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The Rock in 'Hercules' or Ben Stiller in 'Tropic Thunder': Who wears an animal head best? -- GIF


When the latest Hercules trailer hit the Web on Tuesday, there was something very familiar about The Rock going head-to-head with a lion and then donning his conquest’s furry head atop his own. It took us right back to one of the best moments of the action comedy Tropic Thunder, when a manic Ben Stiller murders a wild beast in the dark jungle only to discover in the light of day that his furious foe was a sweet, cuddly panda bear. The actor-turned-survivalist then wears the panda’s head like some kind of ursine ushanka.

The Rock’s divine Greek hero is a little more intimidating than Ben Stiller’s Tugg Speedman, but there’s no doubt they can both rock a furry hat. In the spirit of a celebrity gossip mag, however, we have to ask: READ FULL STORY

Patton Oswalt's eHarmony coach in 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is a real thing. Plus: FREE online dating advice

Throughout The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I never really viewed Patton Oswalt’s character Todd — Walter’s personal eHarmony counselor who goes above and beyond the call of duty — as legitimate. I just thought, “Huh, well, that’s an interesting way for Ben Stiller to sneak his funny buddy into the movie.” Most of the time I assumed Todd might be fictional, another element of Walter’s overactive imagination, and that eHarmony was in on the joke.

“I’m incredibly dumb,” my own eHarmony profile might say — because NOT QUITE!

eHarmony says it did not pay for promotion within the film. But now, inspired by the film, the dating site really does offer a personal counseling service called eH+, for $5,000 instead of the $500 the 2013 version of Walter Mitty shelled out (as James Thurber rolled around in his grave).

“The counselor is going to have a lot of power,” eHarmony’s Grant Langston told MarketWatch. “The service is also designed to minimize the rejection and anxiety that comes with online dating.”

The “factual” portion of this post ends here; the rest is pure crazy!

Good God in aHarmonious heaven! FIVE GRAND? And the matchmaker won’t be a household name like Patton Oswalt or Patti Stanger? Absolutely absurd. There is no amount of dollars that will minimize the rejection and anxiety that comes with online dating. Listen up! (Wait, am I about to turn PopWatch into an online dating advice column? Sure am. Last Sunday of the year.) Your wacky big sister Annie is gonna share The Secret Life Force of Online Dating with the very few of you still reading, for free. And the secret…. is…. READ FULL STORY

Who should star in the Ben Stiller-helmed 'Reality Bites' series?

OK, OK. We know it’s kind of sacrilege to even think about remaking Reality Bites. But Ben Stiller directed it and Helen Childress wrote it and they’re developing the potential new series at NBC, so for a moment let’s hope for the best. And… make a few suggestions for who should play the slacker crew so iconically embodied by the original cast. Here are our picks, tell us yours in the comments:

Frank Ocean, The Onion, 'Burning Love' among this year's Webby winners -- VIDEO

Frank Ocean, Jerry Seinfeld, and Kevin Spacey — alongside Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe, DoSomething.org, and HBO Go — are among the winners and honorees at this year’s 17th Annual Webby Awards, spotlighting achievements in/on the Internet.

This year’s awards were selected by judges in the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, including Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and HuffPo head Arianna Huffington. Internet voters also turned out in more than 200 countries and territories for The Webby People’s Voice Awards.

Ocean, Seinfeld, and Spacey all received breakout or special achievement awards, because they did something bold (Ocean’s ”Thank You’s” letter on his Tumblr, announcing a past relationship with a man), big (Spacey’s role in setting up Netflix’s $100 million Beltway series House of Cards), or very Webby (Seinfeld’s webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, featuring guests Ricky Gervais and Larry David, among others).

Others spotlighted include: The Obama for America 2012 campaign, as Webby Breakout of the Year; Grimes, as Webby Artist of the Year; Bachelor spoof Burning Love and its creative team, as Webby Special Achievement of the Year; Kluwe, as Webby Athlete of the Year, for his open letter to a Maryland state delegate; and Steve Wilhite and his 20-year-plus invention the .GIF, as Webby Lifetime Achievement.

In addition, The Onion received its 18th and 19th Webbys for Best Humor Website.

Ocean ”will be honored for proving the power of the Web as a medium for cultural change,” organizers said in a statement. Yay, Google Maps for iPhone — winner of five Webbys! Yay, Dumb Ways to Die — winner of seven!

Watch some of the winners below. Check out the full list at webbyawards.com. The ceremony, hosted by Patton Oswalt, will be available to view at 9 a.m. ET on May 22.


What's your favorite Ben Stiller movie? Vote

With new Ben Stiller movie The Watch in theaters July 27, we got to thinking about our personal favorite Stiller movies thus far. Whether you’re a fan of his really, really ridiculously good-looking Zoolander, or prefer Greg Focker, Stiller has created some very memorable characters over his long career.

What Stiller movie is your all-time favorite? Royal Tenenbaums fans can duke it out with There’s Something About Mary supporters. Or do you prefer kid-geared movie like Madagascar or Night at the Museum? Cast your vote for your favorite Ben Stiller movie in EW’s poll below.

And no, we didn’t include Simple Jack as an option. READ FULL STORY

Cannes: Famed paleontologist and legendary male supermodel storm the carpet -- PHOTO

Pictured at the Cannes Film Festival: Two of the charming, suave actors of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. And David Schwimmer.


Read more:
‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ preview
‘Madagascar 3′ trailer: It’s a circus! — VIDEO
Cannes Festival announces 2012 line-up

'Burning Love': Ken Marino previews his new dating show parody -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Photo credit: Robyn Von Swank

Given the line-up for the upcoming dating show parody Burning Love, I’m pretty sure it’s mathematically impossible that the web series won’t leave you clutching your sides from laughter. Along with star Ken Marino — of Wanderlust, Wet Hot American Summer, and “I wanna dip my balls in it!” fame — and producer/star Ben Stiller, the show features Michael Ian Black, Adam Scott, Ken Jeong, Kerri Kenney, Party Down‘s Ryan Hansen, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, and even a former Bachelor himself: Jake Pavelka.

All that’s without mentioning Burning Love‘s unabashed skewering of all the tropes that make shows like The Bachelor a guilty pleasure. Well, PopWatchers, abandon your guilt as Marino offers EW an exclusive preview and explains the origins of Love.


Sean Penn in talks for 'Walter Mitty' role: Come back to the funny, Sean

When the conversation arises about the best comic actors who’ve successfully made the leap to serious roles, the names of Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, and Bill Murray are frequently mentioned. Rarely does anyone mention Sean Penn. The two-time Oscar winner, of course, is best known for playing gritty, emotionally turbulent anti-heroes, but it’s worth noting that his breakout Hollywood role was one Jeff Spicoli, the funniest wave-craving dude from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

And it wasn’t a fluke. Over the years, Penn has proven to be a talented comedic thesp who can get both high- and low-brow laughs. Look no further than Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown, where Penn was magnificent as the self-important jazz musician doomed to obscurity. So I was thrilled to confirm a Deadline report that Penn is in talks to costar opposite Ben Stiller in the remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Even if it’s a small role, it’s refreshing to see Penn flex these muscles. At the very least, he can get easy laughs by playing off his public persona — which includes being a curmudgeon as well as a devoted activist for humanitarian and liberal causes — but I hope he leaves that baggage at the studio gate and digs deeper. Because he’s not just one of the most talented actors around; he can also be one of the funniest. Take a look at some of his best comic moments over the years. READ FULL STORY

Poll: Who was better on 'Saturday Night Live'? Emma Stone or Melissa McCarthy?

Anna Faris is out. Emma Stone is up. EW’s season-long hunt to determine the best Saturday Night Live host kicked off last week, with voters celebrating Melissa McCarthy with an overwhelming 74.2 percent of the vote. Charlie Day (12.1 percent), Alec Baldwin (9.8 percent), and Ben Stiller (2.3 percent) survived to compete against Stone, who was well-received in her return to the show. Her awkward bridal-shower guest and 1964 Miss America winner held their own against Kristen Wiig’s comic creations, proving that Stone belongs in the conversation of talented recent hosts.

But who’s been the best host so far this season? As explained last week, this isn’t a popularity contest; simply “Who had the best Saturday Night Live episode?” Below, I’ve embedded one clip for each of the five hosts, just to remind you of their recent performances. Vote below, and the host with the least popular support will be eliminated, and the other four will advance next week to compete against Saturday’s host, Jason Segel. Ultimately, we’ll eliminate the less buzzy hosts and crown a Host With the Most at the end of Saturday Night Live‘s season. Can anyone touch McCarthy, or is this race already won? Watch and vote below. READ FULL STORY

Poll: Who has been the best 'Saturday Night Live' host so far this season?

For an entertainer, hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time is a huge career moment, recognizing not only that they’ve arrived, but that they’re cool. Just think about all the hosts over the years who’ve begun their monologue with wide-eyed giddiness about where they’re standing and gone on to gush about the legends they grew up watching on the same stage. Hosting SNL, however, is also a terrifying high-wire act that can be humbling or even humiliating. Not every star has the ability to be funny live, and when they’re not, there’s only so much the talented ensemble can do. But overwhelmed, deer-in-the-headlights hosts simply make you appreciate the greats, like Alec Baldwin, Jon Hamm, Justin Timberlake, and Tom Hanks, even more. If you can make it here, in Studio 8H, you can make it anywhere.  READ FULL STORY

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