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What a fun, sexy time for Lucille 2!

And she’s not just being Miley in those fab feathers.

Do you think photographer Terry Richardson had to whisper “WITH CLUB SAUCE….” to Liza Minnelli, 65, in order to set an appropriately sultry mood for their spread in UK’s Love Magazine?

Also, you know when you have like 67 tabs open and most of ‘em get closed but one of em’ you just leave open and LOVE ON all day? This was it. How terribly grand.

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'The Office' finale: Is Will Arnett the Scranton Strangler? Also: Our dream plotline


Along with Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett, NBC has confirmed the addition of Ray Romano, James Spader, and Catherine Tate to The Office‘s May 19 finale. With so much time between new episodes and all this talk of upcoming guest stars, it’s hard not to get carried away with dream plotlines. But what will this epic finale entail? Let’s brainstorm. Come on!

Office writer and star Mindy Kaling may have revealed that Arnett will be portraying the series’ most infamous character, The Scranton Strangler. The network has yet to confirm these casting details to EW, but we’d like to believe Fair Mindy, if only because the sight of Gob Bluth in prison orange would be one we’d love to revisit. READ FULL STORY

Jason Bateman and David Koechner break bread in new Denny's ad

It’s true, what David Koechner says about Jason Bateman in the opening moments of their yummy commercial for Denny’s restaurants: “When I see you, I see a warmth and an intelligence that makes me want more.” The four-minute clip bottles the Bateman that so charmed audiences on Arrested Development, put-upon and slightly condescending, yet inordinately patient. It’s the first of several “Always Open” ads for the diner-restaurant that Bateman and Will Arnett’s company are planning (they also produced ads last year for Orbit Gum), and Koechner (Anchorman, The Office) is the perfect foil for Bateman’s cutting wit and proper bearing. By the end, Koechner literally has Bateman eating out of his hand. Check it out: READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga's egg coffin, Batman bubble butt: EW.com readers outraged, confused at low shock value

Lady Gaga threw a wrench into the peaceful fabric of Crazy Town, of which she is mayor, by showing up to Sunday’s Grammy Awards encased in a giant egg, then “hatching” in a solid-color latex number with zero — zero! — random patches of material calling attention to her genital area. “This is pretty tame for her; most of her body is covered,” complained dee123 in the comment section of EW’s Grammys Red Carpet photo gallery. Meg Mon agreed. “She did add a few little Klingon bits on her forehead and shoulders. But for someone who is being ‘born’ into a performance, I expect something — bigger.” According to Allison, Gaga failed in more than one arena of fashion: “Not crazy enough to be shocking, not sane enough to be pretty,” she laments. Luckily, Ethan stepped in as the voice of reason. “I can’t believe you’re calling her tame when she came to the effin’ Grammys IN AN EGG. I love what Lady Gaga has done to life.”

Meanwhile, my favorite Gaga-related comment came from loyal reader Madd: “The leather outfit (pictured, bottom) reminded me of the Arrested Development episode where Tobias buys a ‘Leather Daddy’ outfit.” Oh, does it ever. READ FULL STORY

'Retired at 35': Why is traditional sitcommery so irresistible?

retired-at-35-castImage Credit: TVLandTV Land proved one thing with its premiere of Retired at 35 last night: This cable net has got its brand formula down. Like USA before it, with its quirky-light-heroes-solve-cases gambit, the channel — formerly reserved for endless repeats of classic TV (not that I’m complaining about the All in the Family on my DVR) — has nailed what will clearly now become its go-to approach. The hit Hot in Cleveland served up the template checklist: 1. Ridiculous premise that it’s best to accept without too much thinking. (L.A. ladies of a certain age “crash land” in Cleveland on their way to Paris and decide to stay there? Sure, why not!) 2. Make roommates of an unlikely combo of colorful characters sure to clash. (Ladies “must” live with the “caretaker” of their new house, a sassy lady of an even more advanced certain age.) 3. Have absolute comedy pros star in the show, and watch the viewers — and the skilled readings of even the lamest lines — roll in. (That’s you, Betty White; but also you, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, and Valerie Bertinelli.) READ FULL STORY

The 'Arrested Development' shout-out on last night's 'Parenthood'

arrested-development_320.jpg Image Credit: Everett CollectionDid you catch the Arrested Development shout-out on Parenthood last night? Amber and Haddie lied about going to a movie as a cover for Haddie’s clandestine date, so they practiced what they’d say when their respective parents asked them about it: “Michael Cera was obviously hilarious and adorable,” they told each other. Amber even repeated it to her mom, saying “Michael Cera was adorable as always.” Amber, recall, is played by Mae Whitman — who played Ann Veal, girlfriend to Michael Cera’s George Michael. Hee! To the show’s credit, the moment wasn’t played with any wink-winking at all. Also to the show’s credit: Mae Whitman! Holy crap, she is great. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor': Gulliver's Travels Through the Birth Canal

Could Survivor‘s ridiculous Gulliver challenge/blatant movie promo be any more vaginal?

I haven’t seen anything this close to a live birth in years.

Ooh, maybe Chandler Bing should blog more often! We should create a byline for him and a category called Chanandeler Bong’s Law Blog. I will get right on that.

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'Arrested Development' movie: David Cross says story is 'great,' but no script yet

david-crossImage Credit: Justin Stephens/FoxIs David Cross just toying with Arrested Development fans’ emotions now? Rumors of a movie based on the beloved sitcom have circulated, died, and resurfaced all over again too many times to count since the show went off the air in 2006. As recently as this April, Cross (a.k.a. Tobias Fünke) was swatting down those hopes, saying, “It’s just not going to happen.” At the recent Megamind premiere in L.A., though, Cross was singing a very different tune.

First he gave a sarcastic joke answer to the inevitable AD-movie question. “We shot it secretly on location in the Maldives,” deadpanned Cross. “It’s actually been done for about two years now.” READ FULL STORY

'What To Expect When You're Expecting' heading to the big screen: Who would you cast?

Jon-HammLionsgate has confirmed that they will adapt the bestselling pregnancy bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting and intend to give it the Love Actually and Valentine’s Day treatment. In other words, we’ll see a series of intertwining vingnettes with enough star wattage to blind most any moviegoer.

The film is still in the early planning stages, but we wanted to throw out our own casting recommendations — and hopefully Lionsgate is listening.

Dreamboat status aside, Jon Hamm would be perfect as frazzled father of three whose wife is expecting again. Mad Men gives him drama cred, 30 Rock gives him comedy cred, and really, who doesn’t want to see Don Draper play a fumbling, ultimately loving father? We all know Sally Draper would!

But Hamm would need someone to grab beers with at the local bar, and that’s where he can turn to Jason Bateman, who might play dad to an awkward teen, if only to remedy my Arrested Development separation anxiety.

As for the women, Rachel McAdams would nail nervous-mother-to-be, no? And may we suggest Jane Lynch as one part of a lesbian couple who is expecting via sperm donor? Considering Lynch’s storied career (Best in Show, Julie & Julia, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin) we know she has more up her sleeve than a red tracksuit.

Who do you think should be cast? We’re taking your suggestions below!

Photo: Tina Gill/PR Photos

What pop culture phenomena still lies before you unspoiled, making your friends insanely jealous?

The new behind-the-scenes featurette on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 below doesn’t really tell us anything new — they’re alone, on the run, outside Hogwarts, we know — but it does run through the first six films in the series in a way that made me think how amazing it would be if you’ve never read the books or seen the movies and still have all of that to look forward to. The idea was fresh in my mind after seeing a recent trailer for Deathly Hallows, turning to the friend I was with, and having her tell me she’s only read the first two books. I imagine the combination of pity/envy is similar to what some people feel for me when I tell them I’ve never seen Arrested Development. (I know I’ll love it. That could be why I’m saving it for when I really need it.)

So, back the headline: What pop culture phenomena still lies before you unspoiled, making your friends insanely jealous? Why haven’t you pulled the trigger? And when do you plan to?  READ FULL STORY

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