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Adding bangs to women's hairstyles in time jumps: What's the point?

Parks and Rec may have teased a big shocker in the last few minutes of its season finale Thursday night, but the actual shocker played second fiddle to the real upset: Leslie Knope’s new bangs in the flash-forward.

On the episode of Parks and Recreation, we got a look at Future Leslie… with bangs. On How I Met Your Mother‘s season finale, we got at a look at Future Robin… with bangs. In Scandal‘s first season, flashbacks are signified by Olivia Pope going from bang-free to full-on fringed. On Friends, ’80s Rachel has — guess what? — bangs.

More and more, the fringe is used on TV to indicate a time change even though it’s basically useless, both expositorily and plot-wise. Time jumps are often accompanied by a title screen indicating as clearly as possible that the scene is either from the past or future: On the Parks and Rec season finale, a caption tells us we’re three years in the future as Leslie jaunts around the office with her new blonde bangs. All the men look the same — save for Ben’s gelled-back hair — but nope, not Leslie. How would we viewers figure out it was a time jump without the fringe?


Old Girl -- A 'New Girl' parody

Well, New Girl, meet pointed satire. Paulilu, a New York sketch comedy group, has released Old Girl, their own spin on FOX’s runaway hit. This time, the new roommate isn’t Jessica Day, an odd but attractive young teacher who’s 90% bangs, but Muriel Rosenberg, a cranky octogenarian played by Helen Slayton-Hughes. She’s quick with age-appropriate pop references — silent film hunk Rudolph Valentino, the ’80s procedural Murder She Wrote — and has trouble with pesky amenities like TiVo. What’s funny is that the dynamics of Old Girl are basically the same as on New Girl. Watch it below.


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