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'Frozen' toys could top Barbie toys in holiday sales

Looks like Elsa is more popular than Barbie these days: A National Retail Federation survey found that parents are more interested in buying Frozen toys than Barbie ones for their kids this holiday season, according to the Associated Press.

Twenty percent of parents surveyed plan to buy Frozen-related toys while 16.8 percent are planning to buy something Barbie-related. This is the first time in 11 years that Barbie hasn’t occupied the top spot.  READ FULL STORY

Barbie makes the pages of 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit issue

Even dolls have to redefine their images sometimes too, apparently. That’s why Mattel partnered with Sports Illustrated to feature Barbie in the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue this year.

Barbie wears a black-and-white striped one-piece, the same swimsuit she wore back in 1959 when she made her debut, in the spread. But it’s not just a photo spread: Mattel is pushing a campaign about Barbie with the theme being “unapologetic.” So Barbie is the opposite of Shia LaBeouf this week then.

“As a legend herself, and under constant criticism about her body and how she looks, posing in [the issue] gives Barbie and her fellow legends an opportunity to own who they are, celebrate what they have done and be #unapologetic,” Mattel said in a statement to the New York Times. Poor Barbie, always getting picked apart by those darned critics! READ FULL STORY

Anna Faris on childhood memories: 'I had a Barbie whorehouse'

While most little girls styled their Barbie dollhouses with fabulous family, friends and pets — Anna Faris made her dream house a brothel that served as a foundation for unsolved murder mysteries.

Making an appearance on Conan late night on Wednesday,  the Mom star shared an interesting childhood memory of holding murder-mysteries with her dolls. “I was fascinated with murder as a child,” Faris said. “I would create Barbie murder mysteries. One Barbie would die and the rest of the Barbies would have to figure out who the killer was.”

Faris continued, “My mom doesn’t know this, so please don’t tell her. There was a weird sexual component to it. Yeah, ol’ Peaches. I had like a Barbie whorehouse.”

Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

FIRST LOOK: Katniss, Peeta, Effie, and Finnick as Barbie dolls -- VIDEO

You still have to wait 44 days until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters, but in the meantime you can think up your own scenes with your favorite characters, as Katniss, Peeta, Effie, and Finnick are all getting the Barbie doll treatment. Mattel is releasing the dolls at New York Comic-Con this week.

While the Peeta, Finnick, and Effie dolls are new, it’s not Katniss’ first time at the Barbie rodeo — she was made into a doll for the first Hunger Games film as well.

We got to spend some time getting to know the characters (and acting out a few scenes!) at Mattel’s design headquarters recently. Check out our trip to Mattel and our interview with Lead Designer for Barbie, Bill Greening, below.


Comic-Con: My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, and more toy teases -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Sure, Comic-Con has evolved into an all-around pop culture fest, with your favorite movie and TV stars invading San Diego, but its roots are in the worlds of comic books and, of course, toys. Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive first look at the collectibles Mattel and Hasbro will be unveiling at the Con, and we’re bringing all the goodies straight to you.

In four videos below, EW’s Anthony Breznican and Laura Hertzfeld offer up a first look at some seriously badass toys — everything from Catwoman Barbie and new superhero Max Steel to a glittering My Little Pony and Angry Birds Star Wars miniatures. Stick with EW through the weekend for more Comic-Con exclusives and breaking news!

Drag Queen Barbie looks just like regular Barbie

She’s been a doctor, a teacher, a diplomat, an unfulfilled ’60s housewife, a certain expert archer from District 12, and a country singing superstar, among others — but this might be the first time Barbie is actually a man.

This December, Mattel will begin shipping a doll called “The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie.” Like many of her collectable pals, this little lady boasts a killer sparkly dress, carefully coiffed blond hair, and legs for days. The twist? She’s wearing an outfit inspired and designed by Phillipe Blond, a drag enthusiast who doubles as half of the fashion designer duo The Blonds. (David Blond is his other half; he worked on Blond Diamond Barbie as well.)

And what an outfit: “Barbie wears a stunning silvery mini corset dress—designed by The Blonds themselves—featuring countless sculpted faux gems and a full length faux fox fur. Of course, luscious blonde curls frame her beautiful face. Accessories include silvery jewelry suite and glitter pumps,” an official description on Barbie Collector reads.


Ken you believe it? Ukrainian woman possibly tranforms into real-life Barbie

Looks like one very motivated Ukrainian woman has beat Nicki Minaj to the punch in becoming a real-life Barbie. Or has she? After a Facebook page popped up for impossibly doll-like Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, 21, the Internet is abuzz with questions of whether she is a real girl or simply a plaything for avid Photoshoppers.

It’s hard to judge based on Lukyanova’s beyond-tiny waist and kewpie-on-acid-sized eyes. That her Facebook page was only started four days ago and has swiftly been flooded with perfectly manicured images does reek of a better looking Catfish. Regardless, Lukyanova’s popularity is growing by the minute (at time of press, she had more than 21,000 “Likes”). Either way, sorry Paris Hilton and Top Model‘s Allison Harvard, you’ve been replaced.


'The Hunger Games': Mattel debuts Katniss Everdeen Barbie -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK


We told you last month that — whether you like it or not — Mattel is turning The Hunger Games‘ Katniss Everdeen into a Barbie doll.

Now, EW is happy to share the exclusive first look at the iconic heroine after being filtered through Mattel’s Barbie-making factory. This Katniss isn’t wearing her reaping dress — instead, and rather fittingly, she’s wearing what she wore into the Games and comes complete with a miniature mockingjay pin, bow and arrow, forest-tromping boots, and that one, plump braid. You can find a full-body shot of the Katniss Barbie — as well as further details about the doll’s creation from its designer, Bill Greening — below.


Vote for Barbie! She's running for President of the United States

Mitt Romney is forever lampooned as a Ken doll, but now there’s a candidate that we pop-culture-obsessed folks can endorse: Meet the Barbie I Can Be… President doll, Mattel’s latest incarnation of the icon. Just in time for the 2012 election season, Barbie is officially announcing her candidacy as leader of the “B Party.”

The look? She’s stately and patriotic for sure, and there appears to be some First Lady realness happening fashion wise: Hello, Jackie O. and Michelle Obama! Besides a bunch of platitudes about this new Barbie being empowering for girls everywhere, the release trumpeting the news is delightful, mixing Barbie’s newfound presidential ambitions and empowering message of “B inspired, B informed, and B involved” with her traditional focus on fashion and glamour.


'Hunger Games': Katniss to get her own Barbie doll

EW has confirmed that Mattel will manufacture and release a collectible doll inspired by Katniss Everdeen, the lead character from The Hunger Games.

The doll is being “created specifically for the adult collector,” says a rep for Mattel, who explains that the Katniss-inspired Barbie will be available later this year through BarbieCollector.com and other retail outlets. Currently, no images of the doll are available. (Here’s an example of Barbie Collector’s Twilight Bella doll, though.) READ FULL STORY

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