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Bobby Moynihan: Drunk Uncle, Aunt Linda, and Stefon are one big family

Marvel and DC may have the movie market cornered on interconnected franchises, but after Bobby Moynihan’s recent interview with TimeOut New York, they might have new competition: The “Weekend Update” cinematic universe.


Which 'SNL' star will go dramatic next? We've got pitches


This weekend gives you two chances to see Bill Hader stretch his acting muscles. In dark comedy The Skeleton Twins, Hader and his former Saturday Night Live co-star Kristen Wiig play siblings who reunite after suicide attempts. Meanwhile, in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, Hader has a supporting role as the best friend of James McAvoy’s Conor, who is going through a pretty rough time in his relationship with Jessica Chastain’s titular character.

Saturday Night Live actors taking on dramatic—or, rather, serious—roles is nothing new. Wiig has steadily been putting films with weighty themes onto her resume, like 2013’s Hateship Loveship, based on an Alice Munro short story. Will Forte surprised audiences with a nuanced turn in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska last year, which also saw Taran Killam playing a small part in 12 Years a Slave. Though he’s inflicted Grown Ups on the public, Adam Sandler has also shown he can do more than his schtick in films like 2002’s Punch Drunk Love; he’s jumping back into the dramatic game with this year’s Men, Women & Children. Then, of course, there’s Bill Murray’s entire career to consider, especially the films he’s made since 2003’s Lost in Translation.

So, which SNL mainstay will take on a meaty, dramatic lead next? The jury’s out for now—but I’ve imagined a few roles for current and recent cast members who have yet to fully embrace their dramatic sides.


Andrew Garfield shows superheroic range in 'SNL' promos -- VIDEO

Is Andrew Garfield American or British? The answer, technically, is “both” — which explains how he switches between the two accents so easily. And that’s not the Amazing Spider-Man star’s only linguistic trick: According to this new set of Saturday Night Live promos, Garfield also knows how to speak in dog. Can you speak in dog, Emma Stone?

Watch Garfield bark, smolder, and give his take on a whispery “Clint Eastwood” voice — sounds more like a Christian Bale-esque Batman growl, if you ask me — in the video below. Hell, maybe if he’s this versatile on Saturday, SNL will name the green room after him! (As you’ll see in the clip, stage-naming rights have already been taken.)


Jim Parsons shows off dancing skills in 'SNL' promo

There’s a time and place to say “bazinga,” and Jim Parsons isn’t above policing when that time and place is. The Big Bang Theory star is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time this Saturday, and he has to deal with an overexcited Bobby Moynihan in the promos for the show. “Hi, I’m Jim Parsons and I’m hosting SNL with Beck,” Parsons starts one clip, with Moynihan replying, “Bazinga!” “No, Bobby, you’re supposed to say that after some sort of prank.” Moynihan doesn’t exactly understand.

Most of the promos revolve around Big Bang Theory, including the show’s alleged laugh track and Parsons’ nerdy character, but the highlight is when Parsons and Moynihan awkwardly “ice dance” around the studio. Watch the full clip below: READ FULL STORY

Bobby Moynihan joins En Vogue and names the moment he became a man in our Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


You can get a double dose of Bobby Moynihan this week with the Jan. 18 return of Saturday Night Live (host and musical guest Drake) and Monday night’s premiere of Chozen, the new animated FX comedy in which he voices the titular gay white ex-con rapper. Yes, you read that right. “As you know, FX is fearless,” Moynihan says. “Every other line on the show is pretty crazy. Chozen does a lot of crazy things. I’m gonna go with, like, the least crazy, actually: There’s a scene where he’s smoking a joint and finds a hot dog on the floor, takes a drag, eats the hot dog, and then exhales. I just wish I could do that in real life. I wish I had that talent. And again, that’s the least crazy thing he’s done.”

Moynihan felt comfortable when he got the audition because the character’s voice reminded him of Mark Payne, the Pizzeria Uno employee he’s played on SNL and at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Though he doesn’t perform Chozen’s raps in the show (that’s creator Grant Dekernion), Moynihan dreams of the day when he puts out his own rap album. “In my mind, not in real life,” he says. “My rap name will be Optimus Rhymes. Or the Notorious B.o.B.”

For more pop culture revelations, watch the always entertaining Moynihan take the EW Pop Culture Personality Test below.  READ FULL STORY

Bobby Moynihan addresses 'SNL' host Kerry Washington's opening sketch

What did you think of Kerry Washington’s opening sketch on Saturday Night Live? We saw the Scandal star breathlessly changing character from one prominent black woman to another, from the First Lady Michelle Obama to Oprah Winfrey. While Washington was changing wardrobe, text scrolled on the screen addressing the fact that there is no current SNL female black cast member. Though the sketch’s execution could be described as too on-the-nose, one current cast member believes it was appropriate:

“I just think it was important for us to acknowledge it, pretty much,” Bobby Moynihan told E! News on Sunday. READ FULL STORY

Edward Norton speaks Japanese, flirts with Bobby Moynihan in 'SNL' promos -- VIDEO

Make that “is flirted with by Bobby Moynihan” — the Academy Award-nominated actor doesn’t exactly reciprocate the Saturday Night Live cast member’s advances. The Japanese thing, though, is totally legit; Norton studied the language at Yale and worked in Osaka for five months shortly after graduation, and he’s still got a pretty good handle on the language.

Anyway, Norton’s promos are pretty endearing, and he seems pretty relaxed and confident in the following clip — especially for a first-time host (albeit one who’s done cameos on SNL before).


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