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'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Ding-dong, Jamie Foxx is back -- VOTE

Jamie Foxx came out with both barrels blazing on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The Django Unchained star, who starred on In Living Color in the 1990s, was either a breath of fresh air or a throwback to an expired comic edginess, depending on your own sensibilities. His riff on Tyler Perry’s next Alex Cross installment was one of the most memorable sketches of the season, while his short-fused “Bitch, What’s the Answer?” gameshow host felt a little out of place so early in the show.

The online peanut gallery seemed polarized, which is normally the sign of a solid show. Jeremy Renner’s show three weeks ago was also heavily scrutinized, but he rocked our Saturday Night Live best-host poll, winning a solid 46 percent of the vote. Certainly, the most recent host always starts strong, so it will be interesting to see if Renner’s support holds up. READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway would love to do a Catwoman spin-off

Anne Hathaway was by far the most consistently entertaining part of The Dark Knight Rises, with her slinky don’t-call-her-Catwoman bringing a much-needed dose of levity to the dour epic. (You’ll recall that she symbolized the poor or something, and that she was hunting for a magic Google-wiping computer virus. Just go with it.) Hathaway is currently making the rounds for Les Miserables, so what better time to ask her about the abstract possibility of a Catwoman spinoff? Access Hollywood asked Hathaway if she’d like to revisit the character, and after noting outright that “No one’s talked to me about it,” Hathaway offered a rather heartfelt plea for a return visit to Gotham: READ FULL STORY

Style: 19 extreme celebrity hair makeovers -- PHOTOS

Bold, short looks are taking Hollywood by storm. Charlize Theron is a rocking a new ‘do, following in the footsteps of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, and more. Check out some of the best and worst new styles of the season (and a few looks back on short cuts that made a splash in seasons past)!

Charlize Theron

Charlize shaved her head for the upcoming Mad Max, but this is the first time we’ve seen her pared down locks — a far cry from her usual golden tresses.


'Saturday Night Live' best host poll: Did Jeremy Renner hit the bull's eye?

“Just go have fun and be a jackass.” That’s what Jeremy Renner’s The Town co-star — and SNL all-star — Jon Hamm advised the Oscar-nominated actor about the opportunity to host for the first time. And even though Renner isn’t known for his comedy — “If I laugh in one of my movies,” he said during his opening monologue, “somebody dies” — he seemed willing to pile up a high body count. Perhaps that’s why I laughed hardest when he and Taran Killam filled Bobby Moynihan with lead during “The Stand Off” digital short.

But Renner has some imposing competition in our latest Saturday Night Live host poll. First off, there’s Anne Hathaway. If audience reaction seemed mixed after her show last week, there turned out to be an enormous enthusiasm gap between those who loved her and those who wrinkled their noses. She rocked 57 percent of the vote, topping Louis C.K.‘s performance and marking the best voting debut for a host since Jimmy Fallon last season. Seth MacFarlane continued to prove that his season premiere had lasting power, and Bruno Mars held on to eliminate Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Click below for last week’s official results, and then vote on whether Renner earned a spot in the final four. READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway lost 25 pounds for 'Les Mis': 'It was definitely a little nuts'

In a move straight out of costar Christian Bale’s acting playbook, Anne Hathaway adopted an extreme diet and exercise regimen to tone her body for The Dark Knight Rises, then lost 25 pounds for Les Misérables.

The Vogue cover girl discussed her intense body transformations in December’s issue. After enduring a vegan diet and 10 months of weight training, martial arts, and yoga to play Catwoman opposite Bale, she went on a cleanse then took up a “near-starvation diet” consisting of two squares of dried oatmeal paste a day to play Fantine.


'Saturday Night Live' best host poll: Anne Hath-a-way about her -- VOTE

We’ve known for a long time that Anne Hathaway is brave enough for just about anything in front of the camera. (See: Brokeback Mountain and hosting the Oscars.) So it was no surprise to see her star in pretty much every SNL sketch when she hosted for the third time this past weekend. Her impersonations were hilarious — Homeland, Katie Holmes — she sang, of course, and she wasn’t afraid to commit to the potentially disastrous — the “Sloppy Swish,” which I loved!

Yet there’s still a little public ambivalence about Hathaway, in general, judging from our comments board, so I’m extremely eager to see where the Oscar-nominated actress will place in this week’s best-host poll. Last week’s host, Louis C.K., made a strong impression at the polls, but will it be a lasting one? Bruno Mars saw more than half of his initial support disappear, while Seth MacFarlane held relatively steady to finish in third place. Joseph Gordon-Levitt dropped precipitously but still managed to edge Christina Applegate and survive elimination. He’ll be hard-pressed to hang for another week, though. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Anne Hathaway's eager self is far from 'Miserables'


Leave it to Saturday Night Live to bring to the forefront this week one of the most divisive issues facing our country: Americans’ complicated feelings for Anne Hathaway. For all the people who enjoy her work, there are just as many who feel like Anne Hathaway the person tries a little too hard and can be a little too grating.

For those who aren’t typically impressed, your opinion might have changed last night, when Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time. The always-game actress clearly gave it her all, and the material, while not exactly hilarious, was more consistent than we’ve seen in previous weeks. An eager Hathaway (who appeared in every sketch) brought charm and energy to the first episode after the election.

How ’bout that election? With the political event SNL has been building to occurring this week, I’m sure many hoped for a cold open with more bite than what we got: A SadBot Mitt Romney standing on a balcony, chugging milk, joined by a parade of visitors. There were a couple of good one-liners: “Paul Ryan is doing feats of strength in the drawing room. She thought you’d like to see….I’d like to see him carry Wisconsin!” and “Donald Trump is doing a very amusing thing where he’s racist.” But the end note – that Ann and Mitt Romney were in love and would be fine — seemed a weird tone for the late-night program to strike. Not that I minded seeing Kate McKinnon’s Ann Romney one last time. This was also presumably the last time we’ll see Jason Sudeikis’ Romney (and Jason’s days may be numbered as well?) Fare thee well, Mitt. READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live': Talk about it here!

Hate on Anne Hathaway all you want, but Lorne Michaels must see something in her. After all, she’s been asked to host SNL three times in the past four years — and in each of her previous outings, she’s proven herself to be a solid supporting player who’s got a special knack for impressions. (Check out her spot-on Julie Andrews and Judy Garland imitations for proof.)

Personally, I don’t get why so many people seem to despise Hathaway. She’s got good comic timing, she always sounds pretty smart in interviews, and while her Oscars hosting stint was sort of a disaster, I blame smug, too-cool-for-school James Franco much more than I blame eager theater kid Hathaway. Honestly, the only thing that might drag down tonight’s episode is an abundance of musical sketches; between Seth MacFarlane, Christina Applegate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Bruno Mars, this season has been  a little too heavy on the song and dance. A full-scale Les Mis parody could be amazing, but I’m hoping that we don’t see any more sketches stuffed with snippets of popular tunes. Especially since rights issues always prevent those sketches from being posted online.


Anne Hathaway to perform one-night-only concert in NYC

Anne Hathaway is coming to the cabaret!

The Oscar-nominated actress (who’ll next be seen singing and dreaming in Les Misérables) will take to the stage for a special event benefiting the Public Theater in New York.  Hathaway appeared in The Public’s Twelfth Night in 2009 as part of “Shakespeare in the Park.”

The one-night-only NYC event, Perfectly Marvelous: The Songs of Cabaret with Anne Hathaway and Friends, will take place Oct. 24.

“I am delighted to reunite with The Public for this special night to celebrate the theater’s rededication, and support its mission to spread great theater to all the people of New York (tourists are welcome too),” said Hathaway in a press release.

Tickets are on sale Oct. 2 through the Public Theater’s website.

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Batman. Bane. Catwoman. That ending! Time to talk about 'The Dark Knight Rises' -- but only if you've seen it.


“Don’t be afraid.” Those were the dying words of Thomas Wayne, said to his traumatized young son after being shot behind a theater by a thug named Joe Chill. The scene in Batman Begins resonates anew with eerie irony — and hopefully, a little inspiration — one day after the opening of The Dark Knight Rises and the tragedy in Aurora. Despite the terror felt nationwide following the violence in Colorado, and even in spite of it, moviegoers packed into multiplexes yesterday to watch the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies. And now, you have questions, opinions, quibbles, praises, and many other things to say about this heavy superhero spectacular – particularly the way it ended.

So let’s talk about it. Fearlessly.

And with a massive amount of detail… which is to say, SPOILER ALERT!

Seriously: If you have not yet seen Rises, STOP READING NOW. Because we’re not holding back on anything, beginning with…  READ FULL STORY

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