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'Awake' finale react: What just happened?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the season/series finale of NBC’s Awake, stop reading now. If you have, share your theories on the ending and any burning questions you have in the comments section. We’re chatting with creator Kyle Killen Friday afternoon and will see what we can get him to answer. UPDATE: Here’s our interview with Killen where he addresses fans’ theories and where the series was headed. READ FULL STORY

'Awake' series finale: Chat live with creator Kyle Killen tonight at 10 p.m. ET

Awake creator Kyle Killen and star Jason Isaacs have promised fans a satisfying series finale with an emotional resolution in tonight’s final hour. Read our interview with them here and see what else they had to say (Isaacs talks Britten’s nudity, breakdown, and large notepad, while Killen explains why he’s not actively shopping the show to another network).

As a special treat for fans who’ve stayed with the show — we’ve seen tonight’s episode, and it’s worth it — Killen will join us here at 10 p.m ET/7 p.m. PT for a live chat during the finale’s East Coast airing to answer your questions. After the series premiere in March, 62 percent of readers predicted neither reality would end up being real and Britten would somehow learn both his wife Hannah and son Rex had survived the car crash. According to Isaacs, who — sorry sci-fi fans — says the series really was about psychological denial, one of the worlds is a dream. What’s your prediction now for which reality is real and how the series will end?

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‘Awake’ series finale will be satisfying, Jason Isaacs and Kyle Killen promise
‘Awake’ turns Britten badass as series nears end: A recap of the penultimate episode
Chat live with ‘Awake’ creator Kyle Killen during the season finale tonight at 10 p.m. ET
‘Awake': Which reality is real? — POLL

'Awake' turns Britten badass as series nears end. Come back!

If you started watching NBC’s Awake and fell off along the way (shame), you may want to tune back in. Last night, the series aired the first hour of its two-part finale. Watch it below. The second and now final hour of the series airs May 24. If you’ve been waiting to see Jason Isaacs’ Det. Michael Britten kick some butt, it’s go time. Some viewers never warmed to the conspiracy-theory aspect of the show — who was behind the car accident that, depending on which of the two realities Britten is awake in, either claimed the life of his wife or his son? It’s been a slow burn. But I suspect even they enjoyed last night’s episode, which went full throttle into Britten trying to find out why he was targeted, how he could prove it, and who needs to pay. Isaacs’ stone cold glare was worth the wait. A rundown: READ FULL STORY

'Awake': Which reality is real? -- POLL

NBC’s Awake, starring Jason Isaacs as a cop who lives two realities after a car crash (one in which he lost his wife, one in which he lost his son) and can’t tell which life is a dream, premiered last night. (Check out Ken Tucker’s review.) Let’s just go ahead and assume that if you saw the show, you’re hooked, and cut right to the chase: Which reality do you think is real? Which reality do you want to be real? We’ll take both to a vote below, but first, let’s break it down: READ FULL STORY

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