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HBO GO passes 3 million downloads. Is it worth it?

This past weekend, HBO GO, the premium cable channel’s mobile streaming app, surpassed the 3 million download mark after less than two months on iTunes and the Android market, but the app’s features don’t make those numbers all that surprising. HBO GO allows current subscribers full access to its library of original programming. That includes older series, previously available only on pricey DVD collections, like Sex in the City, The Wire, and The Sopranos. But with the Hulus and the Netflixs of the world, can HBO GO bring anything new to the table?

The answer is simple: Yes. READ FULL STORY

'Big Love': Were the final 15 minutes a blessing or a sin?

With last night’s shocking series finale, Big Love left some of its fans praising the heavens and others cursing the writers for ending the Henricksons’ saga on a note of tragedy. If you haven’t seen the finale yet, stop reading now. Otherwise, join me after the jump for the debate… READ FULL STORY

Goodbye, 'Big Love.' You almost made the idea of polygamy attractive.


Tonight we bid farewell to one of television’s first (and until recently, only) polygamous families, as HBO’s Big Love ends its fifth and final season. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye to the Henrickson clan which, despite their questionable lifestyle, managed to be one of the most functional — and moving, surprising, and entertaining — families on TV.

It’s hard to see how Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) and his wives will get a happy ending — when last we left them, each was in crisis: Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and Bill are at a standoff over her belief that women can hold the priesthood and her decision to leave Bill’s church; Nicki (Chloë Sevigny) is devastated that her misguided attempt to end Cara Lynn’s relationship with her teacher has instead destroyed her daughter’s self-esteem; and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) is heartbroken after choosing her family over her career selling Goji juice. As for Bill? He’s about to face charges on statutory rape, seeing as Marge neglected to tell him she was only 16 when they got sealed.

I’ve given a lot of thought — arguably way too much thought — about how I want Big Love to end. Click through for my wish list for Bill and the sister wives, as well as clips of some of Barb, Nicki, and Margene’s best moments. READ FULL STORY

Enough with the hot-for-teacher stories, TV

Hot for teacher isn’t exactly a fresh narrative device, but in the last few months, it’s been eh-eh-eh-everywhere, with three teenage girl characters getting more than their fair share of extra credit: It started with Aria on Pretty Little Liars, then it was Lux on Life Unexpected (RIP), and now it’s Cara Lynn on Big Love. (Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivey haven’t crossed any lines yet, though their chemistry seems to be foreshadowing something untoward.) Study hard, ladies. READ FULL STORY

'3 Minute Talk Show' trailer: It's enough time for Jon Cryer to crack a Charlie Sheen joke -- EXCLUSIVE

On Jan. 26, LStudio.com, the site that launched Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy, debuts the weekly series The 3 Minute Talk Show with Barry Sobel. Watch the exclusive trailer premiere below. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but aside from the minimum time commitment, here are a few more reasons to watch: Fred Willard serves as Sobel’s cohost. Ben Lee fronts the band. The first two guests are Tom Hanks (his Playtone partnered with Lexus’ LStudio for the unscripted show) and Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston, whose episodes go live this Wednesday. And, at some point, Jon Cryer, of TV’s top-rated comedy Two and a Half Men, makes an appearance and explains to Sobel the secret to being No. 1. “Do a show with Charlie Sheen, ’cause it’s always fun. You get to check TMZ to know whether you’ve got to go into work that day, which is great. You’re sitting at home [pretends to check TMZ on his phone] ‘Oh, Oh, kick back, everybody. Daddy’s got the day off.'”

Among the other guests teased in the trailer: True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer, Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez, Glee‘s Mike O’Malley (who says the worst part of shooting his heart attack was when the makeup artist told him he didn’t actually need makeup), Joe Jonas, Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin, Johnny Knoxville, and Jimmy FallonREAD FULL STORY

'Parks and Rec'? 'Big Love'? 'Idol'? What January season premiere are you most looking forward to?

2011-showsImage Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Family; Isabella Vosmikova/HBO; Patrick Harbron/USA NetworkRerun season — a.k.a. “most of December” — is upon us after tonight, so my sights are already set on January, when tons of my beloved shows return after months and months away. I’m most excited for Parks and Recreation, but there’s a Big Love-shaped hole in my heart right now as well. I can’t get enough of Greek — it’s a hybrid of Felicity and Undeclared, you guys — and I admit to a raging obsession with Pretty Little Liars, too. Plus Southland, my favorite current cop show, and Archer, the tragically under-appreciated but wildly hilarious cartoon on FX? Oh hell yes.

There’s plenty of other stuff coming back, too. Royal Pains, White Collar, Californication — is there nothing chic, handsome men can’t do? — all start back up, plus a little show called American Idol returns as well.

What January return are you most looking forward to, PopWatchers?

'Boardwalk Empire' is (almost) every single HBO TV show combined

We all knew Boardwalk Empire was going to remind us a little bit of The Sopranos. They’re both shows about a New Jersey gangster with a messy love life, after all. But here’s something we didn’t expect: Boardwalk Empire is, in fact, every classic HBO TV series combined into one giant package. From period pieces like Deadwood and Rome to silly comedies like Entourage and Bored to Death, from the gritty realism of The Wire and Oz to the dark fantasy of Carnivàle and True Blood, there’s a little something from nearly every part of HBO’s history inside of Boardwalk Empire. Just consult our helpful visual aid below for a completely scientific analysis. (Click on the image to expand!)

(Designed by Jef Castro) READ FULL STORY

Bye-bye, 'Big Love'

big-loveImage Credit: Lacey Terrell/HBOBig Love‘s upcoming fifth season will also be its final one, and while I’ll miss the Henricksons, this is definitely the right time to bring the series to a close. While its high points are still some of the best moments I’ve ever seen on television, its low points were more and more frequent, and the stories were getting repetitive. Plus I’ll miss Sarah.

Big Love sometimes struggled to figure out which story it was telling. It started as sort of an allegory for gay marriage, then pushed towards a family drama, but then flailed while searching for its true sustaining narrative. The store? The casino? Politics? The compound? Roman? Ana? Fundamentalism? READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: Chloe's plans for the summer

I don’t know why this hilariously horrible imitation of Chloë Sevigny cracks me up so bad, but it really really does. She wants to “experience the concept of wanderlust” this summer, PopWatchers. And defriend Joan Lunden. What are you doing this summer? READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Aha! Moment: Siobhan Magnus is Cara Lynn

Cara-Lynn-SiobhanImage Credit: Fox; Lacey Terrell/HBOOn Tuesday night’s American Idol, Simon claimed Siobhan Magnus had “lost who you were two or three weeks ago.” I’ve solved the mystery; it’s what I’ve suspected for awhile: Siobhan is Nicki’s daughter Cara Lynn (Cassi Thomson) from Big Love. She’s gone rogue! She’s been messing with us. “Even I can’t pinpoint who or what I am,” said “Siobhan,” impatient to get back to the hotel and sweep her hair into a much smoother bouffant.

Will Cara Lynn put an end to this strange, rebellious phase next week and finally incorporate a billowing Temple Dress into her next Idol look? I would bet more on a modest sleeveless blouse tucked into denim shorts à la Nicki and Bill’s D.C. vacation. Stay tuned.

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