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Kyle MacLachlan pulls out solid Brando and Walken impressions for our Personality Test -- VIDEO


After a solid premiere, Believe, NBC’s thriller from Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón and J.J. Abrams, settles into its regular Sundays at 9 p.m. time slot March 16 with a second episode that promises to reveal more about Kyle MacLachlan’s well-dressed Skouras, who’s battling his former partner Winter (Delroy Lindo) for control of 10-year-old Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) and her powers.

“Much more time is spent explaining who he is, where he’s from, and why he’s interested in Bo,” says MacLachlan, who took his cues for creating the character from something Cuarón did when he was directing the pilot. “Alfonso came in, and he started coating my hair in this black mascara, because my hair was sort of brown, and I was like, ‘What’s going on?'” he recalls, laughing. “But then I saw the finished product, and it looked very, very interesting. So it said to me that he was looking for somebody who is slightly eccentric and a little electric. I’m trying to follow his lead as much as possible.”

To get to know the actor better, we gave him one of our EW Pop Culture Personality Tests. Watch the video below to see excellent impressions of Marlon Brando and Christopher Walken. READ FULL STORY

'Believe' react: Life doesn't wait for long

“A girl lives among us. She will change the world. If she survives.”

So begins the pilot of Believe, created by newly crowned Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón and executive produced by JJ Abrams (dream team, amirite?). It’s a show that NBC is pushing to do well — they’ve given its premiere the prime post-Voice spot in hopes of drawing in viewers — and also the network’s apparent answer to what would happen if Touch and Person of Interest had a baby (kind of). Since I like both Cuarón and Abrams a whole lot, I was inclined to go into this with a generally positive attitude. It’s usually hard to gain a true sense of how these types of shows will evolve from the pilot, anyway, but NBC is asking us to believe, and, okay, I’ll give it a shot. READ FULL STORY

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