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'The Taste' season 2 premiere: Cuisine is blindness

“It’s like I have an amputated arm squirting blood all over the place, and you’re saying ‘At least it’s not cancer!'” –Anthony Bourdain after a fellow judge gently pointed out that a vegan cupcake had tasted dry

First of all, I still can’t get over how Anthony Bourdain turned out to be the perfect Evil Tom Bergeron and no one in Hollywood had to script/cast that. It just happened! Too funny.

For season 2 of The Taste, Bourdain is joined by Nigella “Seduce Me Orally” Lawson, the Sriracha-tempered Ludo Lefebvre, and — new to the table, replacing Brian Malarkey — Ethiopian-born Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson. Tonight’s two-hour premiere covered the entire audition process, thank God. (And wow!)

Fire up the huge spoons that make the judges look like kids eating cereal! The 16 finalists are…. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'How I Met Your Mother' and more new fall shows, plus the 'Breaking Bad' finale!

We’re looking at a prime time life cycle – one of big returns and one very big Bad finale. How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory  return and the final two episodes of Breaking Bad bookend the week. Better get your DVR revved up.

All times listed are Eastern.

PopWatch Planner: 'Mindy Project' and more new fall shows, plus the Emmy Awards!

Gosh, after such a whirlwind fan-dom week we’ve had with the Breaking Bad spin-off and another J.K. Rowling movie in the works, what could possibly be in store for us the week of Sept. 15 – Sept. 22 that could match or top our excitement? Why, it’s the return of Fall TV and the beginning of TV awards season to cap off the week! You’re gonna want to hold on to your remote.

All times listed are Eastern.

Justin Bieber pees in a bucket, Anthony Bourdain reacts

Justin Bieber has obviously lost his mind. What other excuse would there be for his latest escapade — which involved public urination, a restaurant kitchen, and a mop bucket.

“You’re not going to remember him pissing in the restroom,” one of Bieber’s friends says in the clip from TMZ. “Everybody does that.”

He’s so right, though, isn’t he? Simply using a restroom is utterly mainstream and below The Biebs. Wow, Justin, what an awesome thing to be remembered for! People are thrilled about this! Especially chef Anthony Bourdain, who tweeted his enthusiasm … er …

Anthony Bourdain on 'The Taste': 'In the end, I am proud to say that the best taste won'

It was fun. It was — compared to the hard beds, army cots, boat decks, and mosquito netting of my last weeks — luxurious. It was, at times, unexpectedly gut-wrenching. It was, at times, strange as hell. And yes, goddamnit, that was a real tan.

My first foray into network television was indeed, a bizarre trip to the Other Side, where the necessary glare of a million lights and I don’t even know how many cameras, and layer after layer of sweat-absorbing makeup give an unnatural hue, an otherworldly glow, a Barbie-like patina to even the most honestly acquired New York beach tan. By the end of day, you look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the first Batman film. But I wouldn’t have missed it.

First off, let me say, if you are lucky enough to be friends with Nigella Lawson, you are very fortunate indeed. Waking up every day to have a car take you to studio where the sublime Ms. Lawson is padding about in fuzzy slippers and an Ethel Mertz robe, her hair in curlers, is one of life’s great joys. I don’t know what the female version of a mensch is, but that’s what Nigella is: always there with a band-aid, magically-prepared fresh-ground coffee, her own toaster, a multi-disc DVD anthology of film history for the down hours. She carries her own supply of French sea salt in a suspicious looking container in her purse. She is not averse to a shot of tequila with the boys, should the equally delightful Ludo be offering some in his trailer. She kicks ass at beer pong. She is exactly who she is on television — but better.

And Ludo, by the way, is much, much nicer than he appears on television. A softie, truth be told. But I’m sure he’d rather I kept that quiet.

I learned a lot this year on The Taste. READ FULL STORY

Nigella Lawson blogs 'The Taste': Even Bourdain's getting the touchie feelies

Nigella Lawson is a mentor and executive producer on ABC’s The Taste. She is the author of eight bestselling books including Nigella KitchenNigella FreshNigella Christmas, Nigella BitesFeastHow to Be a Domestic Goddess and How to Eat, which have sold more than six million copies worldwide. Her latest cookbook is Nigellissima: Easy Italian-Inspired Recipes. Below, she shares her thoughts on the penultimate episode of The Taste and the team she’s mentoring.

While I graciously concede that the life of a contestant on The Taste must be pretty damn stressful, can I just point out that it isn’t such a joyride for a mentor, either. Though perhaps that isn’t the right way to put it: joy there is, for sure. And it has been, continues to be, one hell of a ride. But the tension, the sense of engagement and responsibility, is breathtaking in its force. Even a tough old nut (a term imbued here with affection and admiration ) like Anthony Bourdain has been afflicted with the touchie-feelies.

Anthony Bourdain gets roasted

Image Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage.com

Last night at the New York City Wine and Food Festival, celebrity chef and globe-trotting bad boy Anthony Bourdain got roasted. And no, it didn’t involve an open flame and a spit — it was a comedy roast, in which his friends and peers swapped jokes at his expense for charity. Guests included other celebrity chefs — Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri — as well as comedians and television personalities, like The Today Show‘s Willie Geist.

Bourdain shot to fame with his 2000 memoir, Kitchen Confidential, which detailed his raunchy and drug-addled years in the food industry. He now hosts the popular Travel Channel shows No Reservations and The Layover. But in spite of his current success — or perhaps because of it — many of the night’s guests made sure to harp on his seedy past. Chef Ted Allen joked, “[He’s an] ex-chef, ex-junkie who’s made a fortune insulting his ex-industry,” and Sarah Silverman kicked off the night in a pre-taped segment by warning, “There’s gonna be a lot of great lines tonight, and you can’t snort any of them.”


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