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Huddle Up 'Real Housewives' Fans: What do we think of Brandi Glanville?

Brandi Glanville made her first appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night, and she came in crutches blazing. Actually, she was fairly benign at Kyle Richards’ charity party, leaving the bad behavior to the gaggle of Housewives cackling meanly over the new girl’s choice of footwear. Who wears a stiletto when you’re on crutches?, they all cried. Had Brandi worn a Croc to the party, and had she not so recently been photographed with Vanderpump nemesis Cedric the Weasel, perhaps the ladies would have been more welcoming. “What is with Brandi?” said Taylor, sounding like a hanger-on from Mean Girls. “Her husband left her for LeAnn Rimes,” said Kyle. “That’s her claim to fame.” Zing!

Judging from promos for season 2, I assumed Brandi was going for the I-excuse-my-crazy-pants-behavior-by-saying-I-just-tell-it-like-it-is, unsisterly role. A West Coast Danielle if you will. But the best thing that could have happened to Brandi in terms of fan approval was lying low last night and letting the other women talk smack. Suddenly, this sassy pants is the sympathetic one! READ FULL STORY

Has 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger reached her tipping point with her comments about gay men?

Anyone who’s ever seen an episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker knows self-proclaimed love guru Patti Stanger is an acquired taste akin to wasabi peas. She comes on strong and leaves your insides feelings raw. But Stanger’s frank, loud-mouthed, know-it-all persona has become her signature, the reason people watch her show in the first place. Who doesn’t want to see a paunchy, balding, middle-aged entrepreneur get put in his place for insisting that he will settle for nothing less than a Perfect 10? This past Sunday, however, Stanger crossed a line. Dishing out dating advice on Bravos’ Watch What Happens Live, she effectively characterized all gays as “queeny,” oral-sex-obsessed Grindr disciples incapable of monogamy, and even laughed in beloved host Andy Cohen’s face when he dared disagree with her perspective. Despite apologizing late yesterday, Stanger is still facing serious backlash. Is it possible she has gone from someone we love to hate to someone we just hate? READ FULL STORY

'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger gives controversial, uh, 'advice' during 'Watch What Happens' visit

If you tuned in for the season 5 premiere of Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, you watched horrified host Andy Cohen listen to Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Patti Stanger giving advice making judgments and sweeping generalizations about the gay community.

While visiting the Bravo talk show, Stanger took calls from fans, including one man who asked what her feelings were on open, long-distance relationships. After giving a vague, not-entirely-helpful answer (“Long distance relationships are great because they go faster and are quicker to close to a serious [relationship], almost marriage”), Stanger then asked the caller if he was gay. Not that that should matter, right PopWatchers? If a straight person called with the same question Stanger would give the same response, right? Wrong! We are so very wrong. READ FULL STORY

Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls leaves a bad taste in an American Family Association group's mouth

The American Family Association affiliate One Million Moms is vehemently against Fair Trade vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of rum, fudge covered rum balls, and milk chocolate malt balls. That can be the only reasonable explanation for their crusade against Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor, the Saturday Night Live-inspired ice cream Schweddy Balls.

Actually, One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the flavor for because of its “vulgar” title. In the opening paragraph, the group complains, “Schweddy Balls is the best they could come up with.” Valid point, “No one can resist my Schweddy Balls” would have been way funnier. READ FULL STORY

Emmys 2011: What was the best moment last night? How about the worst? Vote in our polls!

It seems fitting that the Emmys, an awards ceremony dedicated to honoring the best moments and performances in television over the past year, had so many of its own great moments and performances last night. While I’d personally argue that Amy Poehler (please, oh please, let her get her due for Parks and Recreation next year) leading her fellow Best Actress in a Comedy nominees to the stage when their names were called for the category was the funniest and most memorable moment of the evening, there were plenty others that made the evening shine.

Why they didn’t use The Office skit as the opener was truly baffling, considering that sketch was far and away the funniest scripted moment of the night, thanks to some killer cameos by Ashton Kutcher and Aaron Paul. (In bizarro Office world, Creed would so associate with Breaking Bad‘s Jesse.) READ FULL STORY

A request of the 'Rachel Zoe Project': A little less Rodger, please

I didn’t expect to become a fan of The Rachel Zoe Project. But I was sick one weekend and medicated with a season 3 marathon. Zoe is on-the-surface ridiculous, and the episode of her fawning over Kate Hudson was kind of embarrassing, but she’s a hard worker and good at her job and at once shrewd and weirdly adorable. And she shared a delightfully entertaining rapport with her prone-to-blushing assistant Brad. He was wonderful and witty and excitable and often used old episodes of 90210 as touchstones. (When client Johnny Weir showed up to Elton John’s dinner party in the same suit as another guest Brad declared this a disaster on par with Kelly and Brenda’s matching prom dresses.) Alas, he and Zoe have since parted ways. We’re being led to believe by Team Zoe that he’s done her wrong, but I still don’t understand his crime. Signing with a management company seems a perfectly reasonable decision for someone so obviously telegenic to make.


Madonna makes a silent film with hydrangeas. It doesn't end well for one of them. -- VIDEO

If you can’t wait much longer for the release of The Artist and/or you love the bizarre, ongoing Madonna vs. hydrangeas drama, then, boy is this video is for you!

While Madonna’s rep all but shot down any floral enthusiast’s hopes that Madge would apologize for her hydrangea hate last week (“She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world”), the singer/actress/writer/director/producer took matters into her own hands and made a video, a silent short film to be precise, about the whole thing.

In the clip, Madonna caresses an arrangements of her once former foe and apologizes, “You have no idea how many nights I have lost thinking how I hurt you. Words cannot express how sorry I am. To think I may have caused you pain.” READ FULL STORY

'Project Runway': Best stinkface of the night?

Project Runway consistently serves up some of the most vile/awesome stinkfaces on television. Last night’s episode (read my full recap here), which had the contestants designing their own fabric and putting on their own fashion shows, was no exception. Vote below for the week’s best.

Guest judge Rose Byrne (bottom left) looked like either Jennifer Garner or Keira Knightley the whole time (depending on the stinkface).


'Hey girl!' Watch this hilarious, super gay reimagining of the opening song from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Like you really need an excuse to watch our beloved Belle adopt a Honey Badger-esque attitude and saunter around her “little town full of queens and homos” this morning. Do yourself a favor and press play on the brilliantly NSFW “Bonjour” spoof below. As soon as Belle encounters that rude bitch who wanted Marie to hurry up with the baguettes, you’ll be glad you did. But probably sooner, girl. READ FULL STORY

How should Molly Sims shatter accessory designers' dreams?

Now that we know that actress, model, jewelry designer, and Old Navy enthusiast Molly Sims will be hosting an incredibly necessary Project Runway spinoff on Lifetime called Project Accessory, I feel a PopWatcherly duty to help her come up with a fairly lame but subject-specific sendoff line for each week’s eliminated contestant.

It won’t be that easy; it’s not like she’s German. (She’s probably a little German.)


“You’re booted.”  READ FULL STORY

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