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Batman has a new female sidekick: Meet Bluebird -- PHOTO

This week sees the release of Batman #28, a flashforward issue set six months ahead of the current continuity. The issue involves a whole host of teasing reveals that will blow your mind if you read the comic book and will totally confuse everyone else. Comic Book Resources has a good breakdown for the deep reader. For the “everyone else” reader, here’s the gist: Batman has a new sidekick. This was bound to happen sooner or later, since the fifth Robin died recently. (Don’t cry: In comic books, dying is just the prologue to a resurrection arc.) Intriguingly, Batman’s new sidekick is not a new Robin; instead, she goes by Bluebird. Also, she’s a she! Check it out: READ FULL STORY

'Sherlock' goes 'Man of Steel': Should heroes have a license to kill?

The Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch is the most brilliant problem solver on television. The Sherlock Holmes played by Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary comes pretty close, but I give the edge to the “high functioning” sociopath with the “mind palace” in his head. (Now that’s some Intelligence.) The third and final installment of Sherlock’s third season challenged the master detective with a most vexing conundrum, a test of both imagination and morality, one that has become increasingly popular in our hero fiction of late: To kill or not to kill. READ FULL STORY

Christian Bale on Batkid taking over his gig: 'Wasn't that fantastic?'

You’d have to be made of stone not to feel for Batkid, San Francisco’s superhero for a day. The 5-year-old boy, named Miles, whose leukemia is in remission, asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to be Batman for a day, and his wish came true on Friday. He saved damsels in distress, prevented bank robberies, and warmed everyone’s hearts in his adorable miniature-caped glory.

Also not immune to Batkid’s heroics? The man who reinvigorated the Batman name itself: Christian Bale. “Wasn’t that fantastic?” Bale told Vulture. “I looked on the news and I saw this headline and thought, ‘What’s that?’ And I saw all the pictures of him running around and saving people. It’s so touching.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s call for support drew thousands of volunteers, bolstered by social-media efforts, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  Bale was in awe of the unifying powers of the internet: “I’ve never been on Twitter, but how great a thing that it can create something like that!” Bale told Vulture. “I mean, wonderful. This little kid, oh my God — what a wonderful day for the little fella! It’s just fantastic, seeing all those people who were out there to support it.”

Batkid rescues Gotham City from evil, rescues world from cynicism

The world was rescued from unspeakable evil today thanks to the daring bravery of Batkid, a pint-sized superhero who spent the day saving Gotham City from two different supervillains, not to mention saving all our hearts from cynicism. As you probably know if you’ve been on the Internet or spoken to anyone in the last 24 hours, Batkid is in fact a five-year-old boy and leukemia survivor named Miles who wanted more than anything to be Batman, and I’m not crying guys, seriously, I just have something in my eye.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, that wish was granted by the Make-A-Wish foundation, which has apparently achieved such cosmic power that it was able to get every single person in San Francisco to play along with Batkid’s epic live-action adventure. The lil’ hero’s journey took him all around the city. Meanwhile, his legend spread even further to the very highest reaches of our government, offering our divided country the rare opportunity to join together in joyful praise and good cheer, Jesus I’m not sure where these tears are coming from, I think maybe somebody is cooking onions and playing Sigur Ros or something? READ FULL STORY

'Batman: Arkham Origins': Bigger, not better


Arkham City was a near-miracle videogame. It was built like an open world but it played like a nonstop-fun arcade brawler, expansive and micro-detailed all at once: Think Grand Theft Auto pretending to be Streets of Rage. Rocksteady Studios built on the success of Arkham Asylum to make a game that ravenously attacked generations of Bat-lore. It felt like the sequel to whatever generation of Batman you grew up with — the classic comics, the animated series, the Nolan movies, the bleak Miller explorations. Like so many headline characters in contemporary pop culture, the Caped Crusader’s story will never end. Arkham City made you forget that. It felt like the last Batman videogame ever. You wondered how they could ever follow that up. READ FULL STORY

Ben Affleck was 'reluctant' to play Batman

The Internet suffered a near-fatal outrage-gasm back in August when Warner Bros. announced that recent Oscar winner and bygone-Daredevil Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. The Internet has long since moved on to new near-fatal outrage-gasms — did Miley Cyrus do anything today? — but Affleck has now admitted that he, too, was quite skeptical about the idea of Ben Affleck playing Batman. “Initially I was reluctant,” he tells Al Norton at 411Mania. “But once Zack showed me the concept … I was excited.” READ FULL STORY

New York Comic-Con preview: 'The Walking Dead,' 'SHIELD,' 'Oldboy,' and more

New York Comic-Con looks set to have its biggest year yet, with a slate heavy on popular TV shows and celebrity appearances. Based in Manhattan’s Javits Center, NYCC has grown in importance over the last few years. Although it can’t compete with the San Diego Comic-Con for pure breadth of buzz, NYCC has developed its own distinctive personality in the last few years. (It’s also gotten a big boost from a certain mega-popular zombie show whose Halloween-season start dates match up perfectly with NYCC’s early-October berth.) If you’re going to NYCC, here are the hot-ticket events; if you’re just playing along at home, consider this a possible sneak peek at the next few days of Twitter trending topics. (Note: You can watch some of the cultier/non-Walking Dead events on the NYCC live stream.)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Saturday, 5:00 PM): The only announced speaker at the panel for ABC’s hit Avengers spinoff is Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb, but this is Marvel, so expect at least one surprise. Since the panel runs an hour and fifteen minutes, that “surprise” might be a full episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. If questioned, expect Loeb to no-comment confirm the possibility of an Agent Carter series. READ FULL STORY

'Batman' TV prequel: What we can expect from 'Gotham'

Fox chose an auspicious moment to greenlight a Batman prequel show. The same day the network announced Gotham, eternal rival Marvel saw its multi-punctuated Avengers spin-off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. deliver a dominant series-premiere ratings performance. S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s success is proof-of-concept for a new Superhero-Adjacent genre: A show set in a familiar super-universe that focuses on the less-super (and decidedly cheaper) heroes.

Gotham is superficially similar. Like S.H.I.E.L.D., it transforms a supporting character into the lead: The show will apparently constitute an origin story for Commissioner Gordon, the chief lawman and Friend-of-Batman played by Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight trilogy. But it also appears that Gotham will prominently feature other characters from the comic book mythos. Fox has indicated that iconic villains will also appear, in some kind of fetal prequel form. Expect to learn more about the show in tantalizing tidbits released in regularly Internet-imploding news releases over the next few months, but here are five talking points about Gotham:

Josh Brolin was in the running to play Batman

Acclaimed Oscar-nominated actor and human bar fight Josh Brolin was rumored to be one of the actors in contention to play an older Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Of course, that was back in August 2013, the long-ago era when every male actor between the ages of 25 and 67 was theoretically in the running to play the Caped Crusader. Now our culture has moved on to a brave new Affleck era. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still speculate about what might have been…especially since Brolin is at the Toronto Film Festival, which means he’s surrounded by reporters. Since journalism mainly exists nowadays as a delivery system for Batman casting rumors, Brolin has had a couple of opportunities to confirm that, yes, he was very briefly maybe possibly kinda sorta in talks to play Bruce Wayne. READ FULL STORY

'Man of Steel 2' trailer spoof: Batman and Superman (and Bryan Cranston)


We’re still two years away from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 (feat. Batman), but there’s already a trailer for the onscreen pairing of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. Of course, this trailer is actually just a spoof, but it’s a well-edited spoof created by YouTube user Soylent Brak 1, who created it from the raw material of Man of Steel footage and lots of shots of Ben Affleck looking tense. There’s also a timely appearance by Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, which is the hottest casting rumor of the moment. Watch! READ FULL STORY

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