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Entertainment Geekly: 'Boardwalk Empire' as TV history


Boardwalk Empire begins in 1920. Its lead character, Nucky Thompson, is on top of the world. History is bending in his direction. He has established an elaborate criminal conspiracy that will funnel an addictive drug (alcohol) directly into the mouths of its consumers (most of America), all of it untaxed. What could go wrong?


'Boardwalk Empire' season 4 finale react: Why did [SPOILER!] have to die?

With a slew of new characters revitalizing this slow burn of a series, it still hurts when an original character dies. After Jimmy’s death, the consequences of which are still unfolding, Boardwalk Empire lost one of the only characters audiences could truly root for. (Steve Buscemi is great as Nucky Thompson but even he is likable only to a certain point. He’s top dog after all.) Spoilers ahead!  READ FULL STORY

13 Mob Molls With Moxie in Movies/TV

Boardwalk Empire‘s return reminds us that behind every goodfella, there’s a goodlady just as conniving and ruthless as her man.

'Boardwalk Empire' react: Nucky takes it easy, but everyone else picks up the pace

In season 3 of Boardwalk Empire, Steve Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson dueled with Bobby Cannavale’s Gyp Rosetti and, as he tends to do, came out on top. Rosetti’s exit was a win for Nucky but a loss for us, as Cannavale was one of the liveliest aspects of the sometimes-musty show.

So how will the new season keep things exciting? Pretty easily, it turns out, despite an early plea for peace. The show fast forwards to early 1924, and Nucky’s meeting with Joe Masseria and Arnold Rothstein culminates in a truce, seeming to end the violence for at least a little while as he lays low at the decidedly un-regal Albatross Hotel. Spoilers ahead!

PopWatch Planner: The U.S. Open finals, Lady Gaga, Breaking Bad, and more

Stumped for what to tune into on the tube this week? We’ve got a tennis-heavy couple days, the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire, a new-fangled trivia game show, a conversation with Lady Gaga, and Breaking Bad. All times listed are Eastern.

2013 U.S. Open Tennis, Women’s Singles final, 4:30p.m., CBS

Boardwalk Empire season premiere, 9p.m., HBO

Which female tennis player will prove victorious in the final Grand Slam of 2013? Once that’s decided, flip over to HBO to catch up with Nucky and his gangster crew as they return for season 4.


Golden Globes: Who will win in the TV categories? Polls!

Just because most people don’t do a Golden Globes pool doesn’t mean you can’t predict if Homeland will build on its Emmy domination. Let’s take the 11 TV categories to a vote. Remember, this is who you think will win, not necessarily who you want to win.  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'The Dark Knight Rises,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' and more

In a way, Batman is sort of like Santa Claus. He’s cloaked in mystery, sorts through the naughty and the nice at night, and has helpers who build his magnificent toys. Also — little known fact — the real Santa delivers his “Ho, ho, ho’s” in an Eastwoodian whisper. So it makes some sense that The Dark Knight Rises arrives on Blu-ray just in time for it to become the stocking stuffer of the holiday season. (Yeah, like you’re going to wait that long to watch it again.)

Check out what else this week has in store.

SUNDAY, Dec. 2

Boardwalk Empire season finale, HBO, 10 p.m.

Empire has demonstrated that it knows how to close. Every season, HBO’s gangster prohibition drama eases into the action, patiently setting up the game’s pieces during the first few episodes, before thundering towards an emotional climax. Expect more fireworks tonight. READ FULL STORY

'Birdwalk Empire': It's ducks vs. clucks in 'Sesame Street' parody

To say that HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is a dark show is a bit of an understatement, but leave it to the geniuses at Sesame Street to find a way to lighten the mood. In a new four-minute video, ducks and chickens faceoff on the legendary “birdwalk.” But this time it’s Nucky Ducky Thompson who’s staking claim to the Birdwalk and Agent van Cuckoo who’s trying to keep the peace.

Check out the inspired parody below. You’ll be singing “Waddle, waddle, waddle, quack, quack, quack” for the rest of the day.

PopWatch Planner: 'Boardwalk' is back. Plus: 'Glee' does Britney (again) and the Emmys!

Next Sunday’s Emmys will honor the best in TV, but to keep you going until then, one of the most-nominated shows is back in business when Boardwalk Empire season 3 premieres on HBO Sunday night. Gangsters in all forms are taking center stage this week, from aforementioned Prohibition-era Atlantic City, to modern-day Chicago, where My Boys star Jordana Spiro takes on the ailments of the mob in Fox’s The Mob Doctor.

We may be more than a month out from Halloween, but horror flick The Cabin in the Woods will be coming out on DVD this week to get you in the mood. If that’s not scary enough, conquer your fear of updating your iPhone with the Apple iOS 6 release on Wednesday. Luckily, the rest of the week has only fun things in store: Another Britney episode on Glee, a baseball movie for the end of summer, and JGL on SNL. Have a great one!

Boardwalk Empire season premiere, HBO, 9 p.m.

Put on your flapper dress and settle in for the first hour of the new season, which starts off at the beginning of 1923. What will Jimmy’s (Michael Pitt) death mean for the leadership of the Boardwalk? Will Margaret’s (Kelly MacDonald) deal with the church be the beginning of the end for her and Nucky (Steve Buschemi)? Check out clips from the new season hereREAD FULL STORY

Last Call! Turn the Emmy-snubbed into EWwy winners by voting in all 10 categories here!


Voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards — honoring the shows, actors, and actresses readers believe deserved an Emmy nomination but didn’t receive one — ends Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. (Winners will be announced Friday.) For a deep dive into the nominees, click through the Comedy categories and the Drama categories. Or, cast your ballot now by voting in the 10 polls below.

And the Drama nominees are…


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