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'Bachelor Pad' season premiere: 'It's a sex challenge!'

Oh, it’s a challenge all right, but sex really didn’t have anything to do with it. How are you holding up, rose lovers? If you’re like me, you just finished watching the THREE-HOUR season premiere of Bachelor Pad… Just pause and let that statement sink in for a moment. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click to read Kristen’s Bachelor Pad 2 premiere recap), but in the meantime if you’ve seen the episode — and for the love of Chris Harrison, SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t — let me know what you thought of night one. Was the Jake-Vienna-Kasey clash everything you dreamed it could be? Did you miss Michael Stagliano as much as I did? (Your loss, Holly!) And is it me, or were they actually trying to paint Michelle Money as… sympathetic? As sad as it is to say, I’m hooked, folks. Between this and Big Brother, I am going to be intellectually comatose by the end of the summer. BRING IT ON!

'Bachelor Pad': Jake taped his appearance just hours before his interview with Vienna

vienna-jake Rose lovers, have I got a story for you. As some of you may know, I was none too pleased to see that ABC had granted Jake “Quivering Jaw of Rage” Pavelka more airtime on Monday’s finale of Bachelor Pad (he served as a judge during the Dancing with the Stars-themed challenge). Well, it has come to my attention — via a very polite email from an ABC bigwig — that Jake taped the Bachelor Pad gig mere hours before his explosive confrontation with Vienna, and that ABC actually considered not airing the uncomfortably hostile interview. (Oh, the horror!) Here’s what really went down:

“It was so funny you would ask about us having Jake judge the dance competition after the debacle of the interview with Vienna. The funny thing about that is we shot the dancing competition the SAME night.  The dancing competition was shot at around 9pm and the interview was well after midnight. After the interview (and Jake) went completely off the rails we decided not to air the interview, knowing that he was going to be appearing in Bachelor Pad. When all the stories came out speculating he raised his fist to Vienna we had to air the interview just to put that to rest and just cut Jake (and the rest of the fabulous judges) WAY back.”

Talk about the most dramatic night… EVER! Do I still wish that ABC had placed a big blue dot over Jake’s face and distorted his voice to sound like the Zingbot so that fame-seeking weasel did not get the benefit of more airtime? Sure. But it certainly does make me feel better to know that ABC didn’t invite Jake to visit Bachelor Pad after he went all American Psycho on Vienna. What about you, rose lovers?

Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Episode 6

chris-bachelor-padImage Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCBefore I get into the fantastic finale of Bachelor Pad, I want to once again talk about what a great little community of people we’ve created with this franchise. Last week, former contestants Amy Bean, Natalie, Deanna, Holly and their Stagliano boys showed up to support the premiere of a movie called Heaven’s Rain that my production company had a hand in getting produced. If you have a second, check out the story at Heavensrainmovie.com. Then on Sunday, Andy Baldwin, Ryan Sutter and I took part in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Well, to be honest, they competed and I just finished it. The point is, though, that I love the community of friends this show has created over the years, and I very much appreciate their support.

Now that season one of Bachelor Pad is complete, I can tell you the things I was a bit surprised by (aside from Wes and Gia’s romance, that is). From day one, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize Kiptyn and Tenley were extremely powerful and had to be dealt with. I was surprised week after week how they managed to slide by. READ FULL STORY

'Bachelor Pad' finale: And the 'winner' is...

Before we get to that, rose lovers, let’s discuss the big losers from this, the inaugural season of Bachelor Pad: Dignity. Human decency. Natural breasts. Oh, and so many, many others. But yes, a “winner” was declared tonight (or was it “winners”? I’ll never tell!), so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want the purity of this sacred occasion sullied by Interweb spoilers, whatever you do steer clear of the comments below. For the rest of us… Did we really just spend 12 hours of our lives watching this show? And did we really feel a gleeful thrill when the winner was announced — as if somehow the outcome was right and just? And by “we” do I really mean me? Yes on all counts! What about you, rose lovers? Were you happy with the finale? Are you aching for season 2? And most importantly of all, WHO should be the next Bachelor? (I’m voting for Jesse B…. just so they can call the season The Bachelor: Banana Appeal.) Check out my full Bachelor Pad recap for all the details of the finale, and don’t miss Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelor Pad blog. In the meantime, share your hopes and dreams below!

Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Episode 5

chris-bachelor-padImage Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCThings obviously got very interesting very quickly this episode. You could hear a pin drop when I walked in and dropped the bomb on the cast that three girls would be going home immediately. Remember, I told them the first day we moved in that this moment would be coming. I’m not sure if they forgot, or just didn’t see it coming, but they were all caught by surprise.

One of the more interesting things for me in hosting a new show like Bachelor Pad is being able to keep the contestants guessing. All these people really thought they had a handle on how this game would go, but they quickly realized they signed up for something that’s never been done before, and that meant there really wasn’t a blueprint on how to play. READ FULL STORY

'Bachelor Pad' episode 5: 'Do you want to get naked?'

I think we all know the answer to that question, don’t we, rose lovers? Tonight’s episode featured two historic moments for the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise: Not only did producers admit that actual sex took place in the fantasy suite (rather than simply implying it with shots of, say, waves crashing on the beach or volcanoes erupting), in an even more shocking scene, two contestants had an actual, human conversation about real-life personal issues. And no one said the word “journey”! To be honest, I’m just trying to focus on the bright side here rather than fixating on the truly boneheaded gameplay that also took place in the penultimate episode of the Pad. No spoilers here (click over to my full Bachelor Pad recap for all the details), but I will say I was embarrassingly disappointed about who went home. What about you? We’re down to the “super six” — who are you rooting for to win? How many times did you rewind that post-coital conversation between [contestant name redacted] and [contestant name redacted] in the fantasy suite? And do monkeys really peel bananas from the wrong end?

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'Bachelor Pad': More answers to the survey revealed!

bachelor-pad_320.jpg Image Credit: Rick Rowell/ABCOn Monday’s Bachelor Pad, contestants had to anonymously fill out a survey with more than 50 questions about their fellow contestants, then, in a challenge, publicly reveal what they assumed the majority of the house had answered. For each correct guess, they got a point. Only seven questions made it to air, and two of them — “Who will be a bridesmaid but never a bride?” (Natalie) and “Who has the worst boob job?” (Elizabeth) — sent women sobbing throughout the house. EW asked ABC for the full results. Below, the contestants’ consensus on 43 of the questions. (Producers opted not to share some of the answers. Wait till you read those questions — could they have a heart after all?) READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Episode 4

chris-bachelor-padImage Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Before we get into the tears and drama of the Pad I want to first thank you for watching our new show and making it a success. I also want to thank those of you that joined me Sunday on the Emmy red carpet on TV Guide Network. (While I’m thanking people, a quick shout out to Chris Lambton, Jesse B., and Peyton for joining me last week in North Carolina and helping raise money for cancer research and the Jimmy V foundation.) This episode started with an inside look at the fallout from last week’s elimination. Wes was obviously emotional after losing Gia. He said, “it’s not personal, it’s a game.” I think he was trying to convince himself more than anybody else. He clearly fell head over heels for Gia, and I can’t wait ’til we all get back together at the finale to see how deep these feelings go and if they’re mutual. Wes’ feelings aside, he really went out on a limb to save Gia and that limb snapped in half. He was a man alone on an island all week, and despite his best efforts to help everybody remove their heads from their backsides and take down the power couples, his words fell on deaf ears and he was shown the door — or in this case the limo. READ FULL STORY

'Bachelor Pad' episode 4: Worst date in reality TV history?

You know which one I’m talking about, rose-lovers. I won’t spoil it for you West Coasters, but for the love of all that is holy, what was [contestant name redacted] thinking???? Or is the idea that [contestant name redacted] was in fact thinking at all giving him/her too much credit? Let’s just say when the best part of a date is the fact that it took place in an airplane hangar, you are in trouble. In other Bachelor Pad news, that anonymous survey was a brilliant and beautiful work of cruelty by the producers — you know they had a ball sitting around brainstorming questions that would truly send the bachelors and bachelorettes into painful shame spirals. I’m not at all surprised about who went home, though from the looks of the previews for next week, the “insiders” will not be in control forever. Stay tuned for my full TV recap (UPDATE: Bachelor Pad full recap is now live) and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelor Pad blog later tonight, but in the meantime, let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode, and whether you would rather go on a date with the badly behaving contestant mentioned above OR have Jake Pavelka’s face tattooed on your forehead.

Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Episode 3

chris-bachelor-padImage Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC They say that love…. We’ll continue that song in just a bit. Let’s begin this week with a kiss. Who knew a simple little kissing contest would tear the world apart like it did in the house this week. Ashley is a high school teacher and felt like she would be compromising her values and letting her students down by taking part, so she pulled out of the competition. I have to go with my original feeling about it that day and say I respect the move. She felt like a hypocrite and I respect anybody for standing up for what they believe. As for Gia, I wasn’t so sure. She had already competed in over half the competition, so I’m not sure why she decided to step away when she did. I know she was struggling with it and got emotional, but I was a little surprised when she walked away. I think it’s pretty safe to say her heart wasn’t in it and she had no chance of winning, but seeing as how she got sent home it essentially cost her a quarter of a million dollars. I was also surprised at how serious the lip-locking got. As Elizabeth so eloquently said, “I got tongue from most of the guys.” Elizabeth and Natalie were easily the most aggressive during the contest. We gave them a rough seven-second count to kiss each guy, and most of the time I had to tell Natalie and Elizabeth that their time was up. Oddly enough the guys didn’t like the rough stuff. They went with the softer, gentler Peyton. As for the girls they picked David. David took Nikki, Krisily and Natalie to Vegas. They spent some time at the Bare pool at the Mirage. Natalie did bare it and surprise, surprise she got the rose. I’m not saying guys are easy to figure out, but it’s not exactly algebra is it? (If you’re really good at algebra then insert something you’re not good at here.) It’s smart of Natalie and David to keep their relationship on the down low. Considering the trouble Kovacs and Kiptyn are in, this seems like a good play. READ FULL STORY

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