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'Bored to Death' cast reunites at SF Sketchfest -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

The Bored to Death movie may still be a ways off, but fans in San Francisco got a taste of the gone-before-its-time amateur sleuth HBO comedy at SF Sketchfest this weekend. Below, check out exclusive photos from the event, which featured a Q&A with cast members Ted Danson, Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and the show’s creator, Jonathan Ames, moderated by former producer/writer for the show, Martin Gero. This year’s SF Sketchfest runs through Feb. 9 at venues across San Francisco. The festival has become an opportunity to bring back old favorites to the stage — previous years have featured a Wet Hot American Summer reunion and a Party Down conversation, complete with pink bow ties.

Contrarian Corner: 'Bored to Death' is the most perfectly titled series on television

You could argue that it’s a little silly to pick on a tiny show like Bored to Death. The HBO comedy has been averaging roughly a quarter of a million viewers this season, a number that barely even looks impressive on YouTube anymore. Or maybe the better comparison for Bored to Death is to an old-timey public access series, the kind of haphazard production a group of locals would organize back when the average local American still had time for hobbies. After all, the concerns of Bored to Death are so concerned with an extremely specific sliver of contemporary Brooklyn — the upper-middle-class Manhattan-expat media-employed all-white corner of town — that I wouldn’t be surprised if the 250,000 viewers who tune in weekly are all concentrated in a few square miles between Prospect Park and the BQE.

But Contrarian Corner has a democratic doorway. We run a need-blind admissions system. If we’re going to deconstruct chipper zeitgeist multimedia megahits, once-great sitcoms, and critical-establishment sensations, then we must also turn our brutal truth-crossbows onto the smaller mediocrities: The unkillable dregs of pop culture, which float like an annoying butterflies and sting like a bees that can’t write believable dialogue. And that is why I’m here to today, my friends in Contrarianism, to loudly proclaim my true feelings about Bored to Death. READ FULL STORY

Elmo and Cookie Monster re-enact 'The Office,' 'CSI: Miami,' and more! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s one thing to meet that actor who was once in that one movie you liked, but it’s another to meet the folks that taught you how to count. Elmo and Cookie Monster made the trip from Sesame Street to the EW offices to tell us about their new season (which starts next Monday), and we couldn’t have been more excited had it been Johnny Depp sword-fighting with a time-traveling Theodore Roosevelt. In honor of their upcoming slate of guest stars, the two of them took us through their interpretations of some of TV’s biggest shows — including The Big Bang Theory, CSI: Miami, and The Office (which, coincidentally, name-checked Sesame Street in its premiere last night) and we have to say, Cookie Monster would actually make a pretty good replacement for Michael Scott. Check out the video below and watch as your adult and childhood television viewing habits collide. (By the way, I’m the Muppet in the middle.)  READ FULL STORY

'Bored to Death' trailer offers nothing...but fun!

The new, summery trailer for HBO’s Bored to Death (returning Oct. 10) contains no scoop, no teasers, no real insight as to what season 3 has in store for us. But here are five gritty Coney Island delights that Jason, Zach & Ted’s Excellent Adventure does offer:

5. Beastie Boys soundtrack
1. Ted Danson drinking a martini on a carousel

What more do you really want out of summer?


HBO GO passes 3 million downloads. Is it worth it?

This past weekend, HBO GO, the premium cable channel’s mobile streaming app, surpassed the 3 million download mark after less than two months on iTunes and the Android market, but the app’s features don’t make those numbers all that surprising. HBO GO allows current subscribers full access to its library of original programming. That includes older series, previously available only on pricey DVD collections, like Sex in the City, The Wire, and The Sopranos. But with the Hulus and the Netflixs of the world, can HBO GO bring anything new to the table?

The answer is simple: Yes. READ FULL STORY

Do you HATE a TV show that other people love?

Glee-Big-Bang-Theory-BoredImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox; Robert Voets/CBS; Barry Wetcher/HBOPopWatchers, ain’t love grand? Last week, I wrote a post asking about the TV shows you love that everyone else hates. You bravely responded with a list of supposed travesties (Shasta McNasty), forgotten curiosities (Strange Luck), and much-insulted reality shows. (I’m so glad to discover that I’m not the only person who unabashedly enjoys the trash-tastic Real World/Road Rules Challenge series.) However, one thread on the comment boards turned the question upside down with a slightly more insidious question: What shows do you hate that everyone else loves?

Quite a few commenters turned their attention to one show in particular: Glee. Sam said, “I hate hate hate hate Glee. I don’t see how anybody about the age of 12 could stand watching it.” Strong words — but arguably harsher were ex-Gleeks like Janet, who said, “Glee is hands-down the worst show on television, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed the first season.” (All the anti-Glee feeling reminds me a little bit of the counter-buzz that developed during the sophomore seasons of The OC and Heroes. Although we can all agree that Glee hasn’t reached the depths of Bisexual Marissa Cooper and the Terrible Tears of Death…right?)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, since comedy is a highly subjective art, most of the other shows mentioned were sitcoms. READ FULL STORY

'Boardwalk Empire' is (almost) every single HBO TV show combined

We all knew Boardwalk Empire was going to remind us a little bit of The Sopranos. They’re both shows about a New Jersey gangster with a messy love life, after all. But here’s something we didn’t expect: Boardwalk Empire is, in fact, every classic HBO TV series combined into one giant package. From period pieces like Deadwood and Rome to silly comedies like Entourage and Bored to Death, from the gritty realism of The Wire and Oz to the dark fantasy of Carnivàle and True Blood, there’s a little something from nearly every part of HBO’s history inside of Boardwalk Empire. Just consult our helpful visual aid below for a completely scientific analysis. (Click on the image to expand!)

(Designed by Jef Castro) READ FULL STORY

'Bored to Death' continually restores my faith in TV

bored-to-death-baconImage Credit: Barry Wetcher/HBOI usually don’t have my act together enough to watch Bored to Death on time (HBO, Sunday nights, 10-10:30 ET). This week was different! So here I am posting about “Forty-Two Down,” which guest-starred Kristen Wiig as a wino wackjob and Kevin Bacon as his “highly evolved” (because he can’t grow a beard) self. READ FULL STORY

Ted Danson winner at Emmy roundtable

emmy-roundtableThe Hollywood Reporter‘s annual roundtables with potential Emmy nominees are always a fun watch. This year’s chat with “the comics”Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell, Bored to Death‘s Ted Danson, The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons, The Office‘s Ed Helms, How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris, and Parks and Recreation‘s Aziz Ansari — is no exception. A few of my favorite moments: READ FULL STORY

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