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Martha Stewart and Blake Lively are neighbors and BFFs

Despite their much-publicized tension in the realm of artisan mustard and rustic table settings, Martha Stewart and Blake Lively were Damon-and-Affleck levels of chummy this past Saturday at Stewart’s American Made Summit.

Stewart invited Lively to speak at the annual event to tout Lively’s role as lifestyle curator/CEO of her online brand, Preserve.us, and despite some Stewart’s skepticism of Lively’s efforts in the past, it seemed that all was water under the bridge. Lively’s sunny demeanor and golden retriever-like tresses seemed to warm Stewart to the idea of that perhaps there could be two blondes in the game of lifestyle branding (but probably not three). Here are a few things we learned about the burgeoning friendship between the two lifestyle gurus, as well as Lively’s thoughts on her own empire.


A serious attempt to understand Blake Lively's Goop-like website


“So Blake Lively just launched her Goop” is how someone explained Blake Lively’s new website to me a few hours ago. Now, I am not a cynical person. I believe in giving everything at least half a chance. I can acknowledge that Goop is a thing that people care about, even though nobody can figure out whether to spell it “GOOP” or “goop” or “Goop.”

And to the extent that every generation needs their Goop–just like every generation needs a hero or a Highlander or a defining entry in the MarioKart series–Blake Lively seems like someone who could pull that off. Obviously, Leighton Meester would be preferable, but Jessica Szohr would be less preferable, and anyhow Lively seems to have quietly semi-retired from acting and settled down for a life of being merely famous and fashionable living an exciting perpetual life with her sexiest-man-alive husband. READ FULL STORY

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