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Rob Pattinson tackles alligator, talks Charlie Sheen in 'Vanity Fair' cover story: 'I like crazy people'

Wow. Based on Rob Pattinson’s April Annie Leibovitz-shot Vanity Fair cover (on stands March 3), I’d say Lacoste is getting really aggressive with brand recognition in their latest collection. No, I keed. The alligator draped around Pattinson’s neck appears to be there to represent how hard it is to break away from teen-targeted entertainment’s choke-hold, a Hollywood trap that is only made more difficult to escape by the unflinching reptilian claws of 15-year-old fan girls in need of more — I say more! — Twilight. (Or something like that?)

But we learn much more from the cover story than just how jaunty and handsome alligator-wrangling can be: Most notably, that the actor watches the kind of TV that you only watch when your remote runs out of batteries and you can’t change the channel, or after a misguided, drunken night when you feel like finding a reason to despise yourself even more. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Hookup on the Orient Express (Malarkey!)

30-ROCKImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCFresh off her breakup from Pilot Carol, our dear Elizabeth Lemon decided to accept her downward spiral into spinsterhood. She rocked a fanny pack and held her hair back with a chip clip. For icing on her spinster cake, she adopted a cat and named her Emily Dickinson. She completed her look with an oversize hoodie and sweatpants. (But I don’t judge on that last one. Liz Lemon might just be my frumpy fashion icon. Truth.) Jenna wanted to help Liz rebound…sexually. So, she took her to a club that only Lemon could enjoy. At first, Liz was hesitant of the “hipster nonsense” but she came around after meeting the suave Anders. (AKA the yummy Eion Bailey.) The new couple hit it off, complete with a full-on spinning camera kiss outside the bar. It was then I cried, “Malarkey!” READ FULL STORY

Westminster 2011: Fred Willard reveals what he loves most about the canine competition

Everett Collection; Westminster Kennel Club

Last February, Sadie the Scottish Terrier clinched the greatest honor in all dog-dom: the title of Best in Show at at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (She’s pictured on the right side of the photo, posing with some real estate guy.) This year, a new crop of over 2,000 pups — and their dedicated owners — will be vying to succeed her. As a wise man once said: “And to think that in some countries these dogs are eaten!” READ FULL STORY

Puppy Bowl VII: One hour until cutest coin toss ever!

Football? Psh. Why would I be concerned about the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers when the players of the Puppy Bowl will steal my heart on Sunday? (Get it? Get it? Whatever.) The seventh annual event — complete with Kitty Halftime Show! — already has its lineup, which includes: Thelma, who holds the record for yards pooped in; CB, the league’s fetching champion; Willy, who just married Gisele Poochen; Big Red, MVP of the Toilet Bowl, and Little Red, who — as the game’s “small in size, but big in attitude” player, according to Animal Planet’s teaser video — just finished a stint in prison for firearm possession. (Bad dog! Pardoned for cuteness, though!) So, when the game kicks off in one hour, take a paws and head to the comments to bet on your favorites, discuss play-by-play, or just die of cuteness.

Read more:
Super Bowl XLV: Our counterprogramming guide
Conan stages Lingerie Puppy Bowl
Congratulations, Puppy Bowl, you caused my heart to explode

Conan stages Lingerie Puppy Bowl

Conan O’Brien hosted the Lingerie Puppy Bowl last night, and if you thought the idea of dogs with eyebrows was a little much, wait until you see a golden retriever puppy with human-like breasts. Also, one of the puppies is in leather-y bondage gear. It’s unsettling and adorable! READ FULL STORY

Dogs with eyebrows, you are the best

Who knew putting eyebrows on a dog was the best thing in the entire world, ever? Well, now we all do, I guess. Thanks, Japan! This trend is my favorite: READ FULL STORY

The Old Spice Guy faces a Progressive woman; The Bud clydesdales bear down on Tony the Tiger. Day 2 of the Big Shill quarterfinals

BIG-SHILL-15AImage Credit: Budweiser Clydesdales: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Today’s Big Shill bracket game quarterfinal matchups feature four powerhouse advertising icons. On one side of the draw is Tony the Tiger, who squashed the GEICO Gecko to get to this point. But now he’s facing a stampede of Budweiser Clydesdales that just trampled the Energizer Bunny by a convincing 15 percentage points. (The pink, floppy-haired hipster is no longer going and going.) On the other side of the bracket is Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady, who’s been boosted by a surprising amount of online support against a trio of impressive opponents: First, she outmuscled the Brawny Lumberjack by 33 percentage points, then she snapped Justin Long’s iNeck by 48 before spanking the Gerber Baby by 49! The only thing standing in her way of a Final Four berth is that suave Old Spice Guy. Will Flo be able to get past his striking brown eyes?

Tony the Tiger vs. the Budweiser Clydesdales
Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady vs. the Old Spice Guy

Check out the competitors’ bios and vote below. Our complete bracket is here, and you can look back on all our previous face-offs here. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber campaigns for PETA. Surprisingly, this could be cuter.

Well, isn’t this adorable. Justin Bieber is pairing with PETA in a campaign to encourage folks to adopt their pets from a shelter. As a cat lover, this news has taken me to a Bieber-admirer from a Bieber-I’m-convinced-he’s-actually-a-robot-programmed-to-take-over-the-world-via-mind-altering-nail-polish-merchandise. But one question, Biebs: Why aren’t there animals in this poster? A few guesses:

1) Because you need to allow children white space to tape their own face on the poster. Looks better when they glue it to their binders. (Do kids still use binders? Or are they hover binders now?)

2) Because the Bie-va shares the stage with no one.

3) Because the mere image of Bieber cradling a kitten or puppy in his arms would set off the cutest apocalypse ever, causing our minds to implode and our cities to crumble because nothing, nothing, could ever be that precious again. All that would remain is hair gel and blow-dryers.

4) Because it’s easier to just plaster words over a stock photograph.

Your irrational theories, PopWatchers?

Clip du jour: Cats in a rock band

I’m sooo over boring old bands. I demand an ensemble made completely of cats! Thanks, Japan!

The idea of a kitten smoking a cigarette will haunt me for the rest of my days, but I will never ever tire of animals wearing sunglasses. READ FULL STORY

Animal Planet's 'Must Love Cats': I must love this series

cat-tv-show-animalImage Credit: Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender/Getty ImagesI can haz defibrillator? Because I just had a heart attack reading Animal Planet’s press release for Must Love Cats, an upcoming six-part series debuting Feb. 12 that “travels coast-to-coast to find America’s feistiest felines and cat fanatics.” According to the press release, “Songwriting and cat-loving host John Fulton embarks on a road trip across America to spend time with, and write songs about, the country’s most talented tabbies, quirkiest kittens, enthusiastic cat owners, and experts.” Okay, two things: 1) Homigod, you best believe I’m channeling my inner cat lady and hoarding this series on my DVR. Also, 2) Yes, you read that right: Fulton writes songs… about cats. (Everything reminds us of Friends!) In fact, those songs are called “kitty-ditties.” I fully expect to see this man on an upcoming episode of Intervention. Or in my living room, where we will craft a tiny guitar for my tiny cat. I can’t decide which.

But wait! There’s more! READ FULL STORY

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