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Entertained or ashamed: What is happening with violence on reality TV?

When we go to see an action movie or play certain video games, we expect the violence that usually comes with those genres of entertainment. But while watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta? It seems that reality shows today have become more violent and central to a show’s plotline, making it a part of the story.

When Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom punched Jax in the face to see if he “could actually feel anything” after sleeping with his girlfriend Kristen and lying about it for months, you almost expected the blow. That’s what the story arc of the season had been leading to all along. That’s the ending we wanted and committed to the show to see. Why? Because that’s what makes good TV.

These aren’t just your random drunken Jersey Shore bar brawls, but full-on sparring battles with pent-up anger and tension and sometimes even personal betrayal. The second season of Vanderpump Rules, about Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR and its staff, ended with a literal bang when two violent outbursts (one female-to-female slap, one man-to-man punch) resulted after a season filled with lies. As Lisa herself said, you can understand some of this behavior but never condone it. So why should we have to watch it then? READ FULL STORY

'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant Evander Holyfield says homosexuality is disability -- VIDEO

Here we go again.

Boxer Evander Holyfield, who is currently on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, is in hot water for remarks he made on the program comparing homosexuality to a disability, saying both can be treated by a doctor. All together now: Ughhh.

Holyfield made the remarks on Sunday when reality star Luisa Zissman asked him if there were any gay boxers, according to TMZ. He responded that homosexuality is something doctors can fix.”That ain’t normal!” he says. “The Bible lets you know what’s wrong and what’s right.” He continued his “handicap” analogy: “If you were born, and your leg was turned this way, what do you do? Go to the doctor and get it fixed…The only thing I’m trying to tell you is you know how handicapped people, you can’t say because they’re born that way you can’t move that…Yes, it is a choice.”

When Zissman repeatedly told him he was wrong, and also that they shouldn’t even be having this conversation in the 24/7 camera house, Holyfield replied he was “just telling her my opinion.” While the content of what he’s saying is obviously offensive, the conversation between the two was fairly civil.

Here’s where things get interesting: Unlike on the most recent version of the U.S.’s Big Brother — which also made headlines for racist and homophobic remarks by many of the castmates — on the celebrity U.K. version, producers called out the negative remarks instead of just letting things play out without interference. Holyfield — who never apologizes –  was brought into a room and told by producers his comments were “inappropriate,” and they “aren’t the views that are held by a large section of society.” He was then given a warning to not say remarks like that again, but he continues to be on the show.

Watch both the conversation and the talk with producers below, courtesy of TMZ: READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother' season finale: And the winner is...


[UPDATE: Check out my full recap by clicking here!] The Big Brother house is a lot like a Jenga Tower. When the game begins, everything fits together perfectly. And then the blocks start to move, and things become unsteady, and eventually the whole thing comes tumbling down. In this metaphor, the Big Brother contestants are Jenga blocks, the “things becoming unsteady” is a season filled with backstabbing, Amanda is the older kid who knocks everything over just because they can, and Julie Chen is our collective babysitter picking up the pieces and putting us all to bed early without our supper.

The point is, fellow viewers, this season of Big Brother is over, and a new winner has been crowned. It came down to three Exterminators: Andy, the eternal backstabber who successfully managed to play pretty much everyone in the house this season; GinaMarie, the competition fiend who had an out-of-nowhere second act as a power player; and Spencer, the recordsetting pawn. Who would win the final Head of Household? Who would win the half a million dollars? Well, the votes are in…

…and that winner is…


'Big Brother': John Cochran's Clip Show Diaries

Well, our nation’s summer-long nightmare is nearly over. After months (years?) of enduring Moving Companies and Cherokee charmers and mattress flippers and cock-a-roaches, we’re down to the final three. And what better way to celebrate such an electrifying, engaging group of finalists than to have GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer sit around the kitchen table and reminisce about everything that’s happened on this season of Big Brother?

Yes, this was essentially a clip show. But it was so much more than that, wasn’t it? It was also a sobering reminder of how we’ve spent the last three months of our lives. READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother' eviction: Who went home?

UPDATE: My full recap is live! The Exterminators are a team of misfit toys who somehow managed to destroy the Big Brother endgame and rebuild it in their own image. Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa — bing, bang, boom. When the live eviction episode started, they had a final target: McCrae, the grieving widower and house lone wolf. Did the Exterminators complete their Final Four plan? Or did McCrae manage to pull himself off the block and live to fight another day? Well, the votes are in…



'Big Brother' double eviction: And the evicted houseguests are ...

[UPDATE: The full recap is live!] Before we get to tonight’s double-eviction, can we all join together in marveling that it’s the 500th EPISODE of Big Brother? That is a whole lot of drama (and a whole lot of summer nights we spent indoors).

But let’s focus on hell freezing over on tonight’s episode, in the form of Elissa and Amanda hugging. Also, GinaMarie making sense (yes, GM, Amanda is, in fact, crazy). But did the 11th-hour bonding sesh keep McCranda intact? And who went up on the block next? (Spoilers ahead!)

Sunday's 'Big Brother': Why this episode worked

Reality TV shows usually go to extreme lengths to ensure that each episode is as suspenseful as possible.  Every challenge is edited to be a nail-biter; every strategic conversation is underscored by tense, frantic music; every contestant interview promises the audience that “anything could happen” at the next vote.  Even when the outcome is ultimately unsurprising, there are typically enough twists and turns in the narrative leading up to that endpoint that viewers are left feeling satisfied that they’ve just watched a complete story.

That’s what makes Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother so peculiar. In a good way. From the moment GinaMarie (pictured) won the Head of Household competition, there wasn’t any question that McCrae and Amanda would be up on the block by the end of the show. Big Brother made no effort to conceal that fact, either.  Instead, the entire program became a showcase for Amanda’s hubris, self-victimization, and aggressive behavior.  Because viewers knew what Amanda didn’t – that she would be nominated – we were able to appreciate the dramatic irony of her outlandish claims and inappropriate actions  While having to endure more of Amanda’s relentless bullying of Elissa was decidedly unpleasant, our awareness that Amanda’s comeuppance was just around the corner made it easier to stomach. Indeed, the only suspense in the episode came from wondering exactly how Amanda would react upon finding out she’d been outsmarted.

Yet, despite this lack of suspense — or, more likely, because of it — the episode worked, and was one of the more entertaining and gripping shows in what has been a pretty bizarre, uneven season.  READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother': And the evicted houseguest is...

The 3 AM alliance was no more. Andy and Aaryn were up on the block, after a failed attempt by Elissa and a coalition of like-minded individuals to send Amanda packing. Would McCrae and Amanda support longtime friend Andy, or their eternal enforcer Aaryn? And how would the rest of the house vote, after a tension-filled week that saw Amanda launch a campaign of verbal torture on Head of Household Elissa?

Well, the votes are in, and [SPOILERS FROM HERE] READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother': The return of Judd and a new HoH


You’ll have to excuse me; I’m going through something of a metaphysical crisis. I’ve been having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that I’m spending my Sunday night writing about a television program that devotes a not unsubstantial amount of time to a 22-year-old woman inadvertently drinking nail polish remover. So if you detect a slight tinge of sadness in this week’s blog, it’s that.

Last week, we saw the whimper-not-a-bang eviction of Helen and the announcement of a shocking twist: one of the four jurors – Helen included – would have the opportunity to re-enter the game! READ FULL STORY

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