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'Bones': Scoop from Emily Deschanel and creator Hart Hanson

Hart-HansonImage Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesBones fans, brace yourselves. I come bearing gifts from an exceptionally spoiler-ific conference call that star Emily Deschanel and creator Hart Hanson had with reporters this afternoon, in which the pair revealed several nuggets regarding the series’ finale two episodes of the season. But before we get to the spoilers served piping hot, here are a few (relatively safe) tid-bits to nibble on: READ FULL STORY

'Bones' recap: A wedding and a Wiccan funeral

Bones-Witch-WardrobeImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxI’m okay with this episode underwhelming me, but if next week’s Grave Digger trial doesn’t wow, I won’t be so forgiving. Brennan and Hodgins being buried alive is still one of the show’s best hours. (Booth’s near-death experience at her hand, not so much. They owe us.) READ FULL STORY

David Boreanaz admits marital infidelity: Will it affect how you feel about 'Bones'?

Another day, another cheating scandal, right, PopWatchers? As People first reported, David Boreanaz is the latest celebrity to join the unenviable list of Hollywood’s most unfaithful. And as in the case of so many other famous cheaters (David Letterman, we’re looking at you), we’re wondering how this might affect his small-screen reputation — especially when Bones revolves around Booth’s charm and relationship with Brennan. So we ask, PopWatchers, will this revelation affect the way you view Bones?

Someone paid $42,500 to intern for Anna Wintour. Who would you pay to slave for?

anna-wintourImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosFor about the price of 71 pairs of Christian Louboutins, one fashion devotee with very deep pockets will get a chance to intern for Anna Wintour for one week (in hell) after making the highest bid in a CharityBuzz auction.

As much as I love fashion (and loved The September Issue!), I don’t think I love it more than eating or having a home. Sure, this would be one hell of a resume plumper, but something tells me does someone with $42,500 to spare isn’t worried about scoring that high-paying dream career. Just a theory. Whatever, it’s for charity, right? But on that note, there are a few seemingly menial jobs I’d pay that kind of money for, including:

+ Jensen Ackles’ wardrobe lackey on Supernatural (only if it means I get to dress him…literally)
+ Rain coordinator on Smallville (spoilers).
+ David Boreanaz’s “Cocky” belt buckle shiner on Bones.
+ Nick Offerman’s mustache comber on Parks and Recreation
+ Jane Lynch’s tracksuit presser on Glee

Your turn, PopWatchers. It’s Friday. Let’s kill some time.

'Bones' recap: Rockin' and rollin' and whatnot

Bones-Rock-David-EmilyImage Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox I debated titling this recap “Testicle Festival,” but since we never found out what caused the victim — a rich poser at a rock & roll fantasy camp, murdered by a fellow camper — to have a prosthetic gonad, it didn’t feel right.

For me, the fantasy camp fell a little flat — I didn’t know the guy playing famous guest guitarist Erik Dalton was Josh Todd from Buckcherry. I just sorta thought he looked like Carey Hart. Nor did I understand how cool it was that Michael Des Barres played the camp’s frontman, Simon Graham, until I looked him up online. So basically, I’m about as uncool as Bones here, and I get that. All that was left for me to appreciate was the comedy of Booth wearing the dolphin tie the marine biologist gave him around his head and Brennan strapping on a guitar (it’s not dissimilar to some tribal lute she learned how to play once) to sing “Hot Blooded,” which we all remember as their song from the season 1 episode “Two Bodies in the Lab.” That’s the one in which someone was trying to kill Brennan, so Booth went to her apartment to watch over her and discovered that she has no TV (of course I would remember that), but that she did own a music collection that includes Foreigner. After their air session on “Hot Blooded,” Booth went to the fridge to get a drink and it blew up, putting him in the hospital. After hitching a ride in Hodgins’ tiny car, Booth ended up rescuing Brennan from a dirty FBI agent (Adam Baldwin), and they shared that embrace. Then Brennan went to visit a shirtless Booth (of course I would also remember that) back at the hospital, and instead of going on her date with the guy she’d been chatting with online and on the phone, she stayed with him. READ FULL STORY

'Bones' recap: Shark Week

Bones-Predator-PoolImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxBefore we get into the heart of the episode, I need to ask a question: How many of you believe that Brennan has never heard of the Rat Pack? I can buy that she wouldn’t be able to name everyone in it, but how has a woman who’s probably attended her fair share of black tie events and been in a lot of airport lounges never heard of the Rat Pack? I mean, yeah, it was a funny joke to have her tell Booth how excited Andrew was to introduce her to them — “They must be extraordinary rodents” — but come on now. We know she has a CD collection. With that out of the way… READ FULL STORY

'Bones' recap: 'Can we dance, Booth? It's Seal.'

Bones-Queen-BeeImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxComing off last week’s awesome 100th episode, Bones could’ve taken a bad, bad turn by trying to pretend that Brennan hadn’t just crushed Booth’s heart. To its credit, it found a fun way to address it: By having Brennan ask him to slow-dance to “Kiss From a Rose” at her class reunion. He originally said no — the correct response for a man trying to protect himself from falling deeper for a woman who says she’s incapable of being with him. But seeing her disappointment, he said yes, insisting they leave room for the Holy Spirit between them. Then, when Brennan teared up because she was finally experiencing the prom she never had, he held her close. Swoon. No wonder every single thirtysomething woman at that reunion hit on him. (Very realistic, by the way, and they hadn’t even seen how good his biceps looked in that FBI T-shirt.) The only thing that could have made that dance scene better is if David Boreanaz had fast-danced to his full potential and not gone for a joke move (was that a sprinkler?) while Brennan did her famous Electric Slide. (I know you think I’m gonna pull out the Angel clip, but I actually prefer his pop-locking on The Graham Norton Show.) READ FULL STORY

TV series finales: Do your favorite characters need to hook up for you to feel satisfied?

tv-couplesImage Credit: Eric Liebowitz/ABC; Art Streiber/FoxAfter spending weeks speculating over Betty Suarez’s romantic fate (will it be Gio? Henry? Matt? Daniel?), on last night’s Ugly Betty series finale (SPOILER ALERT!), we watched our bespeckled heroine end up with…no one. Kind of. Maybe. I think. Okay, here’s what we know: Daniel and Betty were going to go out for dinner in London. That’s it. No kiss, no lingering stare. (Well, maybe a little one courtesy of the former Mode editor.) If you ask me, the ending was pretty genius: Supporters of the Daniel-Betty union will choose to believe the duo were going on a date, while Daniel-Betty haters will simply believe the pair has an extremely co-dependent friendship.

But there’s another reason I loved the ambiguity: READ FULL STORY

Favorite flashback episode poll: Vote now!

flashbacks_320.jpg Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABC; Greg Gayne/Fox; NBCWhen we asked readers to name TV’s best flashback episode, we got more than 1,000 responses. After the jump, you’ll find a poll representing 45 of the most popular and/or passionately-pitched picks. Declare your favorite. Then visit our gallery of 25 Flashback Episodes You Love for a trip down memory lane. READ FULL STORY

'Bones' 100th episode recap: 'I'm the gambler'

Bones-Sum-WholeImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxWe’re posting our recap of Bones’ 100th episode early because it was so good, we don’t want to wait any longer to discuss it. Fans in other time zones, come back once you’ve watched. We’ll be here. Spoilers ahead… READ FULL STORY

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