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Volkswagen unveils 2012 Super Bowl commercial 'The Dog Strikes Back'

It’s been 12 days since Volkswagen unleashed “The Bark Side” and started building up anticipation for the sequel to last year’s beloved “The Force” commercial. With four days to spare until Super Bowl XLVI, the car company has released an extended version of “The Dog Strikes Back.” It’s one of three 30-second VW ads that will air on game day and features not only an adorably chubby pooch but also a final-act twist worthy of “I am your father!” Watch below. READ FULL STORY

Uggie, the dog from 'The Artist,' retires. Bark together now: Noooo!

Image Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

It’s a sad, sad day in the animal kingdom as arguably one of the most adored pooches of all time hangs up his acting collar. Yes, it’s true: Uggie, the scene-stealing Jack Russell terrier who played sidekick to Jean Dujardin in The Artist, is retiring. His trainers Omar Von Muller and Sarah Clifford have announced that the camera-loving canine is ready to bid farewell to the red carpet at the ripe old age of 10 for scruffier pastures.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy year for Uggie. He first wooed audiences as Queenie in last year’s Water for Elephants and continued his rise in The Artist, where he loyally braved fire to save George Valentin. Plus, the fact that this tiny terrier evoked the ‘Aww’ heard around the world at the Golden Globes when the cast of The Artist took the stage should speak to his star power.


We all know 'Beauty and the Beast 3D' got robbed

Plenty of Oscar snubs yesterday, but perhaps most egregious is the Academy’s woefully unenlightened cold shoulder toward Best Supporting Actor Lumière. Don’t they realize that the farther they walk away from his eternal flame, the less they will be able to see? What’s it like, Oscar voters, to live inside a great big gilded castle of DARKNESS? READ FULL STORY

Muppet of a man: Bret McKenzie earns a Best Song Oscar nod for 'Muppets' tune

Life’s a happy song for Bret McKenzie and The Muppets today: Their other charming ditty, the reflective, funny, and surprisingly touching “Man or Muppet” earned a Best Song nomination for the 84th Academy Awards. Between our dreams of the Muppets hosting the Oscar ceremony being dashed and that baffling snub at the Golden Globes, there was some worry that Jason Segel‘s love letter to Jim Henson’s beloved characters would be all but forgotten by the Academy.

Alas, the charm of The Muppets and its masterful songwriter McKenzie prevailed and nabbed one of this year’s only two Best Song nominations. (They will go up against Rio and their tune “Real in Rio.”) But some big questions — aside from can The Muppets and McKenzie emerge as Oscar winners — still remain: Will Walter the Muppet perform alongside the Flight of the Conchords star or will Jim Parsons? Will there be an additional verse by the Rhymenocerous? Who is going to say “present” for Bret when he inevitably misses the band meeting that Sunday? We’ll have to wait and find out on Feb. 26.

Watch the video for Oscar nominated tune “Man or Muppet” below. (And yes, you are a very manly Muppet, Jason Segel.) READ FULL STORY

Puppy Bowl 2012 starting lineup announced

I think I may have found the ultimate cure for the beating the winter-Monday blues: Have your favorite football team head to the Super Bowl (Go Giants!) and then look at photos for the lineup for this year’s painfully adorable Puppy Bowl. Huzzah! Puppies and sports! Take that, rainy January Monday!

Just hours after it was determined that the New York Giants would be facing off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Animal Planet announced their lineup for Puppy Bowl VIII. Among the unbearably cute pooches competing in the wildly popular televised event (last year saw a staggering 9.2 million people tuning in for Puppy Bowl programming) are a 10-month-old Dachshund named Shiloh (“Fun Fact: Has read all the Harry Potter books”), a floppy-eared 13-week-old Terrier named Marbles (!), and a 14-week-old Miniature Aussie Mix named Tattoo who is so fluffy I’m going to die! Check out the entire lineup here. But, be warned, it’s NSFW — in that you will distract everyone in your office with a torrent of “D’awwwwwwwwww“s!

Puppy Bowl VIII begins at 3 p.m. EST on Sunday, Feb. 5, on Animal Planet. D’awwww.

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'The Big Bang Theory' 100th episode: Does it rank among your Penny/Leonard favorites?

From their first meeting, Leonard and Penny’s beauty and the geek story was a special one. Though he lacked the self-confidence to actually ask the bold, blonde beauty from across the hall out on a date, you knew that deep down, his heart knew it was possible.

Last night, as some of you commenters pointed out, we saw a totally different side of Leonard. Confident. Unashamed of his feelings. And… in a way… sort of better-looking than we’ve ever seen him. (Now, let’s not get Leonard confused with Johnny Galecki, who, in person, is a pretty slick guy.) It seemed like the producers wanted to show us just how far Leonard had come in 100 episodes, without one of his friends (or Leonard himself) telling us so. If that was the goal, mission accomplished.

And in watching Leonard at his best, I felt as though I was also watching Leonard and Penny (as a couple) at their best, too — not including what we saw in their daydream states. READ FULL STORY

Volkswagen's 'The Bark Side' teaser: Can this year's ad top 2011's 'The Force'?

Since the wild success of “The Force” during Super Bowl XLV, Volkswagen decided to stick with a formula that works for this year’s game day ad. Star Wars + adorableness = Everybody wins! In a new tease for this year’s commercial, which will premiere Sunday Feb. 5, Volkswagen has repurposed the “Imperial March” (a.k.a. Darth Vader’s theme) using a chorus of howling hounds. See the Ewoks and Wookiees and AT-ATs (oh my!) in the “spot” below. READ FULL STORY

Beyonce and Jay-Z name baby girl Blue Ivy Carter: Reports

Chartreuse Algae must have been taken.

Congratulations to new mama Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z, and happy belated B’Day to baby Blue Ivy, who was born by Destiny (C-section) in NYC Saturday. Blue Ivy may sound like a detergent, trendy liqueur, or curious shade of denim (and surely within a few months all of these products will exist), but at least her parents won’t have to whip up an imaginary pop star name like “Lakoda Rayne” when she’s older.

Blue Ivy. The more I type it, the more I LIKE it. Maybe I’ve had too many shots of it!

Of course it wasn’t an easy road to Blue Ivy — when the news first broke this morning, people, confused by the genius they were beholding, passed along the baby’s name as Ivy Blue. (Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow, who swooped in this morning with a clarifying tweet. Goop in a pinch!) So already — along with “Aunty Gaga,” “Uncle Kanye,” and “Uncle Chris Brown” — #NamesBetterThanIvyBlue is trending on Twitter. Which is ridiculous, because what name could possibly be better than that? Okay, gotta go buy some jeans.

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'The Lion King Rises' mash-up: Oh, Simba just can't wait to be Batman! (VIDEO)

Alternatively, you could picture Jonathan Taylor Thomas tearfully ripping up a glamour shot of Christian Bale.

Thanks to this brilliantly edited mash-up by Brad Hansen for revealing to us the first great truth of 2012: It turns out that this summer’s upcoming The Dark Knight Rises is a rather believable allegory for 1994′s The Lion King.

Are you ready for THE STAMPEDE? I don’t think you’re ready for this stampede. Watch the video:


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