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A sneak peek at 'Sequel,' an art show of movie sequels that never were


Before “tentpole” and “franchise” became two of Hollywood’s favorite words, sequels were far less common than they are now. But let’s say they were—what would that look like? Billing itself as “part tribute and part cultural commentary,” Sequel is an upcoming art show featuring the work of a number of artists imagining movie sequels that never were.

Hosted by Los Angeles based art gallery and production studio iam8bit, the ultimate purpose of the show—besides being an excuse to show off some really cool art—is to question Hollywood’s obsession with sequels, and ask a question: Should we or shouldn’t we?

Here are the details: READ FULL STORY

New Banksy artwork appears in English seaside town

Finding an authentic Banksy is like discovering a… well, an authentic Banksy. The elusive artist’s work has been subject to many imitations, but a legitimate piece from Banksy appeared over the weekend in the English seaside town of Folkestone.


Blunts, bongs, and beads: What to make of Miley Cyrus' art collection

Tucked away in the trendy avenues of Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood is an emoji dreamscape (or maybe nightmare-scape) come to life.

In conjunction with designer Jeremy Scott, musician Miley Cyrus created several sculptures that were featured in Scott’s fashion show for spring/summer 2015, in a collection titled “Dirty Hippie.” According to an interview with V Magazine, Cyrus embarked on her day-glo pastime after experiencing fears of dying as a simple “pop pop dumb dumb.” Translation: Miley’s a visual artist now, y’all. In true Miley Cyrus style, the sculptures are a flotsam and jetsam of neon detritus and beads, and perhaps one single word can sum up the whole collection: crusty.


Check out Andy Warhol's newly-discovered computer artwork

Turns out Andy Warhol was as handy with a computer screen as he was with a silk screen.

Back in 1985, the artist was commissioned by computer and electronics manufacturer Commodore International to show off  the Amiga compute’s graphic arts capabilities. He saved his artwork on an Amiga floppy disk, but the files were inaccessible — until the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Club stepped in this year.


Kanye got Kim a bag of butts for Christmas

Kanye West and his ever-evolving children’s art project, Kim Kardashian, have welcomed a new member to their family — and it’s way bigger than their baby! It’s a custom-painted Hermès handbag featuring a surrealist nude portrait by George Condo (the same artist who did the covers for West’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy).

This thing is so hideous it’s hilarious. You have to see it. You don’t. You shouldn’t. It’s your call.


Chris Messina dancing to Aaliyah on 'The Mindy Project' is the ultimate Secret Santa gift -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.12.33 AM

If at first you don’t succeed at Secret Santa-ing, do like Danny: Dust yourself off and try again!*

Warning: May cause heart-melt.   READ FULL STORY

Painter (and former president) George W. Bush sells Christmas ornament featuring his art

Move over Banksy, there’s a new popular artist in town — former President George W. Bush! The George W. Bush Presidential Center is selling a Christmas ornament featuring Bush’s original painting of a cardinal. Priced at $29.98, the ornament serves as the first time a print of former President Bush’s artwork has been available to the public. READ FULL STORY

George W. Bush made a pretty good painting of Jay Leno -- VIDEO

Tuesday night’s edition of The Tonight Show welcomed former president George W. Bush. Sorry — make that former president, current painter. (You may remember Bush’s work from earlier this year, when a hacker obtained images of three “in progress” pieces from the president’s personal email account.)

Forty-three explained that he’s been taking painting lessons in Dallas before Leno showed off a pair of the president’s pieces, including a painting of the Bush family’s late Scottish Terrier Barney — star of numerous White House Christmas videos — and one of his cat, Bob. (Bob is so named so that Bush “can remember how to spell it when I get older,” he said.)

And then Dubya pulled out his trump card: A portrait of a smirking Jay Leno, complete with American flag pin and the Los Angeles skyline behind him. When receiving the painting, Leno seemed truly impressed and touched.


Banksy watch, week 4: The end

For his final week, Banksy went back to basics, putting up stenciled graffiti every day, with a few cheeky messages and moves in between.

The street artist tagged a truck last Saturday with the sentence, “The grumpier you are, the more assholes you meet,” and followed that up with what he grumpily claims is a rejected column for The New York Times. In it, he criticizes the new One World Trade Center tower as “something they would build in Canada.” (Hey Banksy, every city’s got something people call an eyesore.) He goes on to say that the building fails to represent New York. “Nobody comes to New York to bathe in your well-mannered common sense,” he writes. We’re here for the spirit and audacity. Of which One World Trade has none… One World Trade declares the glory days of New York are gone.”

(…Okay, we’ll let him have this one, considering how much of his work’s been tampered with — a few thieves even attempted to snatch the final New York residency piece , an inflatable piece sporting Banky’s name.)

On his website, Banksy accompanied the final piece with the message, “And that’s it. Thanks for your patience. It’s been fun. Save 5pointz. Bye.” He added a “souvenir T shirt” design to his final post, urging fans to take the jpeg “to a copy store and make it yourself,” leaving one last bold line for fans to interpret.

So that’s that — since Banksy’s final “installment,” New Yorkers and art enthusiasts have been left to take a look back at his month-long “residency.” Is he an act, or is he art? Is he a jerk, or is he a genius? If Banksy never reveals his identity, we may never know. (And it’s not like there’ll be an Exit Through the Gift Shop 2 coming out anytime soon.)

In the meantime, though, take a look back at his final week’s pieces. (For superfans, consider getting a tattoo.) Last week’s pieces can be seen here.

Artist Shepard Fairey surprises USC class for MTVu


Students at USC are used to seeing celebrities at school: This year alone the campus has hosted Elton John, Steven Spielberg, and many other bold-faced names. But usually tickets to those events are hard to come by, even for students, and the guest speaker is announced months in advance. So it was a real treat for one small digital media class Wednesday when artist and activist Shepard Fairey, sporting a Sex Pistols t-shirt and black leather  jacket,  made his way into their lecture hall, surprising the students who’d studied his work with a talk that spanned the influence of the Internet and technology on art, the Occupy movement, President Obama, and a new series he’s executive producing for MTV, Rebel Music.

“The age of being an artist and only being in galleries is not particularly relevant anymore,” Fairey told students. “You need to figure out ways to engage people, taking into account there’s potentially a very short attention span.” Fairey held up some of his most famous prints, including his now nearly 25-year-old Andre the Giant “Obey” poster, the Obama “Hope” poster, and more recent prints like one created for the Occupy movement of “The Protester” (which was featured on the cover of Time), and one made to raise funds for the Japan tsunami victims.

As for that most controversial Obama poster, Fairey had a few things to say about the current administration.

“I have plenty of reservations about everything Obama’s doing now – I’m not so into domestic drones, I’m not so into spying,” Fairey said, acknowledging that his famous image was representative of a certain time in history and in his own life.

Check out an exclusive clip from the event, which will air as part of MTVu, below:

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