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'Archer' returns tonight for a new season of quote-worthy spy shenanigans

archerImage Credit: FXArcher returns tonight! Yay, my favorite foul-mouthed espionage cartoon is finally back for its second season. For anyone who ever crowded around a dorm-room computer to watch episodes of Sealab 2021 or Frisky Dingo, Archer feels like the natural next step. But it’s also a bit more ambitious (not to mention raunchy) than its predecessors with narrative arcs that lightly carry over episode-to-episode. Why isn’t everyone watching this show? The world’s just a really stubborn place that hates laughing and being awesome, I guess. READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: Why can't all DVD intros be like this?

Ugh, why can’t those annoying, unskippable warnings on DVDs all be replaced with this cheeky one from BBC America? Bring on the animation, kinetic typography, and John Oliver, please: READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: 'Up' reimagined as a 1960s Disney movie

What if Up was a live-action Disney movie from the 1960s, starring Spencer Tracy and Kirk Douglas? Well, it would be awesome if this “premake” trailer is any indication. I particularly like the god-awful ’60s version of Kevin, who looks like a cross between a parrot and regret. Perfection! READ FULL STORY

Toucan Sam and the Dough Boy go head-to-head; Mikey takes on the Where's the Beef Lady. It's Day 2 of the Big Shill's Sweet 16

Big-Shill_510.jpg It’s almost the Super Bowl, PopWatchers, (R.I.P. Jets) and shill is in the air. As such, we continue to whittle down the number of contenders in our Big Shill bracket game with two match-ups that are likely to put much strain on the heart of your inner commercial-watching child. Can you take the heat? I certainly hope you can, because you have no choice. Well, technically you do. And here they are:

Toucan Sam vs. the Pillsbury Dough Boy
Mikey from Life Cereal vs. Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” Lady

Check out the full bracket here. And look back at all our other match-ups here. READ FULL STORY

Mrs. Butterworth takes on the Cap'n, Trix rabbit faces the Rice Krispies gang: It's Day 1 of the Big Shill's Sweet 16

BIG-SHILL-12AHow do you like your breakfast, boys and girls? Because that’s essentially what Day 1 of our Big Shill bracket game’s Sweet 16 round is all about. If you respond to a military bearing, maybe the Cap’n is your man. If you prefer the sweet, sappy taste of grandma’s home cooking, Mrs. Butterworth is the clear option. If you have a soft spot for rabbits, your inner-Lennie will insist on Trix, and if you like to converse with your cereal, Rice Krispies will have something to say in the matter. So start our day off right and vote for your favorite sultans of shill.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop vs. The Trix rabbit
Mrs. Butterworth vs. Cap’n Crunch

For a look at the entire bracket, click here. And don’t forget to be counted in the remaining Big Shill match-ups that are still up for grabs.

Check out our contender bios and TV commercial clips, then vote in the polls below. READ FULL STORY

Colonel Sanders, The Progressive Girl, and Charlie the Tuna: Day 8 of the Big Shill Bracket Game

BIG-SHILL-07BWelcome to the eighth day of EW’s Big Shill Bracket Game, brought to you by interesting grooming habits! For this round — the last in the top 64 — Colonel Sanders’ Van Dyke beard faces off against the Empire Carpet Guy’s well-installed upper-lip hair, while the Brawny Lumberjack’s disappearing mustache battles Flo, the Progressive Girl’s mountainous poof. But, wait! There’s more! A bathroom cleaner tries to wash away Honey Nut Cheerios’ king bee, and a disembodied hand attempts to grab the win from a hip tuna. Check out the entire bracket here to see the other shillers battling for advertising supremacy, but first, click the jump to vote for your favorite in this hair-raising round! READ FULL STORY

New 'Smurfs' photo extremely Smurfy

Hey, a new shot from The Smurfs. It’s not uncanny-valley nightmarish at all! Just kidding; it is a little bit. They just look a little too … I don’t know, biological? It’s like I can feel the sad pallor of their freaky skin, and it’s making me sad. From left to right, I think that’s Clumsy Smurf (voiced by Anton Yelchin), Grouchy Smurf (George Lopez), Papa Smurf (Jonathan Winters), Smurfette (Katy Perry), Gutsy Smurf (Alan Cumming), and Brainy Smurf (Fred Armisen). Smurfy! Smurfs smurfs smurfs. READ FULL STORY

EW's Big Shill qualifying round: Which McDonaldland character will devour the competition?

McDonaldlandImage Credit: McDonald's CorporationAs you now know, this January, EW will bring you Big Shill, our exciting bracket game that pits America’s favorite advertising icons against each other in an epic battle for marketing supremacy. And, so far, we hope (ba da ba da da) you’re lovin’ it, because we’re about to throw yet another qualifying round your way. For, you see, in attempting to choose the most well-loved and fiercest competitor from McDonaldland, we’ve hit an impasse.

Sure, it’s easy to assume Ronald McDonald would take the McGriddle cake when it comes to our game, but America’s history with clowns has been complicated. And while the Hamburglar is a front-runner — thanks to his highly coveted, recession-proof career choice of hamburger-stealing — it’s tough to imagine he’d top Mayor McCheese, who clearly has picked up the popular vote for decades now. (How ’bout those term limits, Michael Bloomberg?) Birdie the Early Bird is the first choice amongst progressive thinkers — she was McDonaldland’s first female creature — but the Fry Kids are the first choice amongst cuddly things that are about 25 percent eyes, like Zooey Deschanel. Then there’s also Filet-o-Fish thief Captain Crook, keeper-of-all-hamburger-peace Officer Big Mac, the Professor (who’s still trying to figure out what chemical substance oozes out of the McGriddle), the Hamburger Patch, and BFFs the McNugget Buddies. And who, of course, can forget about Grimace, the amorphous blob who was an evil shake-stealer before he saw Dr. Drew and reformed himself into… whatever the hell he is? (Seriously, what is Grimace?)

So it’s time to make yourself heard, PopWatchers. Which McDonaldland character should compete in our Big Shill bracket game? READ FULL STORY

EW's Big Shill bracket game qualifying round: Frogs, dalmatians, or Wassssup!

Spuds-McKenzieIt’s a sad fact that Joe Camel has frequently polled higher with American five-year-olds than Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. Sad, yes, but can I say that it’s also kind of awesome, without endorsing cigarette smoking? Awesome in its power, awesome in the subliminal influence that a glasses-wearing, phallic-nosed camel can persuade a kid to pick up a cancer stick that will immediately make him or her cough like an 86-year-old asthmatic. Advertising is a science, and great advertising always works with a smile. Or a laugh. Or perhaps some skin. So Joe shouldn’t take all the blame; he was only doing his job. Looking cool. Confident. Classy. He was selling. Just like Ronald McDonald and Mr. Clean and those adorable Coca-Cola polar bears. They’ve bored a tunnel into our brains, where they pop up from time to time with a jingle or a quip, especially when we’re pushing that shopping cart down Aisle 6.

Many of these marketing icons are beloved characters, and at EW, we’ve decided to celebrate the best of the best with our first Big Shill bracket game. Starting in January, 64 of your favorite corporate mascots, characters, and whatchamacallits will compete head-to-head in a tournament to see who (or what) we adore the most, no matter what they’re selling. (Please keep your five-year-old off the computer so Joe Camel doesn’t win. That would be a PR fiasco.)

The competition to make the field of 64 is intense, and rather than give an entire branch of our bracket to the multitude of memorable Budweiser and Bud Lite sales mascots over the years, we need a qualifying round to see who will represent all of Anheuser-Busch in this spirited contest. Do you miss Louis the Lizard, the surly swamp thing who despised those mouth-breathing frogs? Or do you feel nostalgic for Spuds MacKenzie, that ridiculously cool dog who, rumor has it, was fired after one too many forced skateboard rides drove him to a habit of overindulging in the product he endorsed. Actually, all these commercial figures have a fascinating backstory, and in January, when the Big Shill game officially begins, we’ll examine them all closely. Until then, I ask that you Real Men of Genius nominate your favorite best Bud. And drink responsibly.


'Yogi Bear' alternate ending creator: 'It seemed ripe for parody'

yogi-bear-endingThe Yogi Bear “alternate ending” video that took the Internet by storm yesterday is the handiwork of New York-based animator Edmund Earle, whose 3-D modeling and animation work can be seen on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and elsewhere. But when he saw the trailer for Yogi Bear, his attention turned to pic-a-nics. And … brutality. We caught up with Earle to ask him about Boo Boo, shotguns, and his rise to viral video fame.

“This started in September, when they released the trailer, and it seemed ripe for parody,” Earle says. “It’s a sad trend to revamp these old shows in pretty horrifying CG films, and my brand of humor is always to put something ridiculous and stupid into a dark and serious situation. I’m a big fan of [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford] … and it seemed like a good mix, the goofiness of Yogi Bear mixed with about the darkest thing you can get.” READ FULL STORY

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