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Lil Wayne croons 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' at Giants-Cardinals playoff -- VIDEO

Weezy may not be a human being, but he sure sings like one — and not one with a particularly strong voice. The rapper took to the field at San Francisco’s AT&T Park last night, cheering on the home team with an endearingly off-key rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Though Lil Wayne is originally from New Orleans, he does have a connection to the Boys from the Bay — he’s friends with Giants second baseman Ryan Theriot, another Louisiana native.

So what if he wasn’t exactly Whitney at Super Bowl XXV? What matters is that Wayne had a good time:

Judge for yourself by watching below.


'Cry Me A River': Justin Timberlake isn't married to you

Well, the moment anyone who ever perfected a “Bye Bye Bye” dance dreaded has finally arrived: Justin Timberlake is officially hitched. Alas, he didn’t marry you; he married Jessica Biel. Best wishes to them, of course. But Twitter informs me that some women are just a wee bit upset at hearing the news that the guy they’ve been planning to marry since they were 13 has gone and rudely tied the knot without them. I just received an email from a friend “jokingly” asking if we could cancel our plans tonight, as she would be inconsolable for at least 24 hours.

In honor of the new chapter in his life – and then end of a chapter in yours — check out some of our favorite moments that have had us crushing on Timberlake over the years.

He Displays Some Model Behavior:
For many, this was where the crush began. If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that the only thing between you and your favorite celebrity falling in love with you is physically being in the same space. That’s certainly the story when Jason (Timberlake) falls in love with a real-life, ordinary high school girl. (Start the video at 6:00 for maximum Timberlake swooning). READ FULL STORY

Imagining a 'Family Circus' movie -- as directed by Fincher, Burton, Eastwood...


Golly gee willikers, funnies fans! The circus is coming to town — The Family Circus, that is! (Nailed it.)

While a film adaptation of everyone’s fourth-favorite one-panel comic has been in development since 2010, Fox and Walden Media have only just selected a writing team to pen a script. Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price seem like the right pair for the job; their first movie, 2007’s The Game Plan, was a feel-good family flick about the joys of parenthood. As long as they can come up with some killer “pasketti and meat bulbs” jokes, they’ll be good to go.

But Millard and Price’s script can only take The Family Circus: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut so far. Film is a director’s medium — and material this rich is sure to attract a stable of big names. How could each of the contenders put his own stamp on the project? Let’s play a game of Bil Keane-approved make believe.

David Fincher
A grown-up Billy (Jesse Eisenberg) has graduated from nicking cookies to robbing banks — and now he’s leading a team of cops on a wild goose chase over the fence, up the tree, down the tree, into the fountain, inside the doghouse, under the garage…


Kellan Lutz says he'll win an Oscar someday

From vampire red blood to Oscar’s red carpet?

Kellan Lutz (who plays Edward’s big bro Emmett in the Twilight franchise) recently told DuJour magazine, “I want to act for the rest of my life. I’ll win an Oscar one day, but I’m in no rush to get there. I don’t care if that takes me 50 years, and I’m old. I just love what I do.”

While I think we can all agree Lutz won’t be receiving an Oscar for his body of work in Twilight, who knows what the future will hold? His previous roles (90210, Stick It) haven’t required much of him beyond his good looks, but perhaps the future will showcase the talent buried underneath his pounds of muscle. READ FULL STORY

Aaron Carter says Justin Bieber's new video reminds him of 'Aaron's Party'. Which tween idol do you prefer?

Hey, Justin. Hey, it’s Aaron. I can’t come out tonight.” I need to talk about your video.

On Monday, Aaron Carter tweeted, “Justin Bieber’s new video reminds me of my video for Aaron’s Party.” Carter is referring to Bieber’s new self-directed video for his duet with Nicki Minaj, “Beauty and the Beat.” While the two videos are different — and Carter certainly didn’t say it was a rip-off — he’s got a point. For anyone who was the right tween age for “Aaron’s Party,” the “Beauty” video was bound to bring back a few PG-rated house party memories. (Although Carter’s party never had the star grinding against Nicki Minaj).

Because we at PopWatch will take just about any excuse to look back at that 2000 (!) hit, we broke down some intel regarding teen pop idols then and now.

Number of Albums Sold:
1.5 million (for Believe)(doesn’t include digital downloads)
1.5 million (for Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) ) READ FULL STORY

Singer Sarah Brightman is headed to outer space

She may be losing her heart to a starship trooper once again.

Sarah Brightman, the world-famous soprano best known for originating the role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera, is going intergalactic. The British singer announced today that she has booked a trip to the International Space Station.

Prior to departure, she’ll spend six months at Russia’s Star City cosmonaut training center. She said she’s heading to outer space in part to promote the U.N. agency’s message (Brightman is a UNESCO ambassador), in particular by encouraging women’s education in the sciences and environmental awareness.

If she succeeds, she’ll be the first recording artist in space. Former *NSYNCer Lance Bass famously tried in 2002, but his plans never got off the ground.

Read more:
Jimmy Fallon gets Sir Ben Kingsley aboard the Space Train
The Killers rock the cosmos in ‘Runaways’ video: Watch it here
Who would better protect the nation from aliens? Obama or Romney?

Kanye West deletes his Twitter; a nation mourns

Maybe Kanye West is trying to create buzz for a new project, like that rumored Cruel Winter album. Maybe he wanted to cede the virtual spotlight to Kim Kardashian, who could really use more attention. Maybe he just realized he could never top “I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh.”

Whatever the reason, West has officially deleted every single one of his brilliant, ridiculous tweets — minus an ominous message that simply reads “BE BACK SOON.”

It’s not right, but it’s okay. At least we’ll always have this video of Josh Groban singing Yeezy’s greatest Twitter hits:


David Blaine to go electric -- Look back on his most memorable stunts

David Blaine has announced his next stunt and this one’s literally shocking.

The illusionist held a press conference on Tuesday to describe the challenge, which is called “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On.” Starting on Friday, Blaine will spend three days and three nights conducting a million volts of current channeled by Tesla coils in a stunt worthy of Jason Statham’s Crank character. (Hey studios, I’m thinking Crank 3: Tesla Ignition.) The illusion will take place on New York’s Pier 54, where spectators will be allowed to participate by writing messages to Blaine, manipulating the current around him and generally helping him stay awake. Here’s hoping David Bowie puts in an appearance.

“I don’t know how I could ever top this,” Blaine said. “This is an overly-ambitious idea, and I’m literally shocked that it came together. This is one of the craziest things that I ever dreamed up, and I don’t know how I could go beyond it.”

In honor of Friday’s stunt, we’ve put together a list of his most memorable feats thus far. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan wants Obama to lower her taxes

Oh, Lindsay.

Thank you, Buzzfeed, for pointing us toward this ridiculous tweet from La Lohan. The Mean Girl seems to have erased it from her feed — but nothing can ever be truly erased on the Internet. We do sort of get where she’s coming from, though — as Lindsay’s frenemy Forbes wrote last week, the beleaguered starlet allegedly got kicked out of the Chateau Marmont after racking up a $46,000 bill. How… how is that even possible? READ FULL STORY

Lana Del Rey is writing a screenplay -- What should her movie be about?

Lana Del Rey released her first studio album in January, but she also has a passion for film. In a new interview with the Australian edition of Vogue (Via NME), Del Rey reveals that screenwriting is her “happy place,” adding that she’d like to “branch out into film work and stay there.”

Del Rey didn’t provide any details about this script, which she says she is working on now, but we thought we’d brainstorm a few for her.

1. A “stiff, distant and weird” sophomore must overcome her stutter to face off against her high school’s mean girls clique in a talent competition. She finds her voice (and love?) with a mysterious stranger in blue jeans and a white shirt only to learn that he is dying of cancer. Oh, and the mean girls perform “Jingle Bell Rock.” Obviously.


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