’s about navigating divorce. Vikki Ziegler, a legitimate attorney and mediator who likes to call herself the “Divorce Diva,” meets with a new couple each week to get to the root of their conflicts and, with the help of expert appraisers and brothers Michael and Mark Millea, figure out the best way to divide up their personal assets. Because this is a Bravo show, said assets include Parisian apartments, diamond rings, and a giant Buddha head—and that’s just the premiere.

Jacques and Mira are a good-looking couple from New Jersey with a lot of ugly problems after six years of marriage. It’s hard to understand how they ended up together in the first place; the passion they apparently had at the beginning dissipated once it became clear Mira, an Israeli actress/model, didn’t want to give up her career to be a housewife to Jacques, an apparel manufacturer. Separated for a year, they have already divided their assets except for three items: that apartment in Paris, Mira’s engagement ring, and a decorative Buddha head from Thailand.

When Ziegler sits down with the couple for the first time, the claws come out. Jacques claims that Mira is a narcissist and wouldn’t give up any time for them. “Why should I give up my life and work to do things together?” While I agree you shouldn’t sacrifice your career for marriage, you still need to make the kinds of compromises this woman clearly wasn’t willing to make. Though his tone was a little harsh, Jacques seemed right when he said, “She got married to get a pay day at the end of it.” Taking all their issues into consideration, Ziegler makes the the following recommendations:

Paris apartment: Purchased at $400,000 with Jacques’ money during the marriage. Because you can’t split up an apartment, Mira wants half of what it’s worth, but isn’t willing to be responsible for any of the debt on the place, which is upward of $200,000. A pretty easy decision for Ziegler: She gives the condo to Jacques and a $100,000 credit to Mira.

Engagement ring: The yellow diamond ring was designed by the couple and purchased for $100,000 after they were already married. Although it has a lot of sentimental value, and the Millea brothers acknowledge its high quality, no one really wants someone else’s engagement ring. They appraise the resale value at $60,000. Ziegler recommends that Mira keep the ring and Jacques receive a 25 percent credit, about $12,000.

Buddha: The biggest battle of them all came from this decorative piece that the couple bought for $5,000 on a trip to Thailand. It came from a Buddhist temple that burned down—or so they thought. After the brothers’ did some digging, they determined it was actually a modern carving of an old piece of wood and worth only $800. Ouch. Even though Jacques thought it could resale between $10,000 and $15,000, he claimed the battle over it wasn’t about money: It was sentimental, representative of a happier time for the couple. Because Jacques had purchased it with his own money, Ziegler recommends that he keep the Buddha if he buys Mira a first-class ticket back to Thailand to get one for herself.

Surprisingly, the couple agrees to all of Ziegler’s terms, avoiding further costs and heartache. If the premiere is any indication, Untying the Knot may be Bravo’s most educational new show, in a strange way: Viewers should learn a lot from these failed marriages and the insane spending that helped undo them.

Bravo's 'Ladies of London': This ain't your average tea party

Any fan of Bravo’s long-running Housewives franchise knows the formula for deliciously dramatic reality television: simply assemble a group of fame-hungry women with big egos, bigger hair, and (biggest of all) huge credit card statements. But after hitting cities including Atlanta, New York, and Beverly Hills, it seems like this country is pretty well covered — which makes Bravo’s move across the Atlantic to London a no-brainer. Though the network’s new series, Ladies of London, isn’t officially part of the Housewives franchise, it may as well be. After all, declares one well-dressed cast member in the show’s opener, “This is the big league: this is London.” READ FULL STORY

'Millionaire Matchmaker': Patti Stanger talks finding love for 'Real Housewives,' setting up friends

Patti Stanger has love in her blood.

The star of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, currently in its seventh season, believes matchmaking is in her DNA. Makes sense, since both her mother and grandmother were matchmakers before her. But Patti has made the art of finding the perfect match her own. Her blunt words and actions (she’s not afraid to slap a guy on TV) have made Stanger the go-to girl for advice on love. Stanger shared some of her relationship tips with EW, setting up the Real Housewives and their friends in the future, and why now is the easiest time to find love. READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives': How fame became part of the franchise

When The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered in 2006, the show was nothing more than a harmless look at the lives of wealthy women living in a gated community in Southern California with their families. The show was a response to the popular ABC series Desperate Housewives and America’s growing love of reality TV at the time. People became so invested in the scripted TV characters that it was easy to get invested in their real-life counterparts because they were so similar (you know, aside from all the murder on Wisteria Lane).

But as the years went on, the series expanded to different cities across the country and grew in popularity, and the housewives became household names. And the fame that has resulted from being a cast member on the show has gone from a nice perk to part of the plot. READ FULL STORY

Entertained or ashamed: What is happening with violence on reality TV?

When we go to see an action movie or play certain video games, we expect the violence that usually comes with those genres of entertainment. But while watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta? It seems that reality shows today have become more violent and central to a show’s plotline, making it a part of the story.

When Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom punched Jax in the face to see if he “could actually feel anything” after sleeping with his girlfriend Kristen and lying about it for months, you almost expected the blow. That’s what the story arc of the season had been leading to all along. That’s the ending we wanted and committed to the show to see. Why? Because that’s what makes good TV.

These aren’t just your random drunken Jersey Shore bar brawls, but full-on sparring battles with pent-up anger and tension and sometimes even personal betrayal. The second season of Vanderpump Rules, about Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR and its staff, ended with a literal bang when two violent outbursts (one female-to-female slap, one man-to-man punch) resulted after a season filled with lies. As Lisa herself said, you can understand some of this behavior but never condone it. So why should we have to watch it then? READ FULL STORY

OMG! Bravo launches the first 'Real Housewives' Awards

You know what’s better than watching the Real Housewives fight on television? Pitting them against each other in an awards competition — one where you get to decide who wins! At least, that’s what Bravo is banking on as it launches the first annual Real Housewives Awards. Viewers of the franchise’s various shows can support their favorite housewife by voting in the following 12 categories:

Most Memorable Outfit
Most Shocking Reunion Twist
Loveliest Locks
Best Fight Locale
Rookie of the Year
Best Supporting Agitator
Party of the Year
Favorite Quote
OMG-est Moment of the Year
Outstanding Achievement in Extremely Short Form Live Action (think GIFs)
Favorite Housewife City (fans can vote by liking and sharing photos on Facebook)
Lifetime Achievement Award (non-voting category)


Bravo's 'Toned Up' premiere: Which beach babe just dug a hole and peed in the sand?

Very few people will be searching for recaps of Toned Up, Bravo’s new late-night dump reality series, which features two super-hot women who’ve become super-rich YouTube stars simply by unrolling their yoga mats and doing basic exercises in unison….on the beach! READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Porsha Stewart talks divorce, finding love, and her future

Ms. 5.0 if you’re nasty: Porsha Stewart is large and in charge and doesn’t need a ring to prove it. After a much-publicized divorce, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star wants the world to know that her marriage to former NFL star Kordell Stewart doesn’t define her, she’s no puppet, and she’s open to love again. 

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Porsha to see where she stands now with her divorce, what she’s learned about herself and other castmates this season, and just how bright her future looks.

'Styled to Rock' designer on Miley Cyrus' mom: 'I just pretty much sketched out her daughter as a whore'

Not exhausted from Miley overexposure yet? Though she’s clearly an authority on all things provocative, is the pop star a fashion expert too? Cyrus will guest star on Rihanna’s style competition, Styled to Rock this Friday.

Rihanna is the executive producer of the Bravo reality series in which designers compete in challenges where they design looks for celebrities. In this preview clip, the designers freak out when it’s announced that Miley will be judging their designs. But when they hear that she’s not alone, that “Miley’s mom-a-ger,” Tish Cyrus, is coming along too, the news hits them like a wrecking ball. “I just pretty much sketched out her daughter as a whore,” says one worried designer.

Watch the preview below: READ FULL STORY

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