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Andy Samberg to host Shark Week. Can he top Craig Ferguson?

Today, Discovery announced that Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg will host the cable channel’s 24th annual Shark Week this July. Samberg’s official title is Chief Shark Officer and comes with obligations to film on-air wraps for the week-long event and host a Shark Week special during which he may dive with the apex predators. He has to swim with sharks, right? I mean, we want to see the music video we assume he’ll shoot, too, but the host of Shark Week must get wet.

Samberg has big flippers to fill: Last year’s Shark Week, hosted by known enthusiast Craig Ferguson, was watched by almost 31 million people, making it Discovery’s highest rated to date. Ferguson swam with Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas during his special and his fear produced some great moments. READ FULL STORY

Nick Nolte and Dustin Hoffman make HBO's 'Luck' more than just a (dog and) pony show

When I was in college, I attended a sports journalism conference at Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, where Dick Schaap, the late dean of New York sportswriters who at the time was most famous for hosting ESPN’s Sports Reporters, was one of the featured speakers. To the discomfort of our hosts but the delight of the aspiring writers, Schaap proceded to spin anecdote after anecdote about the seedy underbelly of the horse business. To him, the track had, as he put it, an alluring “scent of larceny” about it. What a great phrase. If a screenwriter had scribbled down just a fraction of Schaap’s musings, he’d have had enough material for multiple seasons of an entire television show.

I don’t recall David Milch sitting in the audience with me, but his new HBO series, Luck (video below) certainly captures the mood and characters that Schaap so vividly described. “The racetrack is a place of incomparable beauty, but it’s a rough racket,” says exec producer Milch, the voice behind HBO’s Deadwood. “As a setting for storytelling, you couldn’t ask for anything more.” READ FULL STORY

'Hangover II' monkey never lit up, says Todd Phillips


Though I hate to admit it, there’s something funny about a monkey who smokes. (Don’t blame me! Blame The Simpsons!) So I don’t fault director Todd Phillips for telling journalists that the monkey in The Hangover Part II, who’s shown smoking smoking cigarettes and snorting cocaine, had become hooked on the cigarettes. After reading some bizarre headlines, however, Phillips felt obliged to clear the air, telling Movieline:

“This was a joke. I make comedies. If you read the story, it doesn’t even make sense. “On the set of her new film, she won’t stop smoking cigarettes.” Umm. Really? Maybe just take them away from her. Or at least take her money away so she can’t buy them any longer. READ FULL STORY

A naked Zach Galifianakis shares a tub with adorable baby ducks

Quick! What is Zach Galifianakis’ best animal sidekick? It’s a tough question to answer, especially after seeing The Hangover Part II star relaxing nude surrounded by real bathtub duckies in the upcoming issue of GQ. (Cute, but unfortunately not quite as sexy as his Vanity Fair swimsuit shot.) Put aside those feelings of unease thinking about the fact that the actor is floating in a vat of duck waste, and vote: Which animal is the one-man wolf pack’s best sidekick? READ FULL STORY

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' debuts four-second clip: Dramatic Ape!

The first footage of Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a five-second video cut that looks like a high-budget, dramatic ape-retelling of “Dramatic Chipmunk.” (The clip was first posted to the film’s Facebook page.) But what we can gauge from the footage is a sense of realism missing from the original Planet of the Apes films and Tim Burton’s 2001 ill-advised remake (…and Troy McClure’s musical.) Dude looks like monkey! And a nefarious, shifty-eyed one, at that. Or is this just how he felt watching Rise co-star James Franco’s Oscar hosting duties? Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

Snake's alive! The Bronx Zoo Cobra found... at the Bronx Zoo!

You may now breathe a ssssigh of relief. After escaping from a cage at the Bronx Zoo last week and going MIA, a venomous 24-inch Egyptian Cobra was found on Thursday by zoo staffers. Was it captured while slithering its way through Central Park? Catching a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden? Enjoying a quiet dinner at an Italian bistro in the Village? Nope. She was just coiled up in a dark corner of the reptile house, a mere 200 feet from her cage, and is now “resting comfortably and secure,” according to zoo officials. (Cue the singer from Survivor: The search is over/you were with me all the while…) READ FULL STORY

'Justified': What was in Coover's bag? We've got the answer.


You’ve gotta love Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), and you’ve gotta love to hate those Bennett boys, Dickie (Jeremy Davies) and Coover (Brad William Henke). This week, we saw the duo bring a little friend along while trying to intimidate Harlan resident Reggie, and later our beloved Boyd (Walton Goggins, pictured), so they’d halt relations with Black Pike, the mining company Boyd has been helping secure land. Ava (Joelle Carter) put a bullet in the bag, and broke Coover’s heart. “You killed Charlie!” But what was he?  READ FULL STORY

Rise of the Cobra: Missing snake from Bronx Zoo is a big hit on Twitter. Who knew?

I just started following a snake on Twitter. Well, not even a snake — a person who is pretending to be a missing snake. It was one of those “How did I get here?” moments.

Mind you, it’s not just any snake. It’s the 20-inch Egyptian cobra that has been missing from Bronx Zoo since Monday, and has since become a bit of a celebrity. As of this posting, almost 150,000 people follow it on Twitter.

Admittedly, the Tweets are full of snake pun goodness. (“Getting my morning coffee at the Mudtruck. Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee. Seriously, don’t. I’m venomous.”) But I have to ask: Are all 150,000 New Yorkers? Or does everyone care about this missing snake?

Also, how many Z-list celebrities do you predict will soon pretend to be lost in attempt to gain followers? And at what point while obsessing over this story do you think I’m clear to start the @SandrasDignity Twitter account?

Lunchtime Poll: What's troubling Matt Damon?

Here, he is filming We Bought a Zoo in L.A. this week. Not to get all acting coach/Carl Weathers on Matt Damon, but I feel like maybe he should seem a little more freaked out by that BEAR. Or maybe not. He’s the one who went ahead and bought a zoo. This is what happens. He’s just dealing with it. That bear does seem kind of lazy, and maybe generous. Hunny for everyone!

Quick, baby rhinoceros: Trade lives with me!

ryan-gosling-zooImage Credit: Cincinnati Zoo/Splash News I have so much going for me. I’m alive. I can walk. It was Kids’ Menu Friday at the Time Inc. cafeteria. So if I truly can’t I get over my jealousy of a Cincinnati Zoo rhino named Nikki, it’s gonna be a looooooooong weekend. (Yes!)

Above: Ryan Gosling takes a break from filming George Clooney’s political film The Ides of March, tentatively slated for late 2011. See photos from the actual set over at /Film.

Anyone else have an overwhelming urge to watch Sesame Street‘s “Calcutta Joe”? You’re in luck! I’ve embedded it after the jump. This concludes your breaking news. READ FULL STORY

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